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how to exercise in the heat  -  glass water bottle companies
There is a guarantee when exercising in hot weather: you will sweat --a lot!
While walking outside is a refreshing way to mix your treadmill program, there are a few notes to keep in mind when the temperature starts to rise.
"Heat has a big impact on our fitness capabilities," explains Ashleigh Kast, a New York City-based coach and founder of cutting-edge power.
Respect this effect and reduce exercise to avoid heatstroke, sunburn and dehydration.
The best way to avoid these potential pitfalls is to be prepared.
Wearing the right clothes, keeping moisture and taking a walk at the best time will help make sure you are exercising successfully.
Michelle Lovett, a sports psychologist and trainer in Los Angeles, explains that temperatures tend to be more tolerable in the morning or later in the day because the sun is not directly overhead.
No matter when you go for a walk, always apply sunscreen, she adds.
If you have to exercise during the day, consider shortening your walking time to avoid overwork in hot weather.
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During your workout, experts from the American Sports Council recommend drinking 7 to 10 ounces of liquid every 10 to 20 minutes.
"Freeze a water bottle the night before and carry it with you," Lovitt said . ".
"It keeps you cool and hydrated while you're walking, especially when the ice melts.
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Lovitt explains that relative humidity plays an important role in how hot you feel when walking outdoors.
"Humidity affects the body's ability to cool down because sweat does not evaporate from the skin [quickly].
Therefore, the temperature feels much hotter than the temperature actually read.
When the temperature gets hot and you sweat (everywhere)
Blisters are a major problem.
There is also a big exercise.
"Wear a breathing and fitting shoe," explains Kast . ".
In addition to cooperation, materials should be considered.
She added that if possible, look for a ventilated mesh or lightweight fabric to avoid wearing leather sneakers.
It is natural to feel sweaty and tired when you exercise.
There is a reason why it is called "exercise.
However, when you exercise at high temperatures, it is important to try to find symptoms of exhaustion or dehydration.
Lindsay Clayton, New York coach and co-coach, explains that nausea, dry mouth, loss of color on the skin, confusion, dizziness or fainting are potential warning signals
The founder of the brave body project.
"If you sweat too much, light-
"You should take a walk indoors or shorten the walk time," she said . ".
Instead of going outside to record high
Mileage walking, designed to shorten speed exercise-
Walk every once in a while or on several sloping hills.
If you are doing a walking exercise and then a recovery period, please extend the rest time.
Kast recommends keeping work 1:1to-
A higher ratio of rest or rest time.
Related: exercise intensity and how to use it your tendency may be to be as bare as possible, but Kast explains that a shirt that can suck away the sweat and has some space, can be a temporary towel to wipe the sweat or dirt on the face, which is a better choice.
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