in vino veritas; continued consumer interest in wine drives barware business. - metal stemless wine glasses

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in vino veritas; continued consumer interest in wine drives barware business.  -  metal stemless wine glasses
Signature: Jia Zisko Kara Weber and zounksela star porte report for the tothis. NEW YORK-
According to an informal survey of suppliers and retailers, bar businesses across the country are mainly driven by wine consumption and the accompanying accessory products.
According to the California wine factory institute of public policy advocates, the retail value of California wines shipped to the United States is $15 billion.
"The contribution to the business environment is that wine demand is still strong, California wine sales are growing steadily and are becoming more and more popular among American adults," the association's website reported . ".
"In the long runS.
Consumption has increased by 63% since 1991
Wine Cabinet not included.
As wine becomes more and more an important part of the cultural landscape, sales will continue to expand.
"Wine and wine products have driven my business ---
Decanters, funnels, aerators, etc, "said Bob Brourman, owner of ragile, a specialty store in Atlanta.
He added that many of his clients were wineconnoisseurs and that his staff had been trained in relation to this.
Riedel is one of histop's products for wine loverssellers.
"Wine continues to drive retail in the bar," said riki Kane, president of Metrokane . ".
"People know more about good wine and they want good wine accessories.
The wine is right here.
"Cocktail and wine trends are still key areas of growth," said Elizabeth geromore, consumer marketing and communications manager at Libbey . ".
Interest in wine drinking is the reason why stemware sales by many desktop vendors have been driven in recent years to exceed regular bar sales. (
Seestory, page 34).
Other factors make the bar better
Classify for retailers.
Peter Braley, vice president of sales and marketing at WMF, said the trend of poker and dryless wine glasses is bringing a young customer to the market.
Meanwhile, imo at Libbey points out that the "millennium generation" has sparked interest in distilled spirits.
"Taste innovation, active marketing and eating issues for spirits companies [like low-carb diets]
What are some of the reasons this generation has migrated to this category.
"It is reported that the Agroup 60 million is strong, and this group will definitely have an impact on this category.
"Nevertheless, consumers of all ages tend to have anything with the avalue equation.
"Whenever someone launches a new suit or reinvents an old bar suit, it seems to inspire a new life," said Jeff Sachs, president of global Amici . ".
"For example, when the sunglasses are packed with brackets or trays, it becomes a big category.
"The theme novelty items and interesting unique gifts are amazing," said Mark Fisher, senior vice president of Gog silver. "Multi-
In terms of price, complete sets of products continue to promote business development. Both are self-
Purchase and gift.
"Fashion also plays a role.
Bartek Plocienniczak, general manager of North American operations at Krosno, said: "colors, new shapes and decorations often change, and the change lasts much longer . ".
"For us, the introduction of some basic, clean styles really drives the business," said Chad Price, vice president of glass ware products at fortssa zwiesel . ".
"The nature of our products does help drive sales.
"The company has recently introduced titanium glassware to make it more durable and broken --resistant.
"Whimsical and fun" is a strong fashion statement, according to godinger's Fisher, while "mixed media ---
Glass metal--is big.
Seth McCulloch, vice president of sales and marketing at Nambe, agreed.
"We saw that the combination of our crystal and the metal stems started a very big trend.
"Clean, the basic product is most [Zwiesel's]
"Sales," said Price.
"I think it's the best fashion to adapt to the standard.
Anything too extreme or unknown will take too long to get into the market and not doing well.
"The popularity of a variety of mixed drinks has also affected the bar.
According to various sources, despite the popularity of Martini wine a few years ago, their popularity has obviously declined. So havemojitos.
It was mentioned that sake was an increase. and-
Comer, another supplier, pointed out, "any color in a specialty drink is doing a good job.
"Other suppliers take a middle ground in terms of mass drinks.
"Everything is OK," Fisher said . "
"No one drinks," Price said . "
"As long as there is the right capacity or shape, any drink that people drink now will work. " Caption(s)
: Top right: Calypso series of global Amici, made of recycled glass, wrapped in sea water
Lawn decoration is designed by retailers for the spring and summer series.
/Figure below: libbeysix-
A barbarware suit will be launched this fall and retail for $19. 99.
/Barware can be self-help
According to Mark Fisher of togodiner, buy and present.
Kiss 49 wake-up machine retail price is $. 99.
/Above: the new set configuration updates consumers' interest in this category.
This shooting suit is from Crystal Clear.
Top: pay attention to the popularity of wine
The WMF recently launched the wine pump, opening the bottle with a vacuum seal.
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