how to make a glass plate - colored glass water bottles

by:Koodee      2019-08-29
how to make a glass plate  -  colored glass water bottles
A method used to make a homemade glass plate is called the collapse method.
Slumping glass uses recycled glass objects, heat and molds to make unique and common glass plates.
Glass bottles, glass and broken glass are items used during the collapse.
The use of glass in several colors creates an interesting glass plate.
It is important to use glass of the same thickness and type, so when sliding the glass plate, the melting process is carried out evenly.
Wear safety glasses.
Put the color glass bottle into the large paper bag.
Close the top of the bag safely.
Place the bottle and bag on a flat surface and place the bag on the side.
Break the bottle in the bag into medium
The size of the glass.
Pour the contents of the bag on the paper tray.
Repeat the process with the remaining glass bottles.
Prepare sheet mold for slide.
Apply four to five layers of shelf primer on the surface of the mold.
Let the mold dry completely.
Generously cover the surface with broken glass.
Put the plate mold into the kiln.
Set the kiln to 1,350 degrees Fahrenheit.
Close the lid on the kiln.
Open the kiln.
The kiln is allowed to read 1,350 degrees Fahrenheit.
Observe the timer and close the kiln 5 to 7 minutes after the kiln reaches the set temperature.
Turn off the kiln.
Let the kiln cool completely before opening the lid.
Remove the plate mold.
Lift the glass plate carefully from the plate mold.
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