how to make color liquid for glass bottles - colored glass water bottles

by:Koodee      2019-08-29
how to make color liquid for glass bottles  -  colored glass water bottles
Color liquids in glass bottles and vases can make any design a beautiful focus.
Bottles of these colors can be displayed on bookcases, countertops and coffee tables.
It can also be decorated with silk flowers, colored marbles or beads.
Select the liquid to use.
If the glass is in an unstable position, choose something that is not easy to stain, such as water.
Use oil for a thicker, more sticky look.
Add edible pigments.
Add hot water or oil to the microwave until it warms up and starts adding edible pigments.
For oil, add a drop of edible pigment at a time and stir thoroughly before adding the next drop.
Eating pigments in the water can be added faster, but be sure to stop and stir frequently to evaluate your color.
Pour your colored liquid into the bottle. For small-
Bottle with funnel.
Add other decorative elements.
Marble and stones that add color can well offset your colored liquid.
For bottles displayed in the kitchen, consider suspending things such as plastic fruits, vegetables and herbs in liquid to increase visual interest and depth.
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