'i love it here' - pmb dump site resident - plastic drink container with tap

by:Koodee      2019-08-21
\'i love it here\' -  pmb dump site resident  -  plastic drink container with tap
"Some people may call it Gomorrah, but this is our home," said Joseph mrambo . ".
According to GroundUp, three years ago he joined the ranks of more than 50 families who lived by the Msunduzi River opposite the New England municipal landfill site in pitmaritz Fort.
Their home is made of dirt, cardboard and tent materials, surrounded by trees and long grass.
"I like it here.
I don't want to move.
We call this place "forest ".
People use candles without electricity.
They took water from a faucet a kilometer away.
Naked children can be seen playing when grounvisited visits.
Some men and women drink beer in a small house called the tavern.
Read: unsupervised children eat rotten food at the illegal Mbombela dump "we will call the police if we need them.
The police know we live here.
The city government never threatened to expel us.
We don't bother anyone.
We won't steal anything from anyone.
"We walked to the dump to buy groceries," a resident told GroundUp . ".
Mlambo called the dump "our company ".
"We pick our items from the dump and sell them . . . . . . No one takes a taxi.
There is no need to worry about shipping money.
We have become a small community of mutual understanding.
"Almost everyone knows," says Mlambo . ".
He collects and sells plastic containers and cartons.
He can make up the R2 000 in two weeks, far more than the income he earned from working for a construction company in Lesotho.
His mother and his four. month-
The old son lives with him.
He visited his other family members in Lesotho during the holidays of December.
Residents Portia Lombo said the trees took away the bad smell.
She and her partner are also pickers.
Lombok's partner built two of them.
Rent home from the materials collected at the dump.
"We work shifts.
My partner is resting during the day. We take turns.
When I came back, he went to work late.
We took food from the dump.
Groceries are the least important problem for us. the community]
There are children born here.
They eat whatever we eat.
"Most of them are too young to go to school," Lombo said . ".
"I came in 2016.
This is not a good place, but we are used to it.
We must survive and support our families.
"I am Sotho, but I have learned Zulu," Lombo said . ".
'Because they can't cross the river, it's a problem to rain, 'Mlambo said.
"Apart from that, we are fine here," he said . ".
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