launceston wine fair brings pinot and puppies - wine glass

by:Koodee      2019-07-25
launceston wine fair brings pinot and puppies  -  wine glass
At the Launceston wine fair at the North Esk Rowing Club on Saturday, about 600 people sampled one or two drops from more than 30 wineries.
Beer is also available for sampling, and tasmanidusong for the first time.
David Johnston, managing director of the Expo, said the state's gin is rising.
"This is one of the alcoholic products that people like," he said . ".
"We made some very good gin here.
"There is also a very popular addition to this year's event: Labrador puppies brought by Australian guide dogs.
The group was chosen as a fundraising charity for this year's show, and Johnston said he believes they made the right decision.
"We can donate something for such a cause, which makes us feel very good," he said . ".
This is an annual event that charges $20 from an unlimited tasting of wine glasses and over 200 wines from Tasmania state, mainland and overseas.
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