insulated watering place for chicken - insulated water glasses

by:Koodee      2019-09-01
insulated watering place for chicken  -  insulated water glasses
I live in northern Sweden and it is very cold in winter.
I have 17 chickens, even if it's thirsty --30°C cold.
Obviously, I have to heat the drinking water to prevent it from freezing.
There are different ways to do this, heat the plate or in my case, add a hotline. Prevent high temperature-
I decided to build an insulated drinking place to make sure the heat stays where I want it :)-
Of course, this is also an energy-saving product!
My design is very good, cheap and simplebuild.
It prevents water from freezing-
There is no heating source, but you have to start all the temperatures of the heater below 10 °c.
I hope people with chickens will use this!
Materials you need :-
People who drink chicken (
4 liters in my case)-
Simple and cheap is the best. -a big bucket (
Drinkers must drink in about 5 cm/2 inch of the time
There is room for all parties.
If you can find a bucket straight on both sides, take that one!
I used a 20 liter barrel with a lid.
1 box of building foam-aluminumfoil-
The power catheter suede tool you need :-battery drill-sharp knife-hole saw ca 7-
Diameter 8 cm/3 inch-
Spraybottle full of water-
In the end, the heating source I used a special heating cable that can be located in the water (pictured)
The heating plate accessories under the drinker can also work.
Add your heating source according to the manufacturer's description.
Add a "sausage" made of aluminum foil to the drinker's waterway "-
It should be higher than the edge of the channel.
Then wrap the whole drinker with aluminum foil and seal the crossing with tape.
This part is hard for me to explain in another language, hope you can get it :)
Put the packed drinker head in the bucket first, and there is as much space as possible between the bottom of the bucket and the top of the drinker (
You can use the foam block as a placeholder/gasket)
Of course, the person who made the hole must be in the bucket.
If you find the right place, take the spraybottle down and gently spray the hole bucket and water drinker with water (
Helps build foam expansion).
Now you have to fill the space between drinker and bucket with building foam
Make sure you cover your work area with a newspaper
This thing is very sticky!
Fill the space on the bucket first-
Grind with a small amount of foam (
Make sure that the layout styrofoamspacers stay where they are! )
Then insert the drinker and fill the space between the walls.
If everything is full, you have to add weight to the drinkeri used a 5-
Liter beer barrel :)
Now wait about 24 hours for the foam to dry.
Trim the foam that may overflow with a sharp knife, remove the drinker, open the aluminum-
Take it out.
Foil stays in the bucket-
Look at the picture! (-
If the foam is not straight, you may have to trim the foam around the water channel)
Determine the position of the hole (s)
For chicken heads.
When using a hole saw, the center of the hole needs to be located at the top of the water channel-
I hope this is a reasonable expression.
Drill a hole from inside the barrel to the outside-
Slightly above the impression of the foam left by the water channel
I hope you can follow me with the battery.
Saw and positioning of the drill (if there's one)
In the hole of the new drill (
This time from outside the barrel! ! ! )
See now until you go through the bucket Wall
Try not to see through the bubble.
Now the bubble is exposed.
Trim it with a knife, and everything below the edge of the drinking channel can be kept in place
The more materials are isolated, the better the result.
See the picture for an explanation.
Now clean the sharp edges of the plastic with file or sandpaper.
Very important: tape holes with pipes-tape!
The chicken will eat all the quarantine materials they can find.
Make sure all the bubbles they can reach are covered!
I used transparent tape at first, but it wasn't strong enough.
Take the strongest textiles.
Tape on the market: if your bucket has a lid, you can stand out from it.
You have to figure it out separately, but maybe my photo will help you.
You can also fill all possible spaces with insulation
Just make sure the chicken is not enough.
Complete and ready to use!
The chicken will be clear soon.
My water stays unfrozen-
The heating cable is not inserted and the temperature is 10 °C.
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