how to make the most of your disney trip-- be it land, sea or air - cheap plastic drink bottles

by:Koodee      2019-08-22
how to make the most of your disney trip-- be it land, sea or air  -  cheap plastic drink bottles
As Disney's new sights, dining options and fans head to gaga's Star Wars: The Force Awakens--
I got a lot of questions about the Disney trip recently, so I wanted to answer some questions here.
But first of all, here's a new idea.
Southern California Disneyland plans to build 14-
The land of the Star Wars theme of Acre, though it may be open until 2017 (
Disney has not announced the official date yet).
But there are also some movies.
Attractions and people in the park, including meetingsand-
Say hello to dark force fighters Kylo Ren, Chewbacca and Boba Fett. For non-
Star Wars fans, the 60 th anniversary of the park continues.
The big anniversary party at Disneyland will continue.
Fireworks, parades, etc.
Disney World in Orlando, you can go through 3D, motion-
Simulate a Galaxy flight or watch a movie-
Star Wars, which opened at Disney's Hollywood studio late last year, launched Bay-themed fireworks.
Or eat your way through Re
Imagine new restaurants, shops and more in Downtown Disney in Orlando.
For more new features, check out the specific sites of Disneyland and Disney World.
But check out the new fare before you go.
Disney World: 10-year-old Magic Kingdom tickets are now $105 and 3-year-old tickets are $999.
At Disneyland, adult tickets are $99 and children's tickets are $93, but the elite annual pass is now $1,049.
One of the good news is that the price of park tickets has dropped (per day)
Long stay.
Disney cruise tours continue to receive praise from tourists looking for their families-
Family activities and some adult time.
Its two largest fleets, Disney's fantasy and Disney's fantasy, have also caused Star Wars fever.
Fans can spend a Star Wars Day at Sea
On April, Disney Fantasy's West Caribbean flight started eight times from the port of Canaveral, Florida, and held a long celebration.
But Disney cruises travel the world. (
See the destination here. )
The best way to fly where to get the cheapest flight is to compare the ticket prices of various airlines on the ticket comparison website.
Reason: The price is always the best without an airline. --
Disneyland: direct flight to Orlando (MCO)
But if you feel frugal, check out the price in Tampa (TPA);
It's about 80 miles away, but it's probably a lot cheaper. --
Disneyland: There are several options for this park.
Airports in orange/Santa Ana (SNA)
Recently, but flew into a major hub near the Los Angeles International Center (LAX)
It usually means cheaper fares.
The other may be long beach, the focus city of JetBlue (LGB)
This is often a good deal for people in Western countries. --
Cruises: port of departure includes Galveston, Miami, New York, Port Canaveral, San Diego, San Juan (Puerto Rico)
Barcelona, Copenhagen, Dover (England)and Vancouver.
You can often save money by adding a stop to your flight, so be sure to comparestops vs.
The necessities of Park survival: Don't forget to bring sunscreen, water and rain gear.
Southern California can become uncomfortable in summer and fall, while Central Florida is brutal for most of the year, so use sunscreen and drink plenty of water.
Disney allows you to bring water bottles into the park and lift them up next to the water dispenser.
Don't let your Florida outing be interrupted by rain;
Buy a cheap plastic poncho before going to the park (We met. up, pocket-
Size around $5).
Drones and selfie sticks: don't even consider bringing them to Disney's property.
FastPass: This Disney service is free and you can queue up for rides and other attractions;
Find Fastpass kiosks near the rides.
Pre-order activities: Disney events including meeting and greeting characters
Sometimes days or even weeks ago)
So book early, not later.
Go to children's rides early: children don't seem to arrive at the park as early as others, so their rides tend to be less crowded first thing in the morning;
If you were-and-at-
They play children's amusement facilities in the first light.
Disney World covers 43 square miles, and while most of them include hotels and golf courses, we are talking about a wide range.
Disneyland is small, but in the park next door, Disney's California Adventure Park, it will look big.
Take a break once in a while, even if it's just a quick bite or sit in the shade.
Bring something signed: Don't let chebaka wait for you to show your old boarding pass or crumpled tissue.
There is also a pen on hand.
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