home decoration : dressing up a table in victoriana - colored glass water bottles

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home decoration : dressing up a table in victoriana  -  colored glass water bottles
In the Victorian era, the elegant dresser is a symbol of cultural and elegant life.
While modern plumbing and appliances have reduced the need for a dresser, many are still attracted by the elegance and style represented by Victorian clothing.
Handmade Lace runner-up
Victoria needs to hold mirrors, porcelain pitchers and vanity bowls.
Fuller ton is a shop with antiques and collectibles.
"The idea is to create a peaceful, beautiful environment," said owner Donna Baker . ".
"The women who make the dresser do this not because it is practical, but because they like the look and feel of it.
While many people mix and match items of different ages and styles, Victorian items have always been popular.
"The items on the dresser she sells include powder cans for body powder.
These jars are usually made of sterling silver, crystal, cut glass, or so-called Foursquare plates, meaning they are brushed in silver
Board four times, create a pewter-like look.
Combs and brushes are also other necessities, although they don't necessarily need to be matched, as Baker points out.
Most women also have a "hair receiver" on their desks ".
"When women brush their hair, they remove the excess hair from the brush or comb and put it in the transceiver," Baker said . ".
"They made a 'rat with this hair, 'and later made a pouf with their hair.
"Today, most hair receivers shaped like small, partially covered bowls are used to hold cotton balls, bath beads, or other small items.
Nail kit made of "French Ivory (
Actually the predecessor of today's plastic)
It may have been found on these tables, as well as family photos (
Often in silver frame)
As well as a liner jewelry box for storing hair accessories or special small boxes.
Most dressers are also equipped with hurricane or kerosene lamps, which are still popular today despite the electricity. "Hand-
"Painting kerosene lamps is very popular," Baker said . ".
"It doesn't matter that they are no longer practical.
People choose them to create a look or feel.
Most people try to replicate the look they see in magazines, or they are looking for something that will remind them of their family.
"Usually, women will remember the nebulizer or brush of their mother or grandmother, and once they see it, they will want it because of the memory associated with it.
"Sugar cans and small cans have also found ways to make up the table.
"Of course, these items, although Victorian, were not used on the dresser at the time," Baker said . ".
"But today, many people use sugar bottles as talcum powder, and small sugar bowls or glass cans are often used for jewelry, pottery or other small items.
Although they are not used on the dresser, they enhance the overall look of the table.
"Purple soap leaves, candle holders, glasses and wine glasses, and bottles filled with lavender water are often found today on women's dressers.
"I like to use the smell that was popular at the time: Heather, Rose, clove," Baker said . ".
"The Cologne of that day should be lavender water or rose water.
The petals of these flowers are taken down and pressed into the liquid.
"Perfume bottles and nebulizers made of colored glass are used to place the fragrant water on the dresser.
"I also have customers who have attached copy postcards of this era to mirrors or photo frames to complement the look," Baker said . ".
"There is really no difficulty --and-
The rules are fast again.
You can use anything that looks good.
"Although it is not common, men's supplies are also available.
Mirrors, shaving brushes, nail buffers, and toothpaste clips are more masculine items.
"These are the stories of heir," Baker said . "
Almost everyone is commenting on them.
They are so unusual and cute that you just want to pick them up.
They seem to have a calming effect.
I think people buy items for the dresser because they want to feel good.
"Creating an elegant dresser is a treatment.
When you're dealing with a stressful job or a busy lifestyle, you can sit down and be nostalgic even if it's just a few minutes.
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