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light and bright ... and \
According to the book "Common Prayer", this "Fragile Earth, Our Island Home" is worth saving, and its limited resources will not last forever unless we all live with our heart. "Gogreen!
"Has become a slogan.
Most of us are a bit-
Recycle glass, paper and plastic, replace grocery bags with canvas bags and try not to waste electricity, water and gasoline.
But there are other people who created the ecological environment.
A friendly life commitment and express their enthusiasm in an open way.
One is the dynamic environmental activist Laura Turner Seder, who has taken the initiative to visit our state and become the headline news for St. Seder
"Green life ! "
Fundraising seminar.
According to President Cindy Dunbar, St.
Andrew decided to extend their design beyond the home and accept a lifestyle.
During the two spring days, experts in the field gave full educational lectures on all aspects of responsibility protection, and hundreds of people had new ideas on how to grow a sustainable garden
Build a house to improve energy efficiency, eliminate harmful chemicals and how to understand and promote legislation that encourages the protection of our existing resources.
There are even student activities and markets with a range of products to explore and purchase.
It sounds boring and academic? Not a chance!
Seder's lively keynote on "everyday green life" fascinates the crowd as she outlines ways to eliminate waste habits and keep the family healthy by removing toxic chemicals.
"Every day is Earth Day," said Seder. Make a pledge--
It's easy to start with, such as banning the office from using foam plastic cups, using only reusable water bottles, reusable shopping bags, and changing inefficient incandescent energy and money --
Compact fluorescent bulbs for energy saving (
Don't forget to recycle bulbs in Home Depot), use low-VOC (
Volatile organic compounds
Paint and use the Earth
Friendly cleaning products.
As the daughter of CNN founder and philanthropist Ted Turner, Seder grew up in a family on Earth --
Friendly life and community participation is a way of life.
"The 'Community' is not just a small place where we live with our neighborhood," she said . ".
"We are all part of a larger community ---
Our country, our country, our world.
"When she and her husband Rutherford decided to build their Atlantic home at the respectable Haines Manor in the Buckhead area of Atlanta, they were determined to build a house that would take their
As a result, rutherford is named "EcoManor" and sits comfortably, gracefully, but strikingly around it-
1920 of the neighbors and hide in their polite Tudor-
21st century cutting Laboratory style stone facadeEdge technology.
EcoManor, completed by Delaney Rossetti construction in 2007, was the first gold project
LEED certified residence in southeast region.
LEED is the leading authority in the field of energy and environmental design, 5,000-
Plussquare house is also recognized by the EPA, the National Wildlife Foundation and the Atlanta home builder Earth craft project.
The Sedell couple wanted a house that was elegantly suited to the aldel community, and they communicated that to architect Bill Harrison, AIA.
Around the time the slate of the house was poured, the Saeed people brought the talent of interior designer Gillian Pritchard Cook to the boat, the founder of Des-Syn (
Pronounced "design" with "design collaboration" omitted "). The designer-
Powerful client connection.
Cook firmly believes in the "natural isbest" of textiles and surfaces, companies that use specially recycled and recycled materials, and non-VOC paints.
Cook, Irish, graduated from the School of Fashion Technology and Design in New York.
She is concerned about both the health of the family and the aesthetic taste of the family.
Her speech on "health in the Wall", after a dinner lunch at the Fairview Hotel, opened the Green weekend of life, attracted favorable comments and gave the audience a lot of thinking.
Clean with natural products such as tea tree oil and salt to avoid formaldehyde in textiles and paints, as well as common-
Wise advice like "open your window on a good day", she is full of philosophical color for living in wise boundaries.
"Look around," she urged.
"Do you really need a lot of foam?
Good design, energy efficiency and a happy family lifestyle can be done in smaller square feet.
"Work closely with clients like Laura and her family who are committed to themselves as much as I am
"Sustainable Recycling is worth it," said Gillian Cook . ".
"What's more important than living in a healthy home?
"Green Life" experts in Mississippi answered the question well.
Other event speakers include John Weaver, Jefferson, Chad dachas, Rick Griffin, Mark Patrick, Joe Pettit, Dr. Drake Emerson
Dr. Qu Guangzhi
Shambhavi Chandraiah, Anne Marie Decker and Roy Decker.
William A's film the next industrial revolution
Watching McDonough for two days.
Roy Decker, AIA and AIA at Anne Marie Decker ArchitectsA.
When it comes to "planning and designing green", this requires not only a new way of thinking about the architecture and the natural environment.
They say ecological balance must be found in architecture, development and cities.
The dekels showed three projects they worked on to achieve this goal.
They are trying to promote diversity and density as a direct alternative to suburban sprawl, providing a viable, safe inner city community for the North midtown community, where resources are protected and social growth is promoted. On St.
Andrew's north campus, they are working with landscape architect Ed black to show how natural wetland habitat can cancel, store and replenish natural reservoirs while serving the school's educational mission.
In the Hinds Community College project, they talked about how academic buildings and larger buildings use expensive and relatively inexpensive strategies to reduce the cost of electrical and air conditioning by up to 40%.
All of these projects are trying to expand public value by looking for the best eco-building practices in Mississippi's climate and culture.
In fact, a healthy family is a magical combination of form, function and Earth --
Proof of friendly EcoManor.
Seydel, Cook, many speakers in St.
Andrew's "Living Green" Semina is spreading that "green" is a gorgeous color ---andconcept! [
Slightly] Illustrations
Photography by Cristina cannon Related article: reinventing Green.
By Jeff Byrd, National Family advocate LEED and deputyChair U. S.
Mississippi Green Building Board * separates walls, ceilings, and hot water pipes.
* Use a clothesline because 6% of the electricity is used to dry clothes.
* Programmable thermostat installed. The top of-the-
The cost of the Line model is about $100, saving 20% of the heating and cooling costs.
* Replace the bulb with a compact fluorescent bulb.
According to a recent study by USGBC, replacing five bulbs will save about $100 a year on electricity bills.
* Buy Energy Star appliances and test to use less energy than regular models.
An energy star refrigerator can save an average of $250 a year and can quickly pay extra fees.
Recycle old appliances when buying new appliances.
* The dishwasher is simple, cheap and efficient, saving time, water, energy, z and money.
* Build a compost warehouse (
Plan provided online)
Or find a mulchingkit for your mower.
* Build a worm box with your child.
The worm eats about one spspaper per week and produces free dirt. (
Plan provided online)
* Ceiling fans with Energy Star ratings are cool in summer and hotair is pushed off the ceiling in winter.
They allow you to adjust your thermostat several degrees in either direction.
* Recycling at home and in the office.
* Engage your child with creativity.
Related article: green growth.
Griffin and Geiger's latitude landscape architect Rick Griffin * uses native, strong plants that require less water, fertilizer, and care.
* Recover broken concrete to build walls, sidewalks and terraces.
* Use colored glass bottles and pour them down on the ground as a boundary for walking and flower beds.
* Use water in landscaping.
It can make your yard feel 10 degrees lower than the actual temperature.
* Enhance the outdoor living space and eliminate mosquitoes and the breeze. * Open-
The Air Fence creates a breathable environment for plants, wildlife and humans.
Air flow reduces the need for chemicals in the yard.
* Bird houses everywhere.
Birds reduce insects.
* Use recycled cotton seed shells instead of commercial fertilizers. * Plant fast-
Planting trees creates instant shadows.
* Collect Rain in ponds and storage containers and water the yard.
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