if you have the green, masters treasure is now a click away - coffee mug & tumbler

by:Koodee      2019-07-29
if you have the green, masters treasure is now a click away  -  coffee mug & tumbler
AUGUSTA, Ga. (Reuters)-
Once upon a time, getting the master's merchandise was almost as difficult and valuable as winning a green jacket.
There is still only one place in the world where the official master souvenir can be purchased, which is the Augusta National Museum in Harrods --
Like the merchandise store, which is only open at Master Week, from dawn to dusk, 64 cash registers are managed by a smiling uniform.
There is only one chance.
Entering the store means having to get the Masters badge first, one of the most coveted and hardest tickets in all sports.
In the first round of trading on Thursday, the resale site costs up to $7500.
However, there is no longer a need to stand in the long line with hundreds of other souvenir hunters, as the people in line meander through the maze-like lanes, which will compete with any major airport security check area.
Mobile phone now (
Spectators are prohibited from watching Augusta National Park)and a no-price-is-too-
High profile, you can also have a master green polo shirt with an iconic yellow silhouette logo --
You don't even have to leave your couch.
A Master Cup, dog bowl or crystal glasses are all just a click or two, as the aggressive website bypassing the monopoly of the Augusta State provides everything you can access the merchandise store at an excessive price. Sites like www. mmogolf. com and www. golfshopplus.
Com will accept your order and have people from Augusta National Park fill it out on site to guarantee that your purchase is an official item with a label.
Aaron Behar, owner of Wwwmmogolf.
Com, describes the operation as a "professional shopping service ".
Highly protected members of Augusta National Park may call it different, but for more than 10 years, the two have worked in peace
Unlike the ongoing problems with clubs and scalpers and resale sites.
"We are a shopping service company and I would like to make it clear that we have nothing to do with Augusta nationar," Behar told Reuters . ".
"We only provide services and access to goods for individuals and corporate customers.
"We do this for many tournaments, but Masters is a very unique product that you can only get when you are there.
"We are just a shopping service.
"Not surprisingly, the goods at Augusta National Park are quite attractive.
Like most customers, Bahr gets tickets from the resale site and his price is also rising as his costs rise.
A golf shirt costs $95 at the store, $230 at the resale shopping site, and $35
The shirt costs $60 and the $15 green coffee cup inside Augusta costs $60.
While Bahr has turned the resale of master merchandise into a business, there are many freelancers who want to profit from this iconic brand.
On Kijiji and eBay, you can find everything you take out of the bin for $3, from Master Golf to frosted plastic beer cups. 99.
If you're going to have a master party, godbailey.
Com will bring the famous Augusta Pimento cheese sandwich and two-
Pounds worth $59.
Like the Augusta National Club, the club does not discuss the issue of money.
It would be inappropriate for one of the world's most unique organizations, but some golf industry experts estimate that the store's revenue is between $35
Sales of 45 million.
Everyone who goes through the Augusta gate has to go through the store on the way to the first T-shirt, and few people can complete the journey without taking out their credit cards.
While the secondary market for master merchandise is growing, the vast majority of purchases are still purchased by golf fans who just want souvenirs of their bucket list achievements.
Bill Humberson waited for 30 years in the Masters draw to get the chance to take part in the golf first professional race and by putting three shirts, the hats of the grandchildren, a flag and
Four men said they dropped about $2,100 for gifts for children and friendsand themselves.
Of course, they hid 20 hats in shopping bags with enough gear to move around.
Another tourist with T-
Shirts, hats, flags, magnets, and cups, regardless of the final cost.
"It was the only time my husband didn't complain about spending money," said Humberson's daughter, Jamaya, painfully.
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