health canada moves to restrict alcohol content in single-serve sugary drinks - glass containers with silicone sleeve

by:Koodee      2019-08-27
health canada moves to restrict alcohol content in single-serve sugary drinks  -  glass containers with silicone sleeve
Health Canada is taking action to limit high-sugar foods
It is reported that alcohol drinks like those used by Quebec teenagers who died last winter.
Federal agencies said
Service products are posing risks to public health, especially for young people.
It proposes that drinks no longer contain drinks equivalent to four servings of alcohol per can as before.
The new limit will be 1.
5 copies per can.
"These products appear to be a single alcoholic drink but contain up to four standard alcoholic beverages," Supriya Sharma, Health Canada's chief medical advisor, told reporters on Tuesday . ".
Drinking a glass of such wine "will allow most adults to exceed the statutory drinking limit of 180 pounds or less, posing a greater risk to young people," she said, the move was made after the death of Athena jevas in last March. The 14-year-
The old girl in Quebec was found in a stream behind the school.
Northern Montreal, a few days after being reported missing.
She allegedly drank a can or cans of drinks called fckdup and 11 cans.
568 alcohol, which was sold at a convenience store-
Ml cans for less than $4.
The company that produced the drink later stopped production.
Under the proposed rules, a new class of "flavored pure alcoholic beverages", namely, 568-was created-
Ml drinks will be capped at 4.
5 cents for alcohol. A 355-
Ml can contain up to 7.
473 alcohol and-
There can be up to 5 Ml containers. 4 per cent.
Health Canada said it would use 750-
Because these drinks are usually made in multiple servings, the ml is volume or higher.
Sharma said the packaging and marketing of these products are designed to attract young consumers and have a clear impact on health.
"The study also shows that these products play a role in alcohol-related inpatient treatment among young people," she said . ".
Hubert Sisi, non-educational College, Quebec
Profits promoting responsible drinking said the new regulations were improvements to the existing vacuum, but he was disappointed that the government had not taken a stronger stance. “After 9-
After 1/2 months of consultation, we could have expected a better draft charter . "
A simpler solution, he said, would be to limit the alcohol content in each can to a standard drink.
Authorities should also address the problem of sweet drinks covering up the taste of alcohol, he said.
The proposed amendment to the Food and Drug Regulations will be published in the Canadian Gazette on Saturday and will be subject to 45 days of consultation until February. 5.
These rules may come into force in the spring of 2019.
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