here's why canned and bottled soda taste different - glass water bottle with plastic outside

by:Koodee      2019-08-23
here\'s why canned and bottled soda taste different  -  glass water bottle with plastic outside
Now that the world can stop speculating about the Game of Thrones, we can ask more provocative questions.
For example, when you drink from a can of drink and a bottle of drink, why does the soda taste different
And there is no difference between plastic and glass bottles.
While soda makers say that whether soda is in a can or bottle, they use the same formula, it is undeniable that compared to drinking Coca-Cola from the bottle, drinking Coca-Cola from the jar tastes different.
Coca-Cola did not tell you one of the 10 secrets.
Sarah Risch, a food chemist, told Popular Science that the aluminum can has a polymer lining that absorbs the taste of some soda, which may make the taste more gentle.
Risch notes that if you drink soda from a plastic bottle, the taste of soda can be changed by some aldehyde transferred from the plastic to the drink.
Experts tell Business Insider that because glass bottles are basically inert, they will provide products that are very close to their original intention.
A chemist said that the metal flavor that some people noticed from the soda in the jar may have something to do with their sensitivity to the metal --
They are tasting cans, just like they put it on their lips, instead of the metal flavor that really exists in Coke.
Here are some things that happen to your body when you drink soda.
A researcher at Harvey Mudd College who studies taste tells Business Insider that other variables of taste are generated based on the sensitivity of someone's taste buds: Some people may produce very tiny
In addition, the way the product is stored may change the taste: light, temperature and time will also change the taste of your soda.
Eager for more interesting facts?
Check out the origin of your favorite 9 sodas.
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