how blast-resistant clothing works - glass water serving bottle

by:Koodee      2019-08-27
how blast-resistant clothing works  -  glass water serving bottle
How the bomb explosion caused the bomb damage is basically some kind of shell or shell containing the explosive material.
The shell can be anything of steel.
Glass bottles or sealed wall shells-
Closing length of lead pipe.
It can even be as normal as a coffee can or a car.
Once the shell is penetrated by the power of the explosion, it will fragment outward, and each piece of the shell acts as a fatal projectile.
The explosive material inside the shell can be any type of high explosive such as TNT or Semtex. (
You can read more about how the bomb works. )
According to the point of the explosion impact, the bomb causes damage in several different ways.
These differences include blast waves, shock waves, crushing, heat and blast winds.
So what can you wear to protect yourself from explosions?
Find the answer in the next section.
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