keeping a close watch on retailers of alcoholic drinks - drinking glass water bottle

by:Koodee      2019-08-28
keeping a close watch on retailers of alcoholic drinks  -  drinking glass water bottle
The Ministry of Health is keeping a close eye on shops that sell alcoholic beverages during the festival.
Chairman of the National Committee on Health, Environment and Human Resources
Sivanesan said the inspections were intended to ensure that retailers comply with food Management Act 1985 and its latest amendments.
Amendment to Article 361st of the act (
General standards for alcoholic beverages)
The liquor retailer is required to display a notice stating "drinking is harmful to health" and a sign indicating that they will not be sold to people under the age of 21.
Previously, the age limit was 18.
The amendment also requires the preparation of hard wine (CHL)
It is sold in glass bottles with a content of at least 700 ml.
However, the enforcement of this award was delayed.
Sivanesan said that since the amendment came into effect on October 16, a total of 33 establishments for the sale of beverages and two factories for the manufacture of beverages have been inspected.
"On October, two notices were issued to two places where bottled liquor was sold, with a quantity of less than 700 ml.
"A total of 11 samples of alcoholic beverages were obtained from the premises to check the content," he told reporters after checking at a shop in Ipoh . ".
Sivanesan said that although law enforcement efforts to ban the sale of bottled liquor under 700 ml have been postponed until next May, the two retailers were still required to pay a fine until the extension was announced on November, because they despised the ruling.
The compound is a total of 6 thousand yuan, he said.
Retailers should no longer use the excuse that they don't know the amendment, Sivanesan said.
"They have to take the initiative to verify with the department what they should and shouldn't do.
"It's not acceptable to just say they bought packaged drinks from producers," he said . " Retailers should also pay attention to the correct display of labels and logos, he added.
"Other than that, drinks must be placed on cabinets or shelves separate from other non-drinks
Alcoholic drinks and food.
"Those caught in violation of the law will face fines of up to RMB or two years in prison," he added . ".
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