how to get more out of a bottle of champagne - glass wine glasses

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how to get more out of a bottle of champagne  -  glass wine glasses
As the chief winemaker of Champagne House G. H.
Mu diditier Mariotti has a different relationship with a drink, and most of us only turn to that drink when there is an important milestone to celebrate.
Since his internship in his hometown of meet and Fullerton in 1995 in Monterey, Switzerland, he has been producing quality sparkling wine in the Champagne area.
As the cellar owner of Mumm since 2006, Mariotti produces 8 to 9 million bottles of Mumm Cordon Rouge per year, as well as small batches of roses, vintage sparks and other luxurious cuvées
Mumm is the third largest Champagne producer after mo t & Chandon and Veuve clic.
There is no doubt that Mariotti's mission is to get Canadians to drink more champagne, not just on special occasions.
"Champagne is a reason to celebrate, but it is also a wine," explains Mariotti . ".
"You can enjoy the food at the restaurant or at home.
Not just to celebrate.
Champagne was very successful because you can drink it 24 hours a day.
"You can have breakfast.
It can be used as an aperitif or as a pre-meal wine.
You can have a whole night of champagne at a bar or club.
"Mumm has been a global success with its largest export markets in Australia and Japan.
With the provincial liquor board really starting to accept the brand, consumption is increasing in Canada.
Mariotti says his job is first to create this mixture for the brand Cordon Rouge, which celebrates its 140 anniversary this year.
He works with fruit from Mumm 218 hectares of vineyards and signs with growers to produce wine in a family style, which requires most of the pinot noir wines, represent the mixture of Cordon Rouge 45% and ros é cuvee of more than 50%.
Mariotta explained that the cordon was about fresh fruit.
"When you drink Cordon Rouge, you can taste the juicy flavor of the fruit, and for me, rose wine is a refreshing wine.
I want it to be crispy and tasty.
"The winemaker also has some ideas on how best to enjoy his champagne, suggesting that the traditional flute Cup is not the only option for serving sparkling wine.
"Champagne is a kind of wine," said Mariotti . "
"The temperature you use and the glass works.
"Everyone uses the flute for champagne, but that makes the bubble the most important attribute.
It's interesting to pour the same wine into different glasses --
Flute and bigger wine glass
So you will see the difference in taste and texture.
"Of course, the flute has a decorative element that is needed when it comes to their performance enhancements to blistering, but wine glasses help to enjoy the character and complexity of the wine.
"It's not really a problem, which is the best glass, but which one do you prefer," Mariotti said . ".
"Wine this week: Damn. H.
Mamcordon Rouge Brut Lance, ChampagneBC $ month. 99 (308056)| AB $60 (308056)| MB $63. 99 (380056)| ON $59. 95 (308056)
Winemaker Didier Mariotti works with the manor to grow and buy grapes from a variety of top wines
At champagne level vineyards, make base wines for this popular label.
It is usually a mixture of 45% pinot noir, 30% chardonnay and 25% pinot noir, adding more than 25% of old wines due to complexity.
The result is a dry, rich-flavored sparkling wine with a distinct citrus flavor and a clean and refreshing taste.
Drink in a traditional white wine cup and feel a richer flavor and flavor.
* 1/2 Napa brewed champagne marm prestige 24 caliiniabc $. 49 (265678)| AB $25 (741938)| MB $22. 49 (011700)| ON $25. 95 (217273)
Manufactured by Mumm in Napa Valley's California business unit, Brut Prestige offers a mature fruit-flavored core with a full creamy flavor.
This is a delicious champagne that works well during the meal.
Want to eat grilled chicken or white fish.
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