italian winemakers take on france in chinese market - beautiful wine glasses

by:Koodee      2019-08-12
italian winemakers take on france in chinese market  -  beautiful wine glasses
HONG Kong (Reuters)-
Mobile in Lafite, powerful Barolo here.
That's what the Italian winemakers told their French colleagues that in the years of China's economic boom, they dominated the Chinese market with Bordeaux and Burgundy.
Marchesi de 'frescobaldi, a famous Italian winemaker, is preparing to please China's discerning taste, which remains a key market for wine companies.
"The demands of Chinese consumers are getting higher and higher," said Lamberto fisdy . " His best wines come from a range of Tuscan names.
"They are looking for a variety of flavors.
Taste becomes more curious.
"This is almost the taste of Chinese people," he told Reuters . ".
"I like Bordeaux. . .
But you want to see something else.
Italian wine is a little more personalized.
Frescodi said that due to increased demand for wine, his winery's sales in Greater China, including Hong Kong, increased by 20% this year
In the global sales of wineries, China's sales are still ranked ninth, but flescody hopes to increase this number to third in the next six to ten years.
The growing demand for Italian premium wines has lost luster to the top Bordeaux wines of the London International Wine Exchange (Liv)
Well, the investment in exchange
Upscale wine located in London. The Liv-
Track the ex 50 index of top Bordeaux, including five major growth (
Wine classification)Has fallen 11
Since 3%, the Super Tuscan 50 index representing Italian premium wines has risen by 0. 9 percent.
"I think there is indeed a revival in Italian wine brewing," James Suckling, American wine and cigar critic, said during a recent visit to Hong Kong.
He believes Marchesi de 'frescobaldi, Italy's top winemaker, will lead them into the Chinese market.
"They made this amazing wine called masseuse," says Suckling . ".
"It's only red in Asia --
Hot, this is a pure Merlot and I often compare to the Petrus Castle.
"Then they made a beautiful wine, a Red Pearl --
I compare a wine called Ornellaia.
So they have the same time as Patty and patterus.
Frescobaldi said that one thing that makes Italian wines different is their acidity, which is a special advantage in Asia.
"Acidity is usually associated with something negative ,(but)
It enhances what you are eating.
"It can clean your palate," he said . ". “(In)
Chinese cuisine usually you add caramel to the meat so the meat is already sweet, so it cleans your mouth when you go with a slightly acidic wine.
This combination of sour taste, clean taste left a very dry taste, is the perfect match for most Chinese cuisine.
Other wine experts say the popularity depends at least in part on prices, an important factor in the shrinking global wine auction market and China's recent economic slowdown.
"Italy will not produce super expensive wines in the first place," said Suckling, who has lived in Italy for 14 years.
"The most expensive wine is about $500. S.
I think there are a lot of high quality wines, you know, you will find that compared to the first Bordeaux wine or the second one
Growth of Bordeaux or large Cru Burgundies.
He said that some of the other wines were even lower, and there were many drinkable wines, some of which were as low as $10.
Jane Anson said that it is "necessary" for prices to continue to fall in the past year to classify Bordeaux, because in previous years, prices have dropped sharply as demand from Chinese consumers has increased, "Bordeaux legend: author of 1855 wines and Bordeaux Correspondent for Decanter. com.
Italian wines still have good investment potential due to low prices.
"The key to wine collectors is ageability-
Has the longest "window of opportunity" for wine to mature and complex development"
"More typically, being able to swap hands in good condition," she added, noting that age-
The valuable Barolos is perfect.
When demand in China picks up, says Suckling, the price of Italian wine could be as stressed as in recent years as Bordeaux and Burgundi.
The Super Tuscan 50 Index fell steadily from its peak in last July, when it rose by 6.
2%, but Liv
The Ex 50 Index fell by 11 points. 2 percent.
Nevertheless, the Chinese market is still strong, especially in China.
"European wine still has a healthy, growing future in China," Anson said . ".
"At the moment, boutique wines are still largely part of the corporate gift-giving culture in mainland China, but this culture is developing.
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