how a wine glass can make your drink taste better - wine glass

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how a wine glass can make your drink taste better  -  wine glass
I have a lot of glasses in my apartment.
I bought it.
Spigerau, short zwessel and riddle.
Lead crystal, dington Crystal (
It sounds like an Auden "night car ");
Luigi bomilio's flute
Various shapes and sizes of John Lewis, Heal's and Habitat. And Baccarat. A Rolls-
Royce in glasses, Baccarat;
Its wine glass gives the wine a smooth, rich taste of purpur. For a price. (£64. Eeek! )
Someone might say there's something wrong with my glass.
I call it hard work.
Looking for the perfect wine glass is my pursuit.
That said, you can pour any wine into a daily glass and expect it to be beautifully expressed on the nose and concentrate in your mouth.
This has almost never happened.
The opposite is true for many glasses: they drank a decent glass of wine and lost it. Literally.
You sniffed a little, hoping for a spine.
Almost nothing was found.
Or maybe it's a cloud sign of the smell of escape and the sense of disappointment.
The other wine glasses will twist the wine like the mirror in the playground, exaggerate the oak, or put pyrazine (
This is the taste of Acacia, with the taste of green tomatoes).
Everything is in the aroma, and so is the way wine is in your mouth.
A few years ago, during the tasting by the chef of crystal wine in daddington, I think I have found a close
Perfect tasting and wine glasses.
"The problem is," I said to Daniel Prima, a glass nerd and the owner of the Marylebone wine store, which sells a lot of wine, "20 each, which is too expensive.
Have a drink at the theater? Don't!
This week's wine: Victoria Moore's selection of red wine: the popularity of Roman domeneca Reagan wine has risen
Daniel twitched slightly. “Too expensive? ” Yes.
"But how much wine do you drink?
Because my argument is . . . . . . "I know, I know," I interrupted. “I know.
I say the same: it's better to spend a little more on a good glass of wine and a few less pounds on a bottle of wine, like from £ 9 to £ 7 as your experience with wine is better.
Because the glass is really very different.
"I stared at Daniel.
The chef's sommelier was too expensive because I broke too much.
Or rather, my friend did this: there were two people around me last time.
I bought them that morning to replace the broken pair at the previous dinner.
Daniel sighed and walked to a shelf in his shop, picked up a fragile, elegant, very expensive glass and dropped it on the floor. I wince.
Glass bounces.
Roll on the skirting board and keep it intact.
"Most of the glasses were broken when they were washed," he said . ".
"Don't wash your glasses when you have drunk.
Leave them until morning.
"The problem is that my friends clumsily bumped their glasses against the edge of the table and got into a bottleneck.
I can't afford to lose.
I need a cheaper option.
"The best way I 've come up with so far," I told Daniel to open my bag and take out my own glasses so we could taste some of his stuff, "John Lewis boutique wine 35 liters, four cups in a box, 30 cups.
I thought I liked this [
Riedel Vinum Cup].
I tested it.
Then I bought my own and it didn't look very good.
The top is too wide.
The wine smells too scattered.
Daniel nodded and with the nearby counter
Exactly as he hid.
It's also Riedel from the Vinum series, but it's called gourmet glass.
The bowl was a little higher than mine, so it gradually became thinner.
We tasted three different wines and several glasses.
The performance of each wine was so different and I was surprised again.
I try to get shortlisted at home to try further.
Very Stylish chef and sommelier glass looks like a spaceship that I 've never liked before, and its performance is really bad and makes me secretly happy.
The red color looks greener, harder, and the white color is more sour.
Later, I found that chef Dartington had more tasting than his own.
Riedel Gourmet cups are also good.
My own John Lewis is very reliable. Not as good (
Wine seems to be more scattered and less defined)
As a more expensive option, but I will definitely buy these again.
Chef and sommelier Oenologue White (£48/box of six)
Add it in the heat;
This makes the wine look harder and less luxurious than JL wine, which is good for clean white people and even more so for red.
But Daniel broke my heart.
He stole a Chardonnay glass without luster (£31)
To taste.
"The best white wine glasses in the store. Hand-
"The titanium Crystal was blown," he said.
It leaves a magical stardust on the nose for cheap suvion. Damn him.
I took two of them.
It turns out to be good for white and pink champagne without shine.
I just won't let them get close to my friends.
Wine I love this week Spanish Pasion de Bobal 2009 (13. 5%;
11 for Highbury merchants;
£ 11 Vagabond wine. 95;
Freshly squeezed wine. 99)
Can you get a less premium or fashion than the red color made by atiel reynamobar grapes?
Almost no, that's probably why it's such a cost-effective price: aromatic and gentle oaked.
Barossa, Australia, 2010 mixed White poachers (11. 5%, £4. Down 99 from 8.
99 when you buy two, Wei Feng)
A bargain for five dollars: roasted dirt, sharp lime juice, focus, refreshing.
2010 France (France)12. 5%, M&S, £7. 99).
This is a classic bright, light, avant-garde red wine with a slightly cooler taste.
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