last australian-made fridge is end of the line for regional manufacturer - stainless steel bottle manufacturer

by:Koodee      2019-07-20
last australian-made fridge is end of the line for regional manufacturer  -  stainless steel bottle manufacturer
Refrigerators are no longer "made in Australia" as the last one goes offline at a factory in Orange, Midwest, New South Wales.
The remaining 300 employees at Electrolux factory signed the stainless steel back and symbolically said goodbye to the fridge. Longest-
Working employee Steve Brakenridge, who has been working at this factory for 46 years, is the last person to put his name on the fridge, which he calls an "exception ". "It's a side-by-
Model of side ice water;
"This is our flagship model," he said . "
"It's really a great fridge and Electrolux takes a while to recover while they build resources at other plants [and]
They kept up with the speed of the model.
"Mr. Brakenridge said that many Australians now have a history in the kitchen, garage or back shed in the refrigerator, which has one of the three brands that the factory has produced for more than 70 years.
"We just lack [building]
12 million refrigerators.
Many houses-
80 to 90 of them
"There's a Westinghouse or a Kevin NATO fridge," he said . "
Mr. Brakenridge said the factory closure announced at the end of 2013 was an exciting moment for everyone.
"No one likes to end their work life on the basis of layoffs or work that no longer exists," he said . ".
"From my point of view, I'm going to retire. so]
This is perfect for me, but it's hard for others, especially families with wives, husbands, two children here.
"Ray, Carmel and their daughter Taylor's Jones family have worked in Electrolux for over 70 years.
A son has also worked in a factory for a period, and the family says it is a good employer.
Mrs Jones said she would be sad to say goodbye to her colleagues, who may never see her again.
"I'm not too bad right now, but tomorrow may be a different story when we punch and punch," Mrs Jones said . ".
"It's a little scary.
I don't know how I feel.
It hasn't really hit me yet.
"Many employees in the factory use the last refrigerator as a souvenir of the end of the manufacturing era.
The Signature refrigerator will soon be on display at the orange area Museum.
Tomorrow, 210 workers will be off work for the last time, and 90 workers will stay for up to eight months during the factory retirement period.
Electrolux says it will sell the building, which dates back to 1940 of World War II.
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