ky. wants to help bourbon distillers with tax credits - stainless steel bottles wholesale

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ky. wants to help bourbon distillers with tax credits  -  stainless steel bottles wholesale
Kentucky bourbon whisky is becoming more and more popular, triggering a huge dream along the Ohio River.
When Ken Lewis saw a surge in bourbon sales at his party source liquor store, he decided to do it himself.
Story: Maker's Mark bourbon won't be diluted travel tips: what to do along the bourbon Trail now the stainless steel fermenter standing in front of his store will be part of the n-degree winery sometime next year, and produce alcohol that will be placed in Burnt
Before becoming a new Kentucky bourbon brand, oak barrels have been around for five or more years.
Only produced in this part of the state. Gov.
Steve behill and other Kentucky leaders want to help Lewis and 16 other wineries in Kentucky get tax credits and promotions to boost Kentucky's iconic liquor industry.
"Seven wineries --
The Mark of the creator, the mountain of Heaven, every one of them
"Due to the nature of the aging bourbon, they are all expanding to meet future needs," Lewis said . ".
"The heavyweight is doing his homework.
This prosperity is not only now obvious, but also very helpful for future investment.
"The Bourbon industry in Kentucky looks as strong as it was in 200 --
Production increased from 450,000 barrels in 1999 to 1 million barrels last year. The 4.
Kentucky now has the largest storage of 9 million barrels in 30 years.
The number of people visiting wineries on the Bourbon Trail in Kentucky topped 500,000 for the first time in 2012, the first since the trail was created in 1999, an increase of 15% over the previous year.
Lewis said the n-time would join the Bourbon Trail, attracting 40,000 to 50,000 people a year.
"Bourbon whisky can be produced in any of the 50 states, but the price of Kentucky bourbon whisky is high in harmony," he said . ".
"It's like you can produce the Cabernet Sauvignon anywhere, but California and Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon is a quality one.
"But manufacturers say the state's property taxes on barrels put them at a disadvantage compared to other states.
Beshear wants the General Assembly to adopt tax credits for these barrels, which has failed in recent sessions.
Eric Gregory, president of the Kentucky winery, said the state and county levy a $14 million property tax every year from stored barrels.
"This is a tax that other alcohol manufacturers do not pay, and there is a bucket of bourbon in the warehouse every year," Gregory said . ".
"Not for Scotch.
Not for Tennessee whiskey.
It really hurts.
This puts the bourbon industry at a disadvantage.
"The proposed property tax credit will still bring the school district the income they are getting now, which will require the winery to put the money into the improvement of the winery.
"They're not just leaving with credit," Beshear said . ".
"They will have to put the money into the equipment and facilities in Kentucky.
This allows them to compete in a more level playing field than they do now.
Critics of the Bourbon bucket tax in Kentucky note that California offers several tax benefits to boost its wine industry and has a second-lowest consumption tax
National tax rate for wine.
"California wants to encourage economic growth," said Jim latterridge, the main winemaker for four rose Bourbon wines in Fort Lawrence, Kentucky.
"They want the industry to stay in California.
Kentucky currently has the highest tax revenue in the country (for spirits).
Tax credits are good for us and enable us to grow our business.
"Kentucky is now third out of 33 states that don't need to sell through the state.
Have a liquor store.
This is because Kentucky is one of only two states that collect wholesale and excise taxes, bringing the total tax burden on wineries to $6.
Gregory says it's $85 a gallon.
"California's wine tax is the lowest in the country.
When you think of a traditional beer state
Missouri, Colorado, Wisconsin
"Their taxes are the lowest," Gregory said . ".
"Kentucky seems to have a tax on drink alcohol, whether it's spirits, wine or beer, the tax rate is higher than in most parts of the country.
I think our state government sees us as a source of income, not as an iconic industry, but I believe that is changing.
"Brewers say Kentucky can pay off from more and more people who spend Kentucky bourbon abroad.
Kentucky exports this spirit to 126 different countries.
Story: Tennessee whisky to grow up: taste whiskey;
"Yesterday, anywhere outside the United States or Canada, you ordered a whisky and you would automatically get Scotch," Lewis said . ".
"If 1% said Bourbon, Kentucky would dry overnight.
This is the size of the international market.
Ritchie often promotes Kentucky bourbon whisky around the world.
He has worked in the industry for 47 years, and for the past 18 years he has served as chief winemaker at four rose bourbon.
"When I went to Europe, there were two things Kentucky had to do," latric said . ".
"It's not a pure horse.
There are Kentucky bourbon and Kentucky Fried Chicken.
When I talk to people in London, Glasgow, Scotland, France and Spain, all the people who know about bourbon are from Kentucky.
"Kentucky Bourbon Trail and Craft Tour Kentucky created the Bourbon Trail in 1999 to attract the attention of world-famous wineries who called Kentucky home and created the Bourbon Trail Craft Tour in 2012 to showcase the state'sdistilleries.
Kentucky Bourbon Trail
Four Roses Bourbon
Mount paradise, bardston3.
Jim Liang of Clermont 4
Mark of Maker, loretto5
Bourbon Town Branch, lexington6.
Wild Turkey, Lawrence.
Woodford Reserve, Kentucky bourbon craft tournament.
Wine Barrel House distillation, lexington9.
Haijun shipyard, Bowling Green 10.
Lebanon Limestone Branch.
MB Roland winery, Pembroke12.
N-degree distillation Hotel Bellevue (coming 2014)13.
Old Pougue winery, Maysville14.
Harding 15 Silver Trail Winery
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