in cutthroat housing market, realtors get creative with elaborate closing gifts to win clients' loyalty - custom design wine glasses

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in cutthroat housing market, realtors get creative with elaborate closing gifts to win clients\' loyalty  -  custom design wine glasses
Every time Toronto real estate agent Mike Perry helps a client close the house, he puts some money on his own.
Sometimes he goes to the United States with former NHL star Bobby Hull and others to play hockey and drive a Ferrari near Toronto's upscale Yorkville.
His Other expenses include a large number of family murals, bringing ponies to a birthday party at the age of three
Acres of real estate, 1,000 bundles of flowers and $3,000 of Godiva chocolates are flown in from Europe.
But these are not my own.
A congratulatory gift from Donia
They were a gift from him to the client, thanking them for entrusting him to buy one of the biggest items of their life.
It also shows that some realtor's closing gifts have gone beyond the standard of indoor plants or wines and become more thoughtful, personalized, and sometimes, in the context of the real estate boom in Canada, luxury in the increasingly competitive customer competition.
"They have become more generous," said Nguyen on a phone call in Bangkok . ".
He's one in Asia-
Third place this year.
"The real estate market has become cruel.
A lot of people even cut their commission . . . . . . My feeling is if I take you and your son toToronto Maple)
Take you into the locker room like MasterCard. It’s priceless.
He did this because "I was poor since I was a child and I thought: as a child, what can someone do for me to make my position brighter ", his efforts reflected the inclusion of international buyers and some well-known names, but those with less deep customers
Or star.
Studded still says they see Realtors become creative By thanksyou trinkets.
They noticed a subscription to home appliances, signed sporting memorabilia, wine --of-the-
Month Club or double
Weekly reception boxes, watercolors or oil paintings and spa days for the purchase of the property are becoming more and more common.
Amanda Miller, real estate agent for Toronto Slavens and Associates, said she often contributes to children's charities or non-children's charities
Profits and careers are precious to her clients.
When the client mentions the future renovations they plan for their new home, their hobbies or what their children like, she also pays special attention to the idea that they can lend their gift cards.
"I really work very hard to get to know the customer very well," she said . ".
"You don't want to give the client a huge gift or another one.
I think that's why Realtors are trying to keep their personal privacy.
If you personalize something, you can't compare it with a price tag on it.
"Sometimes Miller's gift is not something her client can take apart but still be able to pack a lot of value.
For example, she used to work with a client who thought the client's apartment needed to be staged, but that was not within the budget of the woman.
Miller took out cash as a gift to the client and said the money was paid off when the woman got the highest selling price for the building community she lived in.
Most real estate associations across the country say they don't know what rules prevent homeowners from accepting gifts from realtors, but some warn that it should be made clear that the gift is not a referral fee, this may violate the legislative or professional standards of some provinces.
Realtors say they see gifts as an extension of their relationship with their clients, which typically lasts a few years after they get their payslips. Halifax-
Sandra Pike, real estate agent
Ending the gift used to be a gift card, but in recent years she decided to "strengthen my game" and start giving Tiffany and Co.
A glass with a bottle of champagne.
"We don't have Tiffany here, so it's a big deal," she said . ".
"Not only did they see a sign for sale on the lawn, but they walked into the kitchen and saw the gift on the counter, which was very important.
"She has heard of other people throwing housewarming parties for clients and paying for them, or having them spend an afternoon cruise along the Atlantic coast, but there are also some who skip the gift delivery.
Those who don't indulge missed the big picture, she said.
"We work with these people to develop relationships," she said . " She pointed out that the real estate industry is an industry where a single transaction will net thousands of pounds of commission for agents and potential more customersVancouver-
Jerome Deis, a real estate agent, said that in a competitive real estate environment, customers have a lot of choices and appreciation is particularly important.
He said that he had heard of real estate agent nixing closing gifts, but visited customers many times throughout the year with smaller gifts, such as grills or sauces before and after the summer to stay aheadof-
Think for customers
Others gave up their gifts and reduced their compensation in sales, hoping it would have a lasting impact as they recognized the importance of customer loyalty.
"If you are in a relationship with them, you will get the business and any referrals from them," Deis said . ".
"If you have a customer, you want to catch them and hope to stick to it for a lifetime.
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