'high quality vintage': winemakers toast 2019 harvest - stainless steel water bottles

by:Koodee      2019-07-31
\'high quality vintage\': winemakers toast 2019 harvest  -  stainless steel water bottles
Some of them have been placed in the bottles of the bar, on the shelves of the bottle shop, while more are placed in stainless steel tanks of wineries across the country.
Wine lovers who love white wines can already taste the first batch of 2019 Australian wines as some of them are already on the market.
But those who like the Reds have to wait a while before celebrating the first product of the latest harvest.
The comprehensive data on 2019 Australian wines will not be released until next month, but the Australian wine industry expects sales to decline from last year, mainly due to the drying conditions and high temperature in the growing season of some major wine producing areas.
The output of wine grapes in 2019 was about 1.
Tony bataglin, chief executive officer of the Australian Grape and Wine Company, said the company produced 65 million tons of grapes and wine.
This will drop 1 from last year's production.
79 million tons, but the decline is not expected to be as big as some feared earlier this year.
"This is an interesting year.
"It's going to drop last year, and that's no doubt," Battaglene said . ".
"The overall quality is good.
We do not have any problems with any disease caused by rain events.
"So we are looking for a very high quality wine, just a reduction in the quantity," he said . ".
Despite lower production, he believes that "everyone will get a little benefit from wine", the price of grapes rose last year, the demand for high-end wines is also rising, and exports to China are strong --
Australia's largest export marketstill rising. In a post-
ASX-harvest update at the end of April
Listed wine business Australian wine is one of the first wine companies to evaluate 2019 wines, which says extreme weather conditions have "cut" the improvement of its business.
The company told the market that it had crushed 83,000 tons of grapes from 2019 years, well below the expected crushing of 114,000 tons and 93,000 tons last year.
"This year's wine was severely affected by the frosts that occurred in some of our vineyards at the end of last year and the extreme heat of January and February.
At Adelaide Hills, our vineyard production has dropped by 51, and in Barossa, production has dropped by 48.
In the irrigation area, the total output dropped by 17 percentage points from last year, 25 percentage points lower than expected . "
The wine company said the grape production in its own and leased vineyards was 18 percentage points lower than last year, while the "third-party grower ton" fell by 24 percentage points.
But at the same time as production fell, the company's trading update showed strong growth in total sales last year, and sales in the UK and Europe increased by 19 percentage points by the end of the third quarter.
"At this stage, it is estimated that the crushing rate of the 2019 Australian wine industry has dropped at least at 2018 of the crushing rate.
"Although production has declined, early indications indicate that the quality is very good," McGugan added . ".
The Treasury Wine Estate, Australia's largest wine company, said it was a "very strong and high
Premium Luxury wine ", the intake of luxury wine increased by about 10 compared to the previous year.
McGugan's comments on the quality of 2019 wines were echoed by the different winemakers interviewed this week by time and the Sydney Morning Herald, who said, smaller overall year does not mean less flavor or quality.
When the cost of water is high, dry conditions and heat increase the demand for irrigation water, but dry and lack of wet weather eliminates the threat of disease.
However, due to the heat and lack of rainfall, a large demand for irrigation is also accompanied by a large amount of pumping costs.
Australian Wine chief executive Andreas Clark said that while wine production has declined in some regions, particularly in South Australia, the actual impact on total output "will not be as significant as the 20 cents quoted by Australian wine ".
"In general, everyone will definitely like more grapes and wine, so the whole market is short and people will like it a bit more," he said . " It is difficult to say what impact 2019 wine will have on the profitability of wine producers, he added.
"People have been reporting to me that they have a good business and a good return. I'm optimistic.
"It's always a balance to get the right supply to meet the market demand," he said . ".
The Brown family wine group grows and obtains grapes from all over Victoria and the state of tazhou.
It has been brewing in the north.
East Victoria since the 1880 s
Joel Tilbrook, the group's chief winemaker, said the temperatures were higher in January but slowed down from February.
High temperatures make it very important to fully water and manage the vine canopy.
"You need to be careful if you have a lot of heat around you. . .
So make sure you are healthy (vine)
Canopy and appropriate blade coverage.
"You need to have a bigger canopy in a warm climate," he said . ".
But with the exception of the high temperature of January, it was a very good growing season for the Brown family and "brought very high quality results," he said.
"We just finished our annual post a few weeks ago-
Vintage classified tasting, we are very satisfied with the overall quality.
"The color and taste of red wine are very strong," he said . ".
Australian wine companies have more tools to fight the heat than watering and managing the vineyards canopy.
Last summer, one way the winemaker repelled the heat was to apply a special clay product to a bunch of grapes and leaves, mixed with water.
This product, known as caolin, can protect against sunburn.
According to the winemaker, it can also reduce the temperature of the grapes and the ambient temperature below the vines.
"It's an inert clay that we can put on.
It just covers a bunch and a few leaves and a bunch of things around it, "said Steve Webb, chief winemaker of the jalyad botolli wine.
The use of the product in the wine industry may be increasing, but the bigger trend seems to be that alcohol drinkers in Australia and abroad are increasing their consumption of procek.
"No matter what you do, you can sell," Webb said of proseck . ".
"Prosecco is a monster.
We are a bit behind the UK in Australia.
This is the biggest sparkling wine in Britain. they can't buy enough sparkling wine. (And)
"This is a huge growth," he said . "
De Bortoli winemaker said he was very satisfied with the 2019 wine of the prosecco grapes operated by the company in King Victoria Valley, but he believed that in the growing season, heat would reduce production.
Chris Tyrell, the fifth-generation winemaker from new state Hunter Valley Tyrell, said other trends in the Australian wine industry were also evident.
Australians are drinking more and more chardonnay wine, and they are increasingly choosing light red wine as food.
The trend, he says, is good for Hunter Valley.
"Chardonnay's sales will come back like you don't believe.
You can talk to any Chardonnay producer in any region and they will say that Chardonnay's sales are growing.
"The quality of chardonnay is better than ever," he said . ".
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