jo palmer | whole new ice age begins - good glass water bottle

by:Koodee      2019-08-24
jo palmer | whole new ice age begins  -  good glass water bottle
The door to our fridge fell.
Don't ask, because I 've never heard that the refrigerator door will fall.
Our youngest child screamed suddenly, followed by the sound of the container and glass bottle hitting the floor, letting me know that the breakfast was not very good.
But I didn't expect to walk into the kitchen and see two very wide-open eyes peeping in horror from around the fridge door, which is no longer attached to the fridge and awkwardly balanced on his little arm.
The two children chanted "I didn't do anything" and it took 30 seconds. . .
The refrigerator door was temporarily reconnected-
Very temporary.
When my husband and I got married about 13 years ago, the wedding gift we gave ourselves was this magnificent double fridge/freezer.
However, for some time now, with the four children constantly hanging on one side of the door, munching hundreds of dollars of electricity in it aimlessly, one side of the refrigerator could no longer be repaired.
But, of course, 13 years later, the unit is out of date.
This means that we now have a refrigerator that doesn't have a refrigerator.
My day was full of dates and my husband's task was to buy us a new one --and quickly.
He did a good job, but when the new fridge/freezer arrived it was not suitable for the gap in the kitchen cabinet where the old fridge was located.
Now we need the teller.
The old fridge stays where it is, the new fridge/freezer sits in the middle of the kitchen, blocking half of the cabinet and the old one is heading towards the top.
I keep tripping over the extension lines that go through the room in order to power the new device, which sometimes makes me say a word or two that is not very friendly.
Even the babysitter went into the kitchen and laughed until she realized that she had to finish the job for a while.
Why is this so difficult?
But wait, the worst has not yet arrived.
I may have turned off the old fridge and moved all of its goods to the new one, but I forgot you were leaving the door open.
It would take a couple of weeks before the cabinet could be fixed, and by then I didn't even realize that there was a disgusting smell coming out of it.
Open the door, at my 10-year-
The old son's words, "like the worst fart ever ".
He's right.
The smell kept us all away from the food and managed to get straight into the lounge.
Closing the door, I realized that the rest of my life would include my head stuck in the putrid space cleaning.
When my new refrigerator finally enters, there will be a sign to remind my whole family not to swing on the refrigerator door.
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