how to paint wine glasses or other glassware - glass wine glasses

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how to paint wine glasses or other glassware  -  glass wine glasses
Instead of paying the company to Customize wine glasses and other glassware, personalize your own work with paint.
Stripes, dots, single Gram and handmade
Even the most basic glassware will be drawn as gifts or custom household items.
If you draw on the glassware you plan to use, limit the paint to the outside of the glass and stay away from the edges so that it does not touch the lips or drinks;
Paint is not for food. safe or edible.
Wash the glassware with warm soapy water, just like you are the hand
Wash your usual glass
If Glass items contain sticker residues that you can't easily remove with your nails, soak them for a while.
After soaking the glass, scrape the residue again with your nails to remove it completely.
Dry the glass with cotton woolfree cloth;
Then wipe the area you plan to paint with a soft cloth stained with alcohol to remove fingerprints or greasy residues.
To prevent more fingerprints on the glass, try not to touch the area you want to draw, or put on cotton gloves to solve potential problems.
If you plan to paint on glassware occasionally, a durable finish is the key.
Enamel process paint, permanent glass paint and oil-
All paint marks are based on a thorough-cleaned glass. For a stained-
Glass effect, choose translucent glass paint;
Otherwise, pick opaque paint for a more solid, vivid drawing design.
Enamel craft paint and glass paint can be applied with a brush while using paint marks, if drawn on paper with regular permanent marks, you can draw a lot on the glass.
No matter which type of paint you use, be careful when dealing with glass items immediately after;
Otherwise, you may apply your design before the paint dries.
Be sure to read the curing instructions for the paint product of your choice before purchasing to make sure it meets your needs and expectations.
Painting glassware need to be heated or cured for a long time before using glassware;
Some glass paint takes 48 hours of curing time, while others may take weeks.
In some cases, baking glassware will solidify the paint into a hard, durable surface, which is safe for the hands
Washing machine and dishwasher.
When the oven cools, place the glassware on the biscuit plate of the oven;
Then heat the oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit or the recommended temperature on the face bottle.
Bake the glass for 30 minutes or on the paint bottle as recommended;
Then let it cool in the oven.
Do not clean or use glassware for a few days after that.
If the paint recommended for different baking is used, please select the lowest temperature and the shortest time.
Create simple designs, such as stripes or Chevy, using narrow strip painter tape to create boundaries for paint.
Turn the thin strip into a zebra crossing, carve a wavy line on both sides of each strip, peel off the excess strip, revealing a slight irregular edge of the paint.
Make your own template with contact paper or removable wall stickers.
Use contact paper and crop your design with a craft knife.
Apply any stick
Prevent bubbles by carefully smoothing the material.
If the painting design is FreeHand, draw the idea of the actual size on the paper;
Then place the paper inside the glass and align the image so you can "track" it on the outside of the Glass project.
Place beverage glasses or glass vases sideways in a dry bean or rice tray to prevent fatigue or awkward, uncomfortable hand positioning when drawing a large number of detailed images.
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