hate the grocery? these 3 companies deliver groceries without going to the store - glass water bottle companies

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hate the grocery? these 3 companies deliver groceries without going to the store  -  glass water bottle companies
If you are afraid of the operation of the supermarket, you are lucky. Same-
Daily grocery delivery services provided by Google, Instacart and Postmates are expanding to more cities across the country, offering everything from cereals to bottled water to toilet paper from nearby stores.
I tried these three services and they were faster, easier to use and more convenient than waiting in line at the checkout counter.
All three come from local stores and some large national chains such as Whole Foods, Costco and Target.
These services are different from more mature grocery delivery companies such as FreshDirect, Peapod, and AmazonFresh, because they don't actually sell groceries directly to you.
Google Shopping Express, Instacart and Postmates just send someone to the store near you.
It works like this: you choose what you want online or on the app, choose the delivery time, and the service will deliver the item to your door.
But convenience comes at a cost.
The cost of delivery may vary greatly.
Google and Instacart offer a flat price, while the cost of the post office depends on the distance of delivery.
You might want to tip the delivery guy.
All three companies say it's not necessary, but Instacart and Postmates allow you to add tips when shopping on the app or website.
In addition to the delivery cost, Instacart also charges an additional fee for the items in some stores it delivers.
This means that you will end up paying a lot more than you would if you went to the store to buy it yourself.
Another downside: delivery means you may miss a cheaper alternative to using a coupon or browsing through the store.
Orders do not always go as planned.
If an item is sold out, the delivery officer will call you and want to know what to do next.
Run an Internet search to see any coupon code before ordering.
I found that all three have discounts or free shipping.
Here's a measure of the service: Google's Shopping Express listed on Google's service matches the store it works.
This is because Google shares profits.
The biggest drawback is that the company has not yet shipped meat, fish, fruit and other perishable groceries, although it includes from stores that sell meat, fish, fruit and other perishable foods, including(
You need to have a member to order from Costco. )
Google says it is looking at ways to sell perishable foods in the future.
All the items I ordered were sold in the store and the packaging was good.
My Courier was packed in a bag with the Google Shopping Express logo, and my two bottles of soda were wrapped on paper and glued together with tape to prevent them from breaking.
The company offers TVs, flower pots, air conditioners and other items, not just groceries.
I ended up turning to Google Shopping Express again to buy the last one-
Father's Day gifts.
Delivery fee: $4.
99 per delivery.
Currently it offers 6-
Free delivery to new users for several months.
It plans to offer a membership plan for free shipping but has not given the price yet.
Delivery area: there are four cities in Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco and San Jose.
It also delivered overnight in parts of northern California.
For my first order with Instacart, I chose some items from whole foods.
I ordered clams and I was nervous.
I like to choose them myself to make sure they don't break or die.
But the two I ordered were intact.
Aditya Shah, Instacart manager, said the company's employees were trained to pick the freshest fruits, vegetables and other perishable foods.
Both of the things I want are sold out.
The delivery guy called to ask if I needed a replacement but I missed the call.
Instacart automatically removes two items that are not available from my bill.
I bought 5 items from Whole Foods at the same price as in the store.
This is not always the case.
When I compare the prices of Instacart in another local supermarket, they are more than in-store prices.
Instacart charges 67 extra for a container of cream cheese and 40 extra for a can of strawberry jelly.
This is because Instacart has something to do with some stores, which allows it to price these items exactly the same, Shah said.
You can expect higher prices for items that have nothing to do with store Instacart.
He declined to give details of the relationship, but said the company was working to get more stores to join.
One benefit: you can order from Costco even if you don't have membership in the warehouse club.
Delivery fee: 2-
$3 per hour. 99. One-
Delivery is $14 per hour. 99.
If you buy Instacart Plus membership for $99 a year, all two-
Free shipping over $35 per hour.
Delivery area: 10 cities available: Austin, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, Philadelphia, San Francisco, San Jose, Seattle and WashingtonC.
The service is the most personable.
After I placed the order through the app, I received a photo of the delivery officer and his phone number.
The bag I want is sold out.
But the delivery guy called to buy some from the store's deli.
A project is wrong.
I received a Greek yogurt with 2 cents of fat instead of the fat-free I wanted.
The company said it offered a refund in the case-by-
I can email the customer service.
I'm not bothered, it's the brand I want and it's not a big deal.
The deliveryman also sent me a photo of the receipt.
It turned out that yogurt and sausage were cheaper in the store than the Postmates app originally estimated, and the app charged me a lower price.
In addition to groceries, the company also delivers goods from local restaurants, pharmacies and even fast food restaurants.
Delivery fee: starting at $5, determined by distance.
In addition, a service fee of 9 cents is charged.
Delivery area: 7 cities in Austin, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Seattle and Washington offer delivery. C. ___ONLINE:—
Google Express shopping :-Instacart: —
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