households will be 'paid' to return empty drink cans - empty plastic drinking bottles

by:Koodee      2019-08-21
households will be \'paid\' to return empty drink cans  -  empty plastic drinking bottles
Under a pilot program, families will be paid for the return of containers for aluminum and plastic beverages.
But Dennis Norton, the environment minister, opposes the national Rolling plan.
Deposit and return plan (DRS)
Because he said he hasn't calculated the cost yet.
The Green Party's waste reduction Act proposes to charge the manufacturer of plastic bottles and aluminum beverage cans 1c for each item on the market, and consumers are expected to pay a deposit of 15c when purchasing drinks.
The producer's money will be used to fund the program, while the consumer will receive a refund when the cans or bottles are properly disposed.
The Greens said there are similar systems in Germany, France, the United States and Australia, which will help to increase the recovery rate while also producing high recovery rates
Quality waste, which will get a premium in the market.
But the minister objected to DRS because the cost of establishing and operating a plan was not known, with estimates ranging from 120 euros to euros.
He proposed to set up a pilot project in Cashel, Co Tipperary, which would help to assess whether it would help to change consumer behavior
The collection rate of household recycling will not be affected nationwide.
A site is being identified.
He also wants to amend the Green party bill to give him discretion.
Not enforcement.
After the completion of the study, introduce a plan.
However, the amendment failed to receive sufficient support at the další Environmental Committee, which means that if the bill is passed, DRS will become mandatory.
Last night, the minister stated that "implementation of the deposit plan without proper review and use of evidence-based methods" was "financially reckless ".
"According to the figures submitted to the Commission, the increase in household recycling is likely to be as low as 1 pc," he said . ".
But Green Party leader Eamon Ryan says the seriousness of the problem means action needs to be taken now.
"The minister said he wanted to do this, but it has implications and more analysis is needed," he said . ".
"In my opinion, I think the pilot program is too small.
Doing it piecemeal is not the scale we want.
"The government does not object to other measures in the Green party bill, including banning single people
The use of plastic includes straws and cutlery, as well as a possible charge for disposable coffee cups.
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