it's the new ager's turn! - best glass water bottle with silicone sleeve

by:Koodee      2019-09-01
it\'s the new ager\'s turn!  -  best glass water bottle with silicone sleeve
Over the years, my mission has been to isolate and ridicule superstition and primitive myths disguised as true science, damaging everything around me.
My usual goal is religion.
Argue with creatives that evolution has been hunted for cows by a powerful rifle and range.
This is becoming more and more boring now, and for the benefit of equal opportunity doubt, I will turn my tired eyes to the alternative treatment of the new era, what a sacred racket it is.
Creationism and religion seem to think that they are above science and mistakenly think that science is prone to mistakes by rejecting supernatural things.
Religious people believe that their views go beyond human thought because their divine origin cannot be analyzed.
This is a way to bypass the annoying laws of physics --
The scientific law that makes your own opinion invalid is invalid.
However, when it comes to pseudoscience, such as the esoteric New Age alternative therapy, they lie vaguely, claiming false science to support their claims.
This is not sincere in the extreme, the fact remains that these so-
The so-called therapy has no positive medical effect on the organism and may be harmful in some cases.
The first is the properties of these mixtures, and the second is because they transfer poor fools to find really effective antitherapeutic drugs.
I'll go through some of this quirky therapy, almost like a beginner's guide, what to do if you're stuck with any disease. Homeopathy.
Homeopathy is based on two basic beliefs. a)
What caused the damage can be cured, B)
It can be diluted to such a degree with water (
Power of 10-30)
There is absolutely no trace of the diluted substance.
To extract a molecule of a diluted substance, a larger amount of solution is needed than the scientific estimate of the entire universe.
From a rational point of view, it sounds like taking a small amount (very expensive)water.
The same patient will assert that water has Memory (
More pseudoscience)
Therefore, memory or "energy vibration" is retained in hippy"
Jargon, diluted substances.
I assume and tell you that this is completely, completely unadulterated garbage.
If so, will the water have more memories of the glass bottles it stores?
What about every molecule in contact with the combination of hydrogen and oxygen?
I hope the next time you take your little bottle of water
Would you remember that I had urinated in the sea before, and all the urine through the water-based sewage system?
Enjoy my little bottle of medicine with others --
Miracle formula of pollution!
As for the basic principle that the same substance that causes damage can also cure it --
This is entirely made up of dangerous smells.
I often take a lighter and go to the affected place to treat burns, and I find that the best treatment for the streaking infection is the free use of dirty sewers.
Totally crazy.
Acupuncture is a dangerous pseudoscience, because it is an invasive technique, so there is certainly no riskfree.
Recording acupuncture
Related injuries include nerve damage, brain injury or stroke, pneumonia, kidney damage, HIV, hepatitis, etc.
In addition to the dangers inherent to Mr. Jean.
Miyagi puts his needle into your body, and there is always the risk that in oriental fairy tales, the actual disease ,(
Not the blocked fairy. dust chakras)
In the absence of a real anti-therapy intervention, progress or even thrive.
Adventure, void, for Christ's sake-this is the ancient Chinese needle punishment!
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