japanese diplomat faces spousal abuse charges in california - coffee mug & tumbler

by:Koodee      2019-07-29
japanese diplomat faces spousal abuse charges in california  -  coffee mug & tumbler
San Francisco-
Japanese-based diplomats have been charged with abusing their spouses. year-
The old wife is often subjected to domestic violence, including stabbing her with a screwdriver and pushing her away from a moving car, authorities said.
Nagaki Nagaya, 32-year-
Consulate's old deputy consul-
The Japanese general in San Francisco refused to accept the charges.
He was not eligible for diplomatic immunity because of the serious charges against him.
He was charged with 13 felony charges in the San Mateo High Court for the purpose of causing physical injury and 3 assault charges
One accused him of stabbing his wife's hand with a screwdriver.
He was also accused of hitting his Japanese wife for 18 months with a ceramic coffee cup, knocking off one of her teeth and stepping on her, A statement from the sheriff's investigator who pulled her from a mobile car in the parking lot said.
According to investigators, the last incident occurred on March 30, resulting in wounds on the face and elbows of the wife of the long house and causing her to call the police.
She took a picture of her injury.
Deputy Consul General haro Harada of Japan said Nagaya, who was arrested early in the morning, currently retains the position of deputy Consul of the Japanese consulate.
"We are paying close attention to developments at the judicial level," Harada told Reuters . ".
"He was charged yesterday and we started the trial process.
Prosecution is not the final verdict.
Harada said that under an agreement between Japan and the United States, longhouse was not eligible for diplomatic immunity, which provided that exemptions could not be invoked for offences sentenced to imprisonment for more than one year.
Tricia Povah says Nagaya lives in San Bruno, a San Francisco suburb, and if convicted of all charges he will face up to 15 years in prison, deputy district attorney in San Mateo County
Judge Leland Davis issued an order to prevent Nagaya from meeting or contacting his wife who remained in the United States directly and to hold a preliminary hearing on the matter on June 14.
Nagaya was free after paying a $25,000 bail.
Neither he nor his lawyer, Gerrick Lew, made an immediate comment.
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