kraft issues big mac & cheese recall, metal pieces reported - stainless steel wine cups

by:Koodee      2019-08-17
kraft issues big mac & cheese recall, metal pieces reported  -  stainless steel wine cups
Kraft Foods Group said on Tuesday it would recall about 242,000 boxes as Kraft macaroni and cheese dinners may contain small pieces of metal.
The recall came at a time when Kraft macaroni and cheese products faced growing competition from smaller brands of more natural ingredients.
And, after a similar recall less than four years ago.
On September 2011, the company recalled about 137,000 boxes of Velveeta Shells and cheese sheets.
Due to the possible presence of small and thin thread bristles, serving the Cup.
Kraft said the latest recall was for seven companies. 25-
The product of the Oz package is "original" flavor, and the date "used best ".
2015 to October.
The manufacturing code is 2015 of "C2.
"We believe that a piece of stainless steel is stuck on a metal device, which can create friction, causing small pieces of metal to fall into the product," said a Kraft spokesman in a statement.
"We apologize to disappointed consumers.
Some of the recalled products were also sold within three months. , four-and five-
Kraft said on Tuesday that the box was packed.
No one was injured and the company has received eight consumer contacts on the issue.
Northfield, Illinois
Kraft said the affected boxes were shipped to the United States, Puerto Rico and some countries in the Caribbean and South America.
Kraft said that affected products should not be consumed and should be returned to the purchased store for exchange or a full refund.
In August, Kraft recalled about 7,700 boxes of Kraft American Singles after a supplier failed to properly store ingredients.
Kraft shares closed at $61.
Listed on Nasdaq on Tuesday. (
The story has been re-filed to correct the day in the first paragraph)
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