help those less fortunate this holiday season with gifts that give back - custom stemless wine glasses

by:Koodee      2019-07-24
help those less fortunate this holiday season with gifts that give back  -  custom stemless wine glasses
As the holiday approaches, the last-
The minute shopping can make it easy for you to forget the true meaning of the season.
And, for those who feel the economic crisis, it's not always easy to donate to charity.
However, while helping a valuable career, there are also ways to buy cool gifts for your friends and family.
Kayleen Schaefer, editor of Women's Health, discussed how to "double" the holiday season with Fox News Health ".
"Holiday shopping can be tough, sometimes you don't know how to attract someone, and sometimes you really just want to help those in need," says Schaefer . ".
"So Women's Health organizes a gift guide where you can do both things at the same time.
Price of gold chandelier earrings and note cards for UNICEF: earrings, $15;
Note card, $10.
The sale of these gifts helps fund the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF)
Projects to save and protect the lives of children around the world, as well as 190 countries and regions they work.
They provide health care and immunization, clean water and sanitation, nutrition, education, emergency relief, etc.
Price of creme de corps moisturizer and body butter from Kiehl: $30 in partnership with New York
The artist, based in Kenny Scharf, is committed to creating these limited edition products to provide a safe, positive environment for children around the world. RxArt, a non-
Profit organization is committed to developing artistic expression and awareness of young patients in pediatric hospitals.
They provide a human and creative environment that helps relieve stress and anxiety while increasing appreciation for art.
Clarins feed 10 set for $40-
Size moisturiser, makeup primer and gloss booster in a lovely feed bag for the benefit of the FEED Foundation --
Provide food to people in need around the world.
Delicious healthy snacks and the price of the feedback cube: $43/box class works with Arianna Huffington, bobbi Brown and Grace Potter to help you enjoy the food in this way, at the same time, give back to each partner important charity. Each limited-
The Edition cube is custom designed and personally curated by Arianna, Bobbi or Grace.
The fund supports the Alzheimer's Association;
The world's leading Alzheimer's disease care and support voluntary health organization is also the largest private non-profit funder of Alzheimer's disease research.
Bobbi Brown: funding a new kitchen at Bloom Street College, a public charter high school that prepares a diploma for the most vulnerable young people in New York City.
Arianna Huffington: support the Committee for the Protection of Journalists, an organization that promotes global press freedom by defending the right of journalists to report on news without fear of retaliation.
Smile square toothbrush Price: $6. This is a great sock that will not only make the person you give happy, but also make the smile more brilliant.
For each toothbrush purchased, another toothbrush will be sent to the child in need.
The cost of the WEWOOD Watch: $120, $1990, the company has planted nearly 40 million trees and expanded their reach through the "global deforestation campaign" around the world
On 2012, the global launch of the US Forest company will begin.
Of the 33 projects in 10 states and 4 countries, 64 million trees help restore forests that are important for wildlife, clean water and carbon storage.
Every watch you buy, you are planting trees.
You can print a personalized WeWOOD donation certificate on behalf of yourself or your beloved oneMAXLOVE winter hat for: $28 a comfortable hat to keep warm and look cute and
MaxLove, a non-profit headwear company, is committed to ensuring that children struggling with cancer not only survive but thrive.
HIPTIPICO backpack Price: $50-
The mission of $80 is to support the creativity, ingenuity and passion of local artists in Guatemala.
Preserving Mayan culture and traditional customs is essential to Hiptipico's brand.
Hiptipico reinvests its profits in women's cooperatives, family shops and Maya craftsmen, which will naturally inject vitality into the local economy while creating access to foreign markets.
RIEDEL wine glass price: $ 79www. riedelwebstore.
ComThese pink dryless glasses are perfect for people who like to entertain, but they go beyond just holding your favorite spirit --
Buying these glasses will help support charitable foundations other than breast cancer.
For more information on these products, please check the current women's health issues.
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