ken nicol’s every3point65 at mkg127 gallery - steel cubes for drinks

by:Koodee      2019-08-03
ken nicol’s every3point65 at mkg127 gallery  -  steel cubes for drinks
Somewhere behind MKG127, Dundas St. W.
The gallery, a large grid printed in a block Express font, repeats over and over what you already know: "This is your life and it's over in a minute.
"If you count it, you can trust me and you will find that it hit 480 times in full: the exact number of minutes in 8 minuteshour work day.
If you don't find it interesting
At least in the case of gloom, depressionshadow-of-
The Way of Death
Maybe Ken Nicol's obsessively, dark and funny world is not for you.
But it will be a shame because you will miss an artist who has been a favorite of insiders here in recent years;
You can even say that an artist, no matter how much the term will hold him back.
The new program of Nicol, 65 per 3: 00 (
More information later)
Opening this week, his dazzling skills and fascinating fatalistic world view are well presented.
As an expert mechanic, Nicol has been working for years with his dazzling and precise fuss-making approach for people who have ideas that are beyond their abilities.
Since he said goodbye to all this a few years ago, Nicol has begun his own life, carefully exposing the deep rabbit hole in his daily life, providing unlimited possibilities for his work.
Don't believe me.
Nicol is a simulated person in case the typewriter is not clue enough, but technology has recently penetrated into his ceremony as a useful tool, prompting him to start blogging (
But it is important to note that it is completely absorbed and dangerous addictive. )
The title of the blog is also the title of the program here, every 3: 65, which in itself is an extension of the Nicol project with the aim of collating his world into manageable components: the blog will display 100 posts a year, which means a new entry
Like a clock, natureevery 3. 65 days.
You know, Nicole's an old man-
School conceptual, blending absurd joy with daily rituals and everyday things: calculate this, command this, and try to impose the structure on the day-to-day with sisyphusian hilarity
This is a quiet and happy thing: answering an era
Old question, a Tootsie Pop, installed with the number of times you lick to the center (112);
Or a standard salt bag with a small crack in the corner with the number printed by the ballpoint pen: 12,097, yes, he counted them all.
Or take the project index card: in a corner of the gallery, Nicole gets his titular theme-humility and blue --
Line up and bend it to his forced Will.
Here, 54 small cartons, the maximum he calculated from a card, are also shown here with a tiny precise cutouts.
Over there, nested boxes.
Each one is smaller than the next, one in the other-
It blew up again from a card.
Nearby, he called it an unusual prosperity of the fountain: each colored line was precisely carved out, and the remaining colored strips were tightly wrapped, like a float
Nicole has a great influence here.
The echo of the minimalist giant Carl Andre is: 32 cubes, 32 ways to say this, the steel cube starts in inches, the size is reduced, and the size is reduced by 1/32 at a time, until the last one is just a spot (
Nicol is re-arranging them 32 times, after the show, of course).
More specific Andre-
The inspiration clip gave Nicole the motto Andre advocated on the index card: "If one thing is worth doing once, it is worth doing it again.
"Nicol certainly understands this: there are hundreds of such cards here that are neatly displayed in a metal drawer, but the project is permanent.
Another factor that affects Nicole's dark wisdom is George Carlin.
In front of the gallery, a grid of 35 pieces of paper is arranged by five or seven.
The contents of them are not suitable for family newspapers (
Lest your imagination get out of control, they are tightly gathered together, handwritten text)
But they are famous from Karin.
The censorship system screams, "You can never say seven words on TV.
"Repeat it intensively here, and the blindfolded antics in vain are amplified to a high volume, while castrated by its absurdity.
Finally, Nicol's top priority is about time: how it is used, and what we have to show when it slips away.
One can safely guess that Nicol has mountains: every minute of the day is calculated, ordered, and packed very tightly.
Time may fly, but Nicole's description makes us painfully aware that everything is back to its origin in some way or form.
Ken Nicoll: continue at mkgymend at Dundas St. 1445, 65 per 3. W. , to March 15.
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