know your antiques : a toast to old joke cups. - colored glass water bottles

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know your antiques : a toast to old joke cups.  -  colored glass water bottles
April fool is not the only time to fool someone.
The Potters of the 18 th and 19 th centuries made many jokes for drinkers.
The cup is either dripping liquid on unsuspecting drinkers, or there is a lifelike frog at the bottom of the Cup.
The puzzle kettle in the bar is very popular.
In order to drink this wine, you must know the secret of the kettle.
The solution usually involves placing your fingers on some decorative holes and using the hollow handle as a straw.
One of the most famous skill cups is called the "horse stirup Cup ".
It was handed over to the rider who waited for the start of the hunt.
The Cup is in shape so there is no horizontal base.
The joke is that it must be emptied before it is put down.
The shape of most horse stiirrup cups is similar to the head of a fox, hound, or other animal.
The first was in the 1770 s.
By 1820, at least 30 British crockery were making the horse stirrup Cup.
Q: I saved my English Polish infantry group tin soldiers in the original box.
I got about 1940.
How much is it worth?
A: The toy soldiers in the original box are more valuable.
No British.
The 1856 you describe will be sold for $500 to $600 under mint conditions.
Q: A commercial friend just gave me a copper statue 17 inch higher.
Indian riding.
It says "earle Heikka"
'A: Earl Eric Hai was born on 1910 in Illinois, Montana, on 1941.
He used wood, leather, cloth, plaster, and metal to make the character model.
He studied trains and carriages, cowboys and Indians. Q: My mother-in-
Law is always for my son Avon.
Shave in a special shape decan.
Should I save them?
There are collectors in everything.
Many people collect Avon bottles and decan bottles.
You may not get rich by saving your contemporary decan water heaters, but they are good --looking.
Decanters from 1990 are on sale at their original selling price.
The original price is about twice the value from 1970.
Q: While cleaning grandma's attic, I found a hanging light marked with "Muller Forrest.
This is pink glass decorated with pheasant.
Have you ever heard of anything like that?
A: The Muller brothers made guest glass and other types of colored glass from the beginning of 1900 to the 1930 s.
Their factory is located first in Renville, France, and then in croismaier.
Q: I have six plates with pictures of movie stars.
The plate was made by Mr Edwin.
Knowles China Limited
The stars are Lillian Walker, Anita Stewart, Mary Fuller, Beverly Boyer, Alice Brady, and Isabel Townsend.
Do you have any information about them?
Your plate may be a cinema giveaway designed to attract customers to the movies.
The original Edwin M.
Knowles China Limited
Worked in West Virginia in 1900 to 1963.
The company's name is used again on modern license plates.
The actress on your plate is on a screen of about 1917.
Q: My Skeezix doll is made of oil cloth.
It has been at home since the 1930 s.
9 inch high and 4 inch wide.
It says "King Skeezix"
My mother said it was because in the comic "gasoline Lane", Skeezix was a deposed baby King before being adopted. Is this a one-of-a-kind doll?
A: Your oil cloth Skeezix doll is just one of the dolls created by Frank O.
The creation of the comic book "gasoline Lane.
His name is on the doll.
The dolls have been made for several years since 1922.
Other Skeezix dolls are made from bisque.
They are made of live long toys.
In the comics, on Valentine's Day 1921, baby Skeezix was found in a basket at Walter's doorstep.
Q: My husband came home with four fiberglass chairs with metal legs.
They don't have the manufacturer's logo.
The seat and arm are formed in one piece.
They remind me of the chairs used at the airport.
Are they valuable?
A: The molded fiberglass chair was very popular in the 1950 s.
The original design was designed by Charles Ames for Herman Miller.
A lot of copies.
If the fiberglass is not broken or broken, the price of the chair is about $100.
The original Eames chairs will sell more.
Tip: Don't wash the lacquer wood, because the water will penetrate into the grass-roots Wood and cause damage.
Just wipe it clean with a damp cloth.
Current prices: current prices come from antique exhibitions, flea markets, sales and auctions across the United States.
Prices are different because of the local economic conditions.
Music score, 'This is a party-Hap-
1939: $18, happy day.
Dodge Gold Mining Ltd.
Stock Certificate, picture miner, Creek, gold plate, $1908: $25.
Brother Parker, go to Jerusalem to play board games. , 1955: $75.
Barbed wire, ring lock,. W.
Stevens, June 1884, $18 inch: $255.
Bowl, geometric Indian, red, orange ground, 1931,5 by 7 inch: $370.
Kitty Bunny, little statue, No.
5164, 1982, 9 inch: $475.
Tiffany paper, Bulldog, bronze, dark patina, No.
3 inch: $530.
Beatles jacket, 1964 tour, UK: $1,325.
Restaurant, white glass, iron
1930 s: $1,450, two armchairs.
About 1910, 15 inch: $1,850 teddy bear, Bing, cinnamon, black button eyes, hump, swivel head.
Memo: kovels's antique column appeared on Saturday. CAPTION(S)
: Photo: The horse terrirup Cup, shaped like a hound head, was the horse de of England at the end of the 19 th century.
It recently sold at auction for $1,380.
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