healthy you healthy planet - cheap plastic drink bottles

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healthy you healthy planet  -  cheap plastic drink bottles
Healthy your healthy earth lifestyle plan looks great and feels great leaving a smaller ecological environmentfootprint. By Dr. Karen I.
Follow these basic guidelines strictly, stop eating forever, feel and look great, grow old gracefully and avoid taking prescription drugs.
Getting older is not necessarily equivalent to a large intake of obesity, heart disease, pain, and medicine.
The way we eat is not just to feel good;
Our diet has a great impact on the environment. (
This is because 7 billion of us want to eat, and we have more requirements for the Earth than she can give when we traditionally eat)
Why do you stick to these habits, including health, environment, and ethical reasons.
The food should be authentic, nutritious and tasty, not entertaining due to high fat content.
If we follow the advice in this grid, our entire health care system may be much cheaper.
We don't eat anymore. we eat too much. processed food-
Just like author Micheal Pollan likes to call it substance.
Fast food is a fast channel for obesity, heart disease, diabetes, arthritis and other diseases.
They also contribute to our waste logistics by adding organic matter to our watershed.
Also, able-
People who are in good health need to devote themselves to exercising.
5 hours a day.
Our bodies are used for activity.
Try sports that combine the east and west styles.
Use weightlifting, a variety of cardio, yoga, qigong and tai chi. (
Slow movements, quick movements, stretching, muscle building and meditation are all important)
Let the filtered water and herbal tea become the main way to keep moisture.
Avoiding bottled drinks can save the use and abuse of plastic bottles.
You will save money too!
Supplements and spices that can help an already healthy diet include: nutrient flakes rich in B vitamins, and if you want to limit fish, the flax seeds and cannabis seeds your body needs for Omega 3 (
I love fresh garlic, ginger, Tumeric, stingma made of iron, and the immune system booster, . )
Some of the most serious toxins
Only accumulated in animal tissue.
Dioxin is a substance concentrated in animal tissues and we get a certain dose when we consume them.
North Americans on a typical North American diet will receive 93% of dioxin from meat and dairy products, which are known carcinogens.
This was incorrect in the early days of the United States, but this was the case in the United States after World War II.
This means that even though organic meat is better, the toxic effects of organisms cannot be avoided. accumulation.
However, eating to avoid poison is not a substitute for trying to use our increasingly weakened political influence to stop the production of these toxins.
If you do not pay attention to the source of the food, you are destined to suffer from the failure of factory farming, including: mad cow disease, ecoli bacteria and other bacteria.
When you shop in a co-op, it's much easier to choose your farmop. A co-
The Op has a process to make sure it brings you the best products that support best farming practices and health.
If you care about the health of your local economy, it's also great to invest in your community by keeping local dollars.
When you buy big box stores to save a few dollars, they send the profits back to their base camp, which is usually eliminated if not in other countries.
Become a member of as many partners as possible
Ops you can afford to watch yourself save money at the end of the year when the profit is split.
Now, how many times have you taken a check from a big box grocery store?
Avoid this and why eating/drinking this benefit in favor of red meat and other meat foods (
Dioxin and other chemicals in the animal food chain)
Although many people ask you to eat lean meat, or tell you that we are genetically ready to eat it . . . . . . This is a calorie-intensive food, red meat is difficult for the environment and is associated with a high risk of heart disease into a space-saving nuclear power source for the atmosphere EA vegetarian diet.
Since fossil fuels need to produce 5 tons of carbon in your system to increase the unlimited amount of heat-free and cruel dioxin (
If you are not sensitive to gluten)
This is a high grade organic tofu with wheat bran. it tastes good and has high protein content. The heat baked with seasonings is low and put in soup and stir-fry. Low-fat protein ventilation products are caused by mucus, usually high in calories and fat.
Many chemicals, including growth hormone, enter milk processing.
Experience less respiratory disease feels good on a heat meter because you don't support an industry that is responsible for so much water and soil pollution3’s.
Looking for low sugar varieties, you can make delicious smoothies and whole wheat grains while avoiding the bad effects of dairy products.
Nutritious soda. .
You should drink something that is good for your body, which is bad for your bones and digestive system, and you will help to stop the need to make so many aluminum rain forests, these rainforests are cleaned up and there is so much to choose from for adding popEasy's fruit seasoning to your bones.
Sweetner, a natural plant (stevia)
Drinking 3 green drinks a day helps eliminate free radicals that weaken DNA and thus stay healthy. .
Processed foods, especially anything that contains high fructose corn syrup, avoid what is put in the box, the box is beautifully colored, your body does not need it, it's just a waste of sugar and salt that makes you feel sluggish and undernourished when traveling to choose the most complete food type raw bar, but avoiding them can save a lot of wasted packaged food, such as nuts, raw or slightly cooked vegetables, berries, organic fruits and local foods, it may be the real fuel of your body to avoid carcinogenic pesticides that help to promote organic farming methods wild plants, flour and sugar white, white bread, rice, potatoes, refined grains these are all inflammatory foods, it will make you prone to arthritis and extra calories, etc.
They have no fiber.
New research shows that they are the substance on which cancer depends.
The food will taste better and you will avoid many calories. You'll be looking for more fiber-intensive food, find sprouted bread/tortillas that don't use the brand of refined flussekiir, french grass because food is allowed you can still eat sandwiches without inflammatory factor artificial pigments and spices, your body does not know how to deal with them and may cause problems with the child's behavior, you will automatically avoid the kind of selection dessert that only adds unwanted calories to your diet.
When choosing a snack, it is made with dried fruit and low blood sugar agave syrup and coconut oil peach fresh berries on coconut yogurt, both sweet and nutritious.
You can eat dessert or dessert.
Fish avoid mercury on other chemicals in the lake.
All lakes in Minnesota have mercury warnings that fish are drying up due to excessive emissions
Due to our severe excessive demand
Population Problem
We often like predator fish that are not breeding fast enough to meet our needs!
Try tempreh, miso, other vegetarian protein products using cannabis seeds, cannabis butter and flax seeds to make sure you get Omega 3.
The same is true of saving birds because they are also caught and killed in the race for human food.
If you can't avoid fish, check out Audubon's Ocean Watch for the best fish.
Reference: vegetarian diet as prevention of chronic diseases: evidence supporting the new four food groups skerrie K
Sanders Facts: According to the United StatesS.
Environmental Protection Agency, pig, chicken, cattle waste, contaminated 35,000 miles of rivers in 22 states, and groundwater in 17 states --
Every year in the United StatesS.
25 million pounds of antibiotics ,(
About 70% of the U. S. economy. S.
Production of antibiotics)
Chickens, pigs and cattle used to promote non-therapeutic purposes such as growth are equivalent to 10 million of pigs, 11 million of poultry and 4 million of cattle.
-Alliance of Concerned Scientists, January. 9, 2001www. ucsusa.
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