lesley chesterman: 20 food gifts for a range of appetites and budgets - stainless steel wine cups

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lesley chesterman: 20 food gifts for a range of appetites and budgets  -  stainless steel wine cups
The shopping season may expose some people to this extra thing. stiff eggnog.
Holidays are an idea of a rude commercial cash grab, and when you are in a hurry to spend a lot of money, it doesn't feel so outrageous, buy gifts from friends and loved ones, and in time ram under the trees of December. 25.
Unwise choices, and-
Well-meaning gifts are not used or, worse, re-usedgifted.
However, a practical gift is welcome and even cherished --food-
Especially relevant.
To help you choose, I have 20 gift suggestions for the special person who likes to eat, drink or cook, or need a shiny new pot to motivate them to stir-fry.
The variety of gourmet gift options is dazzling, and in this list you can easily add gift certificates to your favorite restaurants --
Or how about cooking class, wine class or cooking presentation? I prefer to keep my gift --
Buy locally as much as possible and go to my favorite kitchenware and homewares stores such as Arthur Quentin, kencaly Dante and Les Touilleurs, or like Hove Kyle
The criteria for the gifts below are that they are my favorite items that can be used by myself and will be recommended right away.
Yes, some things are expensive, but more expensive things tend to last longer in terms of kitchen tools.
Life is too short for a drawer full of fragile kitchen gadgets! (
Note on price: in some cases I used the word "about" because the price varies from store to website. )
I would recommend any of these items as a gift other than the holidays --
Including gifts for yourself.
Most are available, and maybe there may be a shortage by the end of the week, except for handmade food --
So don't leave these until the last minute!
I 've always loved this delicious granola made in Montreal --
They launched gluten, how great is this? free/grain-
Free line made with oven
Roasted nuts and seeds.
So many granola are either rotten or too sweet, but all three flavors are fresh --
The taste is balanced.
Breakfast is ideal for cereal or snacks.
You can make a great gift by buying all three varieties.
Be careful: addicted! Fashion this year
The old Highland store sells some of the most beautiful and best chocolates in town.
Favorite is caramel, passion-fruit-
Chocolate Turtle
Truffle, marshmallow, gingerbread, chocolate
There's a pretzel.
Single bag can be purchased (
Great socks! )
Or, better yet, customize a gift box.
Is arguably the most popular
After Christmas in Montreal, Hove kelsten Baker Jeffrey finkestein's panettone is the lightest and most intense you 've ever seen.
For Christmas breakfast, snacks or desserts by the fireplace (
A scoop of ice cream! ).
This sweet bread is also sold in the form of honey fruit.
But finkestein promised to release a new batch this week.
Unlike most baking pans, this baking tray is too big for simple chicken or vegetables, and the size of this baking tray is just right for so many baking pan recipes.
Although it is designed for lasagna, I use it for almost everything, and the thick base means it can go from the stove to the stove without distortion.
A pot at a very reasonable price.
Check out the knives of the top chefs in Montreal and you'll find some serious Japanese knives, many of which were purchased at L'E. mouleur.
These blades are made of stainless steel or carbon steel and they remain sharper for a longer period of time and will last a lifetime if handled with care.
Yes, they are expensive.
Climbed to $1,000 several times. plus range —
But once you cut, cut and chop with these sexy and razor --
The sharp babies have no way back.
The buzz in the area of kitchen appliances has been focused on these slowCooker/pressure-
The cooker mix appliances, from beans to risottos, braised meat and cheesecake, are ideal.
But that's not all: you can fry and steam in the pan, which is a lot more complicated than your mom's canPot.
This is a real advantage for people with plenty of time or limited time.
This is a great little book by sharp recipe writers and columnists from The New York Times, an excellent guide for those who understand the ins and outs of multiculturalcooker craze.
Instant dinner highlights the recipe you should make in a pressure cooker because it's "better, faster, more convenient, and more tasteful ".
"The first time I saw these beautiful mugs was at the Mallard Cottage restaurant in St. John’s, N. L.
His brunch table was filled with colorful Le Creuset pottery.
The Cup is big enough to pour large enough to keep the beer hot for a while.
Bold but elegant, available in 11 colors.
This glazed pottery can is designed to hold 500 ml maple syrup.
Yes, you can put a jar on the table, but this Montreal-
Madeitem is very beautiful and can store syrup in the refrigerator between pancake feasts.
In the world of champagne, there are countless choices, the most is the eyebrows --raising prices.
When I was tasting this champagne at the Liverpool House restaurant in Montreal, I was unable to drop the glass so I was fascinated by its subtle apple flavor, delicate bubbles and drinking power.
It is full of energy and luxury, with delicate taste and moderate length.
If you don't manage to polish that bottle of champagne, don't be afraid: these bubbles will last for a few days due to this excellent plug, which is sealed in tiny air bags.
This is a great gift for the sparkling people
Wine lovers in your life.
It is a feast for the eyes, and it will intoxicate pedophiles, gourmets and almost everyone else.
Exquisite design, clever writing (co-
The author Eriksson is a Monterey)
This amazing recipe/history book brings you into the world of London's most magnificent hotels, whether it's breakfast, Eleven, tea, cocktails or the most decadent dinner.
There are game dinners, Christmas dinners and enough tempting pastries for you to lick the page.
Most importantly, it makes your dream come true.
This cute set includes 12-by 16-
Inch soft and silky silicone mat and four washable markers designed for children to color before, after, or during meals.
This is a great choice to keep the kids busy at the restaurant or just to encourage their artistic talent, this place is durable and reusable.
Labels and meal mats are also sold separately.
Over the years, maple syrup from Martin Picard's famous Sugar Shed has only been used on site, but now production has increased and the rest of us can enjoy their wonderful syrup as well.
We are all used to maple syrup at the table, but never forget that it is a delicacy overseas and will also bring a great one to many fans of Au Pied de Villon
A great way to learn about the history of some food, traditions and dishes in Quebec.
Not only are these napkins beautiful, but they also include fascinating information about famous foods such as Montreal melon, maple syrup, and tire St. de.
Catherine and panting
There are eight in total, printed in French and English.
Also sold in the form of aprons.
This curved glass is the most popular in my cabinet, designed to mimic the shape of the original Coca
Coke bottle, but when I make any cocktail that requires a high ball, I reach out and get it.
Thin and exquisite crystal glass is a great gift for Coke lovers or anyone who appreciates a stylish drink.
The storage of dimmers can be an attempt by cocktail makers, and a variety of premium supplements and ginger beer can cost a lot of money.
These syrup provide a great solution for those who mix a cocktail at a time, the quality is very good and not sweeter than many brands.
Five flavors.
Tonic, ginger soda, cola and the latest bitter orange sour honeythese Montreal-
The syrup made can be kept in the refrigerator after it is opened.
This is a great boon for soda stream users, with enough drinks per bottle to accommodate 25 drinks.
This is probably not the most cut.
But it is definitely the most fashionable.
Designed by two of Italy's most famous brands, Alessi and Illy coffee, this stylish kitchen table is perfect for fashionistas or anyone who wants to have coffeemeets-
Coffee pot.
Thanks to a bean, I discovered the Kaito brand for the first timeto-
Chocolate manufacturers for sale in MontTremblant.
Since then, I order this delicious coffee baked in Hudson every month.
You can choose delivery as I did, or pick it up at the new cafe in Griffin town.
I prefer the espibia beans, but try several blends first before adding them.
When I first saw this gorgeous tablecloth, I took a sigh of relief and its bold vegetable pattern was filled with radish, cauliflower, cabbage and radish.
Sold in a variety of sizes, or as a desktop runner, you can put it on a neutral background, a project that makes "art" return.
This is a great gift for a special foodie who loves entertainment.
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