is it ever ok to serve wine on the rocks? - glass wine glasses

by:Koodee      2019-08-14
is it ever ok to serve wine on the rocks?  -  glass wine glasses
A recent debate on social media has left people excited and annoyed about the ice in their glasses.
The main point of most arguments is that wine on the rocks is not just an expression of ignorance.
This is an offence to the winemaker, who is crushed to make wine, as is the case with the wine god Bacs.
Adding ice cubes to a glass of wine is considered one of the main sins of wine appreciation.
It's right there, put your glass in a bowl instead of Zinfandel like some sort of white-
A self wrote: "It hurts me to see itassured wine-know.
Risk losing face with a sharp head
I came to confess.
In the comfortable environment of my home, I committed a crime.
I cool my Riesling cup with ice.
More importantly, I will do it again.
Dionysus is my witness and whenever I am unprepared and there is no proper chilled wine in the fridge, I look for a quick solution in the fridge.
Why delay satisfaction?
The knowledge of wine chemistry is on my side, and I will do that.
A cube or two will not destroy lovesickness.
Contrary to the popular view, it does not reduce the quality and intensity of wine.
For most drinkers, adding ice cubes does not significantly alter the aroma or flavor strength of the wine.
Sensory Studies have shown that more water needs to be introduced before there is any perceptible difference.
I understand and appreciate the romantic concept of wine as much as the next wine lover.
I don't want to spoil the efforts of winemakers around the world.
But I also know what I like to drink and what to drink in my favorite way.
On some hot summer nights, end the ice with a dry-free glass.
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