is size important when it comes to wine glasses? - glass wine glasses

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is size important when it comes to wine glasses?  -  glass wine glasses
Would you drink less if your wine was a small cup?
This is the question raised in a study published in the British Medical Journal about the growing size of wine glasses.
Researchers at the University of Cambridge found that the size of the glass increased from an average of 66 ml in 1700 seconds to 449 ml today --
Nearly seven times more.
Since 1980, the wine consumption has almost doubled. 2004.
Professor Theresa Marteau, research author, said: "When we drink how much wine, the size of the wine glass may be important . ".
Since the 1990 s, the capacity of wine glasses has grown more rapidly.
Researchers believe that one of the reasons may be that the demand for larger glasses in the US market is met by an increase in the size of British glasses.
The bar usually sells wine for 125 ml, 175 ml and 250 ml.
Wine writer Jancis Robinson believes that larger glasses and higher consumption may go hand in hand.
"I have always been a critic of 175 ml glasses," she said . ".
"Not only because it encourages people to drink more than they expected, but also because white and pink wines tend to warm up inside, encourage people to finish their content before it's too hot to refresh themselves.
But the British Beer and Bar Association (BBPA)
The spokesman told the BBC that in order for customers to have a choice, the bar must provide smaller measures.
Similarly, larger plates mean that people eat more, says Professor Marteau, and the evidence suggests that while researchers cannot prove this, there is a similar effect on wine glasses.
We speculate that there are two main mechanisms:
The larger the container, the more we pour, the more we perceive
The same number looks smaller in a larger container than in a smaller one, "she said.
"Given that we often regulate our consumption in units such as a piece of cake or a cup of coffee, if we don't think we have a whole glass of wine, this may lead us to another drink.
Professor Marteau and her team conducted experiments at three Cambridge bars to test the theory.
They added the glass size while keeping the service size unchanged.
Two of the three bars have increased their sales.
According to the UK Department of Public Health, while alcohol is the third-largest risk factor for death and disability after smoking and obesity, drinking levels in the UK have actually declined.
A 2016 poll of nearly 8,000 Britons found that less than 60% of people have drunk alcohol in the past week.
This is the lowest level since the survey began in 2005.
Part of this may be a campaign to remove billions of units of alcohol from the market in various ways.
However, there is a practical reason to provide wine in glasses of different sizes --
Affects taste and quality.
Miles bill, executive president of the Wine and Spirits Trade Association, told the BBC: "For example, red wine is placed in a larger glass to let it breathe and may not be a priority until 300.
"It is generally believed that moderate and responsible drinking is consistent with a healthy lifestyle.
Mr Beale added that over the past decade, "UK wine sales have fallen by 6% and per capita wine consumption has fallen by 10% ".
Rosanna O'Connor, director of alcohol and medicine at the British Ministry of Public Health, told the BBC: "It is important that people understand how much of the wine they drink, and that a glass of wine can be packed in up to three units.
"We recommend that people try to follow the advice of the chief medical officer in the UK and drink more than 14 alcohol regularly every week.
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