he pretended his valentine's date stood him up at outback steakhouse. strangers picked up his tab - wine glass

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he pretended his valentine\'s date stood him up at outback steakhouse. strangers picked up his tab  -  wine glass
WASHINGTON-In the middle of Valentine's Day, Stephen Bonser suddenly thought of an idea.
"If I go to the inland steakhouse alone tonight and ask for a table for 2 people, then I will be more and more sad as the night continues, do you think they will give me steak for free?
Bonser, 27, who sells technology, asked hundreds of Twitter followers.
His sister encouraged him to tell him that she would pay his meal on Thursday if the restaurant did not pay.
Three hours later, Bonser waited in front of the owner of the Outback Steakhouse in Arlington, Virginia, wearing a suit coat and buttons --
A gift with poor packaging.
"I think I'll get a free steak anyway," he said in an interview later that night . ".
"It is not financially irresponsible not to do so.
"The restaurant was packed with couples celebrating the festival, although Bonser called in advance to book the room and the owner told him that there would be 10-minute wait.
It doesn't matter, he replied, because his date said she was going to be late.
Once he sat at a booth next to the bar and his waiter came over to see if he wanted a drink while he was waiting.
Bonser recorded social experiments on Twitter in real time, ordering himself a beer and a cup of chardonnay, his favorite "date.
If I go to the Outback Steakhouse on my own tonight, ask for a table for 2 people, and then I get more and more sad as the night continues, do you think they will give me steak for free?
When no one appeared, Bonser began to lose hope.
He sipped his beer.
When the waiter walked out again, he took out his cell phone and pretended to leave a voice --
Email message: "I'm here and let me know when you're on the road. ”By 9:30 p. m.
He has finished a whole piece of free bread.
The people in the restaurant began to look at him with concern.
When the waiter brought more bread, Bonser was too lazy to cut it even before he stuffed it into his mouth.
It's been over an hour since he got here, and the kitchen is closing.
With a depressed expression on his face, Bonse knocked on chardonnay's bottle.
"No Glass is needed," he wrote on Twitter . ".
Without making any comments, his waiter carefully took away untouched wine glasses and empty bottles.
Bonser ordered a steak and a macaroni and cheese and watched the waiter say a few words to the bartender.
He then pretended to leave a stopped voicemail that everyone sitting around the bar could hear.
"So, the kitchen was closed in about a minute, so I had to order," he said during a long pause in pain . ".
"I don't think you will succeed. So . . . umm . . .
I think I'll talk to you later.
I hope everything goes well and everything goes well.
Well, so I guess, you know, text me or call me if you can.
Hope everything goes well. ”A rolled-
There was a set of silverware and a glass of ice water on the opposite side of his desk, creating a poor scene.
By then, Bonse had come up with a name for his absent girlfriend, Catherine.
"Catherine is a consultant to Deloitte," he wrote . "
"She lives in Arlington, so I chose this place.
We met at the grocery store.
We all bought a bag of shredded cheese.
She seems excited about our Valentine's Day date.
Bonther did not touch his steak when it came out.
The restaurant was closed, he told the Post, but about a dozen people were still sitting in the bar.
No one has said anything to him yet, but at some point in the evening everyone turned carefully to him.
The menu is missing, but my lonely lover lives in the form of water, silverware and a separate plate.
I named her Catherine.
He ate a few macaroni and cheese in frustration.
When a piece fell on the floor, he picked it up and ate it. By 10:30 p. m.
The check has not yet been shown and Bonser has spent nearly two hours waiting for a date that he does not exist.
Just as he began to think he might actually have to pay, a couple sitting in the bar stood up.
He said they looked "no less than 60 years old or so" and he felt it was not their first Valentine's Day in the interior.
On their way out, they stopped to tell him that they had paid for his meal.
"Hey, bud, we will deal with it," Bonse said . ".
"I'm sorry.
Don't let it down.
Bonser said on Twitter, "the waiter came to clean my desk when I left.
He put his hand on my shoulder and watched me die in my eyes, as a father was about to tell his son, Grandma, that he had died, and he said, "take care of yourself.
Don't let them down.
Bonser's mission was successful: without previous acting experience, he convinced other diners that he stood up on Valentine's Day.
As a "thank you", he donated $50 to the American Civil Liberties Union, thinking it was probably the price he paid for the anonymous couple.
"Otherwise," he told the Post, "I will run into some real bad business.
Within a few hours, thousands of people forwarded or liked Bonser's Twitter posts, and at least one woman volunteered to date him.
"Free steak for this cat . . . . . . . FO LIFE!
NFL Network host Cole Wright wrote that he thought it was the most interesting Twitter post ever.
Adam Rank, a fantasy football analyst at the NFL Network, also interjected: "I think you are the hero we don't deserve.
Others criticized him for wasting the waiter's time thinking he should tip more than $20 on the busiest night of the year.
Bonser said he tried to make sure he left a good tip for the guy who really seemed sad for him and responded with an impressive wit.
"The waiter is a rock star," he said . "
"He managed very well.
Banger said: "I also saw me in a suit and staring at a void on a bottle of white wine, and I knew it was very interesting for me in college, he once found himself at the other end of the equation: One night, while he was waiting for a table at the Chilley restaurant, he witnessed a man standing up on a date, he felt sorry for his dinner.
He said, "I told a lot about being the waiter . " He added that his inland attendant "now has this story in his arsenal.
"In retrospect, he admitted that the sullen man in the Chilley restaurant might have been lying all the time, hoping to get a free meal.
"At this point, he does a good job if he is pretending," he said . ". “He earned it.
Bonser says his motivation is to really love the Outback Steakhouse, and also because it seems to be an interesting challenge.
After all, he added that he did not have an appointment at night and that his plan previously included watching the old episodes of "Office.
"I also saw me in a suit and staring at the void on a bottle of white wine, and I knew it was very interesting for me," he said . ".
"If nothing else, I will always prepare for myself.
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