how a man's message in a bottle met a kindred spirit miles away - the best glass water bottle

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how a man\'s message in a bottle met a kindred spirit miles away  -  the best glass water bottle
A few years ago, mysterious green bottles began to be washed off the coast of New England.
Everyone contains information from Ken Baker, a crane operator who lives in the quality center.
So far Baker has thrown 223 of these bottles into the Atlantic Ocean.
Baker's bottle tour begins in his basement.
They started in 2012 when his wife bought several bottles of San Pellegrino water.
"I used to wash them a lot, wash them, and put them on the fence outside.
"I think my neighbors have for some time thought I was an avid alcoholic," he said . ".
The green glass reminded him of the pirates and the Drifters.
So he and his two teenage children sent a few lines of text in it.
Dumped the local embankment.
"I usually just jump on here and run along the pond.
"Sometimes I go down and you have to time the waves so you don't get wet," he said . ".
After the first bottles, Baker began to hear the sounds of strangers.
One is Rachel Collard, who lives in Cape Cod.
She found her bottle on the nearby beach.
With her husband Chris.
We went to our favorite beach.
We always try to pick up a bit of rubbish, so we will pick up that bottle anyway.
But Chris said, 'Oh my God, there's a message in it ,'.
Baker received an email from a kindergarten teacher, a National Guard, and a marine biologist.
Some bottles were rushed to Cape Cod, 50 miles east.
The two ended up in New York.
Someone even went to New Brunswick, Canada.
"It's hard for me to find a map from Canada to Long Island to get a needle in," he said . ".
From this month on, Baker needs a bigger map.
"On July 25, 2014, I threw the No. 79 bottle, which is the one to go to London, Ireland," he said . ". "It was Jan. 2.
"The kids go to the beach to sort out," says corm O'Grady, a car technician . ".
His son and nephew recently discovered a bottle from Baker and boarded the cover of the local newspaper.
"The information inside is written by Ken and Suzanne Baker from Mass situate.
"This is often referred to as the most Irish town in the United States," O'Grady said while reading the article . ".
The bakers are Irish. American.
"I think the bottle is home," Baker said . ".
O'Grady is a like-minded person.
The ocean is his nearest neighbor.
"I can hear the waters beating the coast.
"When I look out now, there are 11 miles of coastline, and that's where it comes from," he said . ".
He recently bought his first smartphone.
He used it to email Baker.
They are pen pals now.
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