how to carry lunch food in a thermos - thermos vacuum insulated water bottle

by:Koodee      2019-07-22
how to carry lunch food in a thermos  -  thermos vacuum insulated water bottle
Many people are familiar with the use of thermos bottles for hot drinks such as coffee or cocoa, but many thermos bottles are specially designed for hot food.
Using a thermos adds to your choice of having lunch with you.
If you let the food sit in the morning, such as soup or baked beans, the food will become unsafe and if prepared properly, you can keep it hot and put it in a thermos bottle.
Lunch food is liquid or semi-liquid and works well in hot water bottles.
Dry food is not hot in the thermos bottle.
Like stews and peppers, the soup is a nice thermos lunch.
Pasta, Curry and casserole, made with a large amount of sauce, will also keep hot in the wellsealed thermos.
The food is ready to pour boiling water into the thermos before adding the food, let it sit for a few minutes, and then pour the water out.
At the same time, heat the food until it feels hot.
To ensure a uniform heat distribution, heat the food in the pot on the stove instead of using the microwave oven.
For safe storage in thermos bottles, food should be heated to at least 140 degrees F.
Once you pour the food into the bottle, tighten the lid so that the heat does not escape.
Thermos safety always starts with a clean thermos so your food is not contaminated with bacteria.
Heat up the food before you go to work or school so the food doesn't have to stay in the thermos more than necessary.
If the temperature of the food drops below 140 degrees Fahrenheit and lasts for more than two hours, there is a risk of forming harmful bacteria and is no longer safe to eat.
If you send the thermos to school with a young child, suggest she ask an adult to help open it so she doesn't burn herself with what's inside.
At the end of the day, clean up the food left in the thermos.
It is not safe to eat hot water bottle leftovers.
Rinse the hot water bottle with boiling water, then wash the hot water bottle by hand with soap and hot water.
Let the bottle dry completely before replacing the lid.
Unless your thermos is labeled as a dishwasher
Be safe and don't put in the dishwasher.
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