jamaica takes aim at the trash crisis that is ruining paradise - plastic water bottle suppliers

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jamaica takes aim at the trash crisis that is ruining paradise  -  plastic water bottle suppliers
Kingston, Jamaica-
When Neville Hall sneaked into the waters of Port Kingston for conch and fish, he saw a lot of black stuff.
Waving black plastic bags like seaweed, black sludge covered the sea floor
Degradation residues of various plastic waste materials.
But not as many conch or fish as he saw when he started fishing in 1979.
Hall first-hand understands the impact of plastic and foam plastics on the ocean and the environment as a whole.
"Pollution kills the mangroves, and there is dirt in some places where you will have beautiful sand.
Everything will happen, "Hall said.
Jamaica, one of at least 20 Caribbean and Latin American countries, can see relief to this scourge --
Or banned in discussion.
Import, manufacture and distribution of single products
Use plastic bags, straws and foam. As of Jan.
1. these items will be banned here, and plastic bottles will eventually be charged for reimbursement and recycling.
Jamaica is one of several island countries that have reached non-tipping points.
Biodegradable waste and its daily threat to heaven.
It's not easy.
Although the fight against waste is not unique to these islands, their geographical location makes it harder for them than large lands, where landfill sites are abundant and have fewer coastlines, accounting for the proportion of the total area, garbage can be cleaned in total area.
According to Daryl Watts, minister of the department of economic growth and job creation, who does not have a portfolio, while some logistical work has not yet been finalized, Jamaica's ban is inevitable.
"We have made a decision based on the world's global direction.
Our environmental problems are very, very serious . "
According to young Bahamian environmental activist Kristina Ambrose, he has launched an opposition to these issues.
At her home, biodegradable waste is a ditch where garbage blocks the flow of sewers and floods when it rains, and eventually enters the food chain with micro-plastics and waste that endangers wildlife.
There are also aesthetic problems, especially in a region that depends on tourism.
Visiting any of the island of Caribbean, it is clear that most of their beaches and dense forests are looted by plastic bottles, straws, fishing nets, plastic bags and foam plastic containers.
But they're fighting back.
Following the first country to ban plastic bags in 2008, Rwanda and Haiti, Haiti became the first country in the Caribbean to ban plastic bags in 2012.
"We have finally seen a shift in momentum," said US President Vincent eney. N.
Subregional environment in the CaribbeanRegional offices.
"The tipping point is a proper description.
According to the United Nations, the world consumes up to 5 trillion plastic bags made of oil each year.
Basic products that need to be degraded in 500.
A World Bank report found that plastic waste entering the Caribbean Sea in 2010 was close to 420,000 tons and is expected to increase to 790,000 tons by 2025.
Management of Non-
Suzanne Stanley, managing director of the Jamaica Environmental Trust Fund, said biodegradable waste is a complex production and consumption system that must be regulated at both ends.
The key is an educational campaign for the Jamaican on the consequences of littering, as well as more specific rules for manufacturers and importers.
"There are some cultural behaviors and attitudes that need to be improved about waste," Stanley said . ".
Ambrose, who is about to receive a master's degree in marine management, is the founder of the plastic movement in the Bahamas, and he has succeeded in forcing her. There have been some such changes at home.
On January, a youth delegation led by her persuaded the Bahamas Parliament to ban plastic products from 2020.
She said the ban was crucial because there were many problems with waste in the island country.
"We produce waste on land, but we also collect garbage from the world," she said . " She is referring to the rubbish washed on most Caribbean beaches.
She pointed out that even the aesthetic issues related to waste are expensive, and she mentioned a 2017 study in the Journal of ocean policy, which found that, tourists see a loss of $8 million a year for every 15 junk tourism revenues.
Despite reduced income and poor environment, breaking addiction to plastic and foam is a challenge.
The ban on these substances has failed in Haiti, said David Katz, founder of plastic bank, a non-governmental organization where plastic is exchanged for currency.
The reason, he said, is the lack of an affordable alternative.
"The law is not reflected in the waste that we see in the environment, and the material is still being brought in from the border of the multi-dominican plus Republic," Katz said . ".
"This is a disaster that happens every day.
"Another part of the problem in Haiti is the lack of law enforcement and education --
Vaz, Jamaica, said he was determined to avoid a mistake.
"There will be a need to increase resources, public education and actual garbage collection," he said . ".
The chief executive of Jamaica's national bureau of environment and planning, Peter Knight, said the import fine was as high as $15,000 and the manufacturing fine was as high as $370.
Other islands are planning to change their behavior through taxes.
A light rain in Dominicforest-
Covering an island with a population of nearly 73,000, trade director Matthan J.
Some plastic products will be banned in January, Walter said.
1. may be accompanied
Biodegradable items
"This will change the buying habits," he said . "
Mel tanante, known as the "Turtle Man" in Jamaica, reinforces the idea of changing your mind --
Set is necessary among citizens and authorities.
Tennant launches tens of thousands of hatched turtles from beaches off Jamaica's northern coast every year.
He saw the damage caused by waste.
"We washed a lot of plastic bottles and foam plastic on the beach.
"We clean the beach every day," he said . ".
But he points out that when traveling to little town ojorios to provide enough waste containers, it suddenly becomes the neat paradise it should be.
For Fisherman Hall, the ban cannot be introduced soon.
At present, his survival depends on the daily game of hide-and-seek. and-
Look for fish and conch that are constantly threatened.
"I stand by the 100% ban," he said . ".
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