here are 9 volcanic vineyards for wine tasting with a view - wine glass

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here are 9 volcanic vineyards for wine tasting with a view  -  wine glass
The volcanic vineyard is located on the slope of the geological gem of the Earth and has existed for a long time (
Some can be traced back thousands of years ago).
Hard-working wine dealers in these hot spots found grapes growing in minerals
The rich volcanic soil gives birth to the most delicious wine in the world.
Majestic Mountain View and big pot
Like caldras, the unique flavors make these wineries essential --
Check your itinerary to stop.
From the edge of Mount Etna to the cliffs of Santorini, there are nine wine tasting attractions.
Somlow, the HungarySeveral vineyard is surrounded by the lush slopes of a dead volcano, Mount hungary soms sommó.
Wine production in this region dates back to the 11 th century.
According to local legend, drinking somlow wine at the wedding can guarantee the income of the male heir, so it is called "Wedding Night wine ".
Visit the Tolnai family winery and guest house and revel in the native Hungarian variety
The body and elegance of the wine, but still have fruit and active flavors such as fur mint, olazrizlin, halazpinu and Juhfark. (
This is one of the most undervalued wine regions in Europe. )
Pico, the Azores, the Azores of Portugal, rose from the Atlantic Ocean to the volcanic island islands, nearly a thousand miles west of the Portuguese mainland, is considered a pioneer in sustainable tourism that protects its natural wonders and cultural heritage.
In 2004, Piko Island was listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO for its grapes.
Since the 15 th century, grape planting and wine making have been booming due to its minerals. laden soil.
Visit the Cooperativa vitivinola da Ilha do Pico in Madalena and taste the varieties of grapes such as Verdelho, Arinto and terren by traditional Azorean(
Explore Europe far away
Azores. )
The Santorini winery opened in the village of pilgos in 1992, but the wine production of Santorini dates back centuries.
Santo vint's wineries overlook the vast Santorini crater, creating a unique way of pruning grapes called koulura
The Vines lying down are woven into special baskets.
You can see pezoules in some areas (stone terraces)
Absorb the rain in the soil to the maximum extent.
Glass wine flights including Santorini Vincento and Allegri rose. (
Discover the best of Santorini. )
You can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Aegean Sea.
Linguaglossa, Sicily, Italy, was declared a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2013 as it is one of the most active and iconic volcanoes in the world, and Mount etner is West
The Gambino Winery is located on one side of the active volcano overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.
Visitors can enjoy 3,000 feet above sea level while tasting wines made from a full set of wines
Volcano terroir.
For example, Feu d bio Bianco is a delicious mixture of Grillo and Carricante grapes, while Feu d roso Rosso has a strong red-
The taste of fruit and the taste of licorice.
Match these wines with authentic Sicilian cuisine such as pasta norma and arancini di riso. (
See Italy's lesser-known sights listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site. )
The Big Island of Hawaii, the Big Island of Hawaii, and the Volcano National Park are home to two of the most active volcanoes in the world: kalauea and Monaro.
The fire Village Winery is located outside the park and recently reopened after the eruption of the klauria volcano in May 2018.
Apart from Christmas, volcanoes, open every day of the year
Located in the vineyard, it offers a tour of tasting its signature wines.
The tropical fruit is mixed with wine grapes to create unique flavors such as Hawaiian guava grapes, Australian Nut Honey wine and volcanic blush. (
Explore the top 10 attractions in Hawaii. )
Santa Cruz Tenerife, the beaches of Canary Islands in Spain, sunny weather and natural wonders attract tourists from all over the world.
El Sauzal is a small village in the northwest of Tenerife on Canary Islands.
Known for its Sierva de Dios Museum (
Pilgrims visit 400year-
Old body of Sister Maria de Jesus)
The village is also home to the Bodegas Monje winery on the Chinyero volcano on Tenerife.
The winery was built in 1956 and still has its original 60-year-Old oak barrels.
A private wine tasting can be arranged in the modern wine bucket lounge, where guests can taste labels including Tinto Monje, Tradicional and Tintilla. (
Incredible Mediterranean adventure. )Puget-ProvenceAlpes-Cote-
In an eye-catching 300-
Acre manor, 17-
Century castle at the beresplatt vineyard has existed for more than 2000 years.
The winery is located in the ancient wakendebeiliu basin, the only volcano in Provence, the last eruption more than 17 million years ago.
You can put 11-
Private guest rooms Castle, participate in truffle hunting, taste local cheese, and taste a variety of red, white and rose colors, including the coveted AOC Coteaux of Provence. (
Visit a UNESCO World Heritage site in France. )
Santorini, extracted from the floating stones on the edge of the cliffs of the Santorini crater, the Venetsanos winery is planted above the port of assinios, Greece.
Visit wineries and sample wines produced since 1947, as well as popular wines such as Liastos 2008, Anagallis 2016 or Mandilaria Venetsanos 2016.
Visitors can take the ferry to visit the nearby Fira settlement or Therasia Island.
Perissa Beach is only 7 miles from the port and is planted at the bottom of the statue-like Mount mesavano. (
Guided tour of the best places in Greece. )
Gran Canara, Spain Grand Canara Hoyos de Bandama winery is located in an inactive crater in Gran Canara, Canary Islands, Spain
Visitors can stroll around the crater, where there is also a hidden underground volcanic rock bunker that dates back to World War II.
Before leaving the sand pit, guests will taste some of the best wines of Bandama, including a dry white stove and a sweeter half-durer wine. (
The 20 islands are the dream of adventurers. )
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