housewares: sip in style - custom stemless wine glasses

by:Koodee      2019-07-25
housewares: sip in style  -  custom stemless wine glasses
Thanks to last week's Vancouver International Wine Festival and the many quality wines we 've tasted there, we 've been thinking about wine lately.
Yes, even more than usual.
Last week we collected the basic gadgets that every wine lover should have.
This week we will focus on the basics of another oenophile: glasses.
If you have a non-matching glassware mix in your kitchen cabinet, you may want to strengthen your sip game.
This is the glasses you should stock.
We drank red wine and white wine until we were in our 1980 s.
Then George Riddle introduced his breed.
For specific glasses, we can imagine that every wine has glasses.
These glasses are designed to enhance the aroma, flavor and texture of specific grapes.
If you like Chardonnay, have a drink.
If Bordeaux is your dish, have a drink too.
If you are swept by all the beautiful Barolos on the wine festival, you will want to invest in this Riedel Veritas New World Noir/Nebbiolo glass.
Riedel Veritas, $85 for two sets | thebay.
Whether you're planning a spring garden party or looking for that party --of-a-
These beautiful dryless glasses are the gifts you want.
Made by LK custom works in Virginia, they are handmade
Drew a Zen
Just like cherry blossoms, it captures the essence of Vancouver's spring. (
There are other designs. )
This is what we call romance in glass.
LK custom works, $40. 35 each | etsy.
Worldwide, most wines are actually consumed from wine glasses.
After all, the dry glassware is leisure and interesting;
Patio parties, clumsy guests and kitchen cabinets are also practical.
Trudeau kitchenware by adding a simple-
Leading grip design
Free Crystal Azzura collection.
Pizza wine perfect for working days. Trudeau, $23.
99 a group of four | Trudeau.
Sometimes only the best and most beautiful crystal glassware can do it.
So, Walter.
The lysmore collection is the next generation of classic diamonds-and wedge-
Glass Ware at chevo fridermore.
Its walls are thinner, its stems are thinner, its patterns are more restrained, it looks more modern and it feels more comfortable.
In addition, this wine glass is designed to enhance the flavor and aroma of your favorite wine.
We have to drink to that.
Watford driesmore essence, $100 per model | atkinsonsofvancouver.
You may not want to pay a fine of $50 if you entertain regularlya-
Put your glass in your party. hardy buddies.
But you still want to offer wine with something better than a single cup.
Fortunately, there are plenty of stem and stem-free wine glasses to choose from, such as the stylish Ivrig collection. The price means you won't cry if your college roommate loses one on the terrace sidewalk.
Unless, of course, Bordeaux was everywhere. Ikea, $1. 49 to $2. 99 each | ikea.
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