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hardball with chris matthews, transcript 02/11/15  -  food jar
Chris Matthews, MSNBC host: The Power of war.
Let's play hard ball. Good evening.
I'm Chris Matthews from Washington.
Later today, President Obama blew the horn. He asked the U. S.
Congress approves what amounts to a declaration of war on ISIS terrorists, authorizing the use of military forces against Islamic State in Iraq and Lebanon.
Will Congress give him this mandate to go to war with ISIS?
Will pigeons believe in the language of war authorization to rule out "long-lasting offensive ground operations?
Will Hawks say this is too much to tie the president's hands and feet?
President Obama said he wants both parties to strongly support the war mandate against ISIS, but will the combined opposition of the dovish and Hawks reject his support?
What will happen to the enemy of the United States?
The White House's draft wording today says, "The President is authorized to use the US armed forces because the president considers it necessary and appropriate to combat ISIL or its associated personnel or forces.
However, as I said, it also sets some restrictions under the draft.
Citing "the power granted does not authorize the use of the US armed forces in a sustained offensive ground combat operation.
"This afternoon, the president elaborated on what this mandate is not, another war in Iraq or Afghanistan. Let`s listen. (
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President barack obama: the resolution we submitted today does not require the deployment of the United States. S.
Ground Combat Troops traveling to Iraq or Syria.
This is not a mandate for war on another site, such as Afghanistan or Iraq.
As I said before, I am sure the United States should not be dragged back to another long ground war in the Middle East.
It is not in our national security interests and there is no need for us to defeat ISIL.
Local local forces who know their country best have the ability to launch ground battles against ISIL, and that's what they're doing.
At the same time, the adoption of this resolution gives us the flexibility we need in unforeseen circumstances to achieve the necessary balance. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Matthews: now we are joined by West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin.
Senator Manchin, do you think the United States should use military force to defeat ISIL? SEN. JOE MANCHIN (D)
Oh, we will have to use military power.
This is a question of whether we are in trouble using our own combat forces on the front line, as in Iraq and Afghanistan.
I do not intend to do so, and I thank the president for saying that he does not intend to do so.
But you know, in West Virginia, we have a little bit of common sense, we know what the word crazy means, the definition of crazy, in that place in the world, you seem to be in trouble.
If money or military power can change it, we will change it now, Chris.
So-you read about the long-lasting offensive ground operations. Matthews: Yes.
Manchin: What exactly does this mean?
MATTHEWS: Well, in a way that worries you and makes you likely to vote against this resolution, what does that mean to you?
MANCHIN: Well, the bottom line is that I'm not going to vote for anything that has such an explanation that we can have ground troops on the front line fight someone else's war.
Now, we have to deal with ISIL.
No difference.
We need to protect America.
But if we can quickly find Jordan and provide them with the necessary equipment needed to fight this war, if we can get the Turks involved and if the Saudis are willing to get involved-the Kurds are fighting, A very bad job is being done and we should make sure we provide them with the equipment to do the job.
The other thing is, Chris, 2001 AUMF-it still works.
If you are not going to abolish 2001, I really don't know the reason or purpose for which we need this.
MATTHEWS: Well, Senator, I'm just looking at the language you just mentioned.
I know you have to deal with this in a more granular way, a word . . . . . . Manchin: of course.
Matthews :. . . . . . But a word that seems to bother you is "lasting", and what you want to say is basically, let's not do offensive ground combat operations.
Isn't this where you are? MANCHIN: Yes.
I think, from this perspective, we have to see that, and we would be pleased if we could do that, but, "lasting" may now mean, basically, oh, we are not going to do it for them, but we will go on if 5,000, 10,000 or (ph)
I mean, you put a lot of American lives on the front line again, and we 've seen the results.
I don't want to repeat that.
They are not yet determined to fight their own ground war there (INAUDIBLE)
I think Jordan and King Abdullah are very, very precise in what he is going to do, and he did.
We need . . . . . . MATTHEWS: Well, let me ask you-yes, Senator, you know what I know, probably more of a briefing, but the president said today, apart from the enduring ground operations, he needs that authorization because there might be a chance to jump in with special forces, seals or whatever, while capturing a bunch of bad guys.
So he wants the option game to be able to get there, not as a big front line that sweeps through ISIS territory, but to seize the opportunity.
He hopes to have the opportunity to use ground forces to capture leadership when there is an opportunity.
Are you against it?
What I'm trying to say is, no.
I want to make sure that we can stop ISIL in any way, basically to support those who are fighting on the front line.
Iraqis are participating.
We have to use our special operations where we can make sure our air strikes, you know, our-we are effective.
Chris, the only thing I want to say is that 2001 AUMF is still running. MATTHEWS: Yes.
Manchin: That's the one Bush used.
This is a wide range of methods used by President Obama.
I don't know why they thought it was the person they were trying to appease.
It would be a different story if they abolished 2001 and 2002 and we only have one now.
So I waited to see what language they would use.
As you said, if they can change a bit, all of this can be different if we are going to have a strategic strike, in and out.
But we haven't seen it yet.
Matthews: I can see your argument, and of course, you understand it all and represent the background of West Virginia.
But, I would say, in terms of war, the president is on your left.
I think you know.
He is a little more gentle.
I think you're a centrist.
Do you really think he will be more hawkish than Joe Manchin? More hawkish.
I mean, it doesn't seem to be in his building. ph)to do that.
Manchin: I don't-I hope not.
I mean, I said in West Virginia, you know, we're one of the most patriotic states in the country, veterans per capita and people who are still fighting.
We are willing to go anywhere to defend this country.
But, as I have said, ground forces in that part of the world have not solved this problem.
We have lost 6,000-more than 6,000 Americans and 55,000 injured, we spent $3 trillion, Chris. MATTHEWS: OK.
Manchin: they have to do it over there.
Now, please don't make a mistake, we will do anything if it looks like ISIL is a threat and moving in that direction.
Matthews: Okay . . . . . . Manchin :. . . . . . With their arrival, there are more problems now-basically going back to our country and coming to the Western world.
MATTHEWS: Well, this is a very difficult question to answer.
We all look-I know you're like me-incredible-what they do right pain to the people we have, especially the young women, Oh mine.
Matthews :. . . . . . Kayla Miller, and the poor and brave pilots they did for Jordan.
Let's see. we want to eliminate it.
We don't want it to be on our planet with us.
We do not want to see this happen again.
We want to get people and delete them who do this.
At the same time, you draw restrictions.
You say, well, let the Jordanian Air Force do it, let the Kurds do it, and if there is something like this, let the Iraqi government or the army do anything, they are Shiites, maybe in the Free Syrian Army, these sleeper beds on our side, no matter what they are.
But in the end, do you see an end to this war and an end to this ISIS group in the near future?
Will you see it in the future?
Manchin: Chris, first of all, in these terrible tragedies, I express my sympathy to the families of these people for their terrible atrocities.
Like other Americans, my heart is broken.
But I am also sympathetic to more than 6,000 American families who have lost their loved ones, who are trying to help that part of the world and those in the world.
They must stand up and fight for themselves.
They have to clean up their mess.
We must prevent them from entering the country in any way, shape or form.
The sleeper cell, no matter what it is, people are back-there are quite a few Americans engaged now.
We have to stop this.
There is a terrible problem in Europe.
So these are the areas where we can stop them from entering.
Deploying more troops there, a little angering them and letting them go out and recruit more people to fight the United States-it doesn't seem to win the war there. MATTHEWS: OK.
There is a lot of thinking about this.
Thank you very much. MANCHIN: (INAUDIBLE)
Matthews: I know it's complicated.
Thank you very much to Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia.
Thank you, Chris. Thank you.
Matthews: I'm with you now. S.
Republican Congressman Scott Perry of Pennsylvania
Senator Perry, this is a tricky issue, but would you support the president's mandate written today for us to take military action against ISIS? REP. SCOTT PERRY (R)
Penn: Chris, I don't know if I'm going to support it, but I think-I certainly think it's time to update the authorization to use force.
I don't think they ever go on forever as they seem.
So I do support the authorization of the use of force, but I have a problem, and I think there are reasonable issues for many Republicans and Democrats.
I think the president even-he even hinted at the situation, and we will have a responsible dialogue about the use of force and make it better.
So that's where I stand at this point.
MATTHEWS: Well, this time he seems to have built a wall on his left, on his gentle side, telling the pigeons, listen, it's not going to be a lasting battle. PERRY: Right.
Matthews: On the other side, on the Republican or conservative side, are you worried that this thing doesn't extend enough and doesn't have enough width and bandwidth to do something?
Perry: Yes, I think there are some questions about the word "lasting.
"What do you mean, you know?
For some, that means it's a limit.
For others, that means it may be open and it makes it up to speculation.
From my point of view, what about Khorasan when we look at ISIS?
What about Boko Haram?
AQAP and all these different regions (ph)
Today is ISIS, you know, but tomorrow will be someone else.
Is this too limited?
This is an ideology.
It's beyond borders, you know. CROSSTALK)
Matthews: according to your concerns, they still have 2001 documents that he won't throw away, which is very inclusive, won't they?
Perry: That's right.
To be honest, the president has said that he has a second power.
So it may not be necessary, but you know . . . . . . Matthews: I think it's a good idea. (CROSSTALK)
Matthews: I bet he will argue that if necessary.
PERRY: Well, I agree.
I think he will argue. I think he has already said it.
So, you know, I think he came to Congress to verify it.
You know, look, I think this is a proper discussion, but I don't necessarily believe that the content he sent is ready for prime time, and Congress has to do its part.
MATTHEWS: Well, let's take a look here-the speaker of today-he has to talk about the president's strategy, or the lack of strategy (ph)
Defeat ISIS.
So far, he doesn't seem to believe in such a strategy.
This is a good argument and I hope you will respond to what the speaker has said. Let`s watch. PERRY: OK. (
Start Video Editing)REP. JOHN BOEHNER (R-OH)
Speaker of the house: I believe that if we are going to authorize the use of force, the president should have all the tools needed to win the battle we are fighting.
As you have heard me say in the last few months, I am not sure if the strategy outlined can accomplish what the president says he wants to accomplish.
His point is that the president's point is that he wants to destroy and destroy ISIS.
I haven't seen a strategy that I think can be implemented. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Matthews: Congressman, I also asked Senator Manchin in West Virginia.
How do you link our hatred of what these people do to the prisoners they are there-burn someone alive, a good soldier, kill an American woman-no matter they kill her
However, we limit ourselves to help the Jordanian air force, perhaps to help the Iraqi army, as always to help the Kurds, and perhaps to prepare the Free Syrian Army to fight and train to some extent.
But our emotions don't seem to be supported by our actions.
It seems not enough there. My thinking. Yours? What are yours?
Perry: that's what I think.
With all due respect, I think what we see from the chair is some of the ideal goals, right, one.
We will defeat ISIS.
We will destroy ISIS.
But this is not a strategy.
That's where you want to end, but he doesn't say how we got there.
He's not talking about the economic impact, the diplomatic impact, how we can get other countries in the neighborhood, get their soldiers, get them-you know, get their lives involved, because they have the most losses.
That's what a strategy includes, and to be honest, we haven't seen that yet from the president, whether it's on terrorism, ISIS or Syria right next door.
What happens when we end up working with ISIS and finally enter Syria with Assad?
What is the plan?
Matthews: you're a soldier, right?
Perry: Yes, I serve in Iraq.
Matthews: I know.
That's why I want you to say that.
Thank you for your service, sir.
Perry: Thank you, sir.
Matthews :. . . . . . Congressman Scott Perry of Pennsylvania.
Next, the horror of the American hostage Kayla Mueller sparked a heated debate, a heated debate.
Should we pay the ransom for the prisoner?
Should people be allowed to pay?
President Obama said there is nothing more difficult than telling parents that we in the United States will do everything possible to get your child home without paying a ransom.
In addition, President Obama's senior strategic adviser, David akcelrod, said that there were 12 days during the 2012 presidential campaign and he was really worried-to seize the opportunity, this is news about Sarah Palin and her amazing electoral capacity at the time.
Akcelrod will join us tonight to look at Obama's 08-year and 12-year campaign from.
In addition, we will look forward to 16 years and the early mistakes of some big names in the game.
This has already happened.
The big statement that shocked our world will have a huge impact on the later period. night comedy.
Jon Stewart will step down from The Daily Show.
Boy, there's news outside.
Finally, let me finish, the president called on Congress to support military action against ISIS.
This is a place of politics, a hard state. (
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Matthews: Later today, the House voted to pass the Keystone pipeline bill.
The vote turned out to be 270 to 152, with 29 Democrats supporting the pipeline bill, in addition to a Republican.
The bill will now be submitted to the White House and President Obama is expected to veto it at the White House.
We'll be back soon after that. (
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Matthews: Welcome back to hard ball.
In an interview with Buzzfeed, President Obama talked about the pain of talking to the parents and family of the hostages and told them that, in addition to paying the ransom, the United States will do everything possible to ensure that the hostages are released. (
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Barack Obama, president of the United States: my immediate response is heartbreaking.
You know, I keep in touch with Kayla's family all the time.
She is an outstanding young woman with a great spirit that I think will continue to exist.
One thing we insist on is the policy of not paying ransom to organizations like ISIL.
The reason is that once we start doing this, we are not only funding them to slaughter innocent people and strengthen their organization, but we are actually making Americans a bigger target for future kidnappings.
So you know, it's as hard as anything I do, it's understandable to talk to parents who want to keep their children safe in any way necessary. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Matthews: The president went on to point out that paying a ransom actually reduces the security of Americans. (
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Obama: One thing we insist on is the policy of not paying ransom to organizations like ISIL.
The reason is that once we start doing this, we are not only funding them to slaughter innocent people and strengthen their organization, but we are actually making Americans a bigger target for future kidnappings. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Matthews: But is it always wrong to pay a ransom to a terrorist?
Now joining me is Steve Clements of the Atlantic and the United States of Maryland. S.
Congressman Donna Edwards
Steve, you first took an unusual position because you took it.
Tell me what you think about the suitability of an individual or organization captured by ISIS.
Type organization.
What should they do if they have-if they are asked to pay a ransom?
Steve Clements, Atlantic: I think if families have the resources and if they have the ability to act in a way that saves their loved ones, I don't think the government should be holding this process back.
This is a very serious selection process (ph)there.
I think the government should stay out of it.
But the truth is that many governments did pay the ransom.
So basically, there is a conflict between the European government and the United States in terms of not paying those fees.
I don't think they pay (sic)
But we should remove the restrictions on families to do everything possible to save their loved ones.
I know it sounds like-you know, I have any (ph)
There is a conflict with myself, but I just don't think the US government says they may sue families if they continue to get ransom for their loved ones.
Matthews: Where is The Honorable Woman, The Honorable Woman, and where is your private family with wealth?
Should they give the money to the ISIS forces and let them use it as they like?
They will not use it to pay for food and children.
They use it for guns, bullets and torture.
But do they think they should do so morally, politically or otherwise? REP. DONNA EDWARDS (D)
Maryland: Well, I think, as the president described, it's a heart --
Painful choices for families.
But I agree with the US policy.
Frankly, I think unfortunately some of our allies did pay the ransom.
I think this increases the stakes of terrorists continuing to kidnap and take hostages.
And continue to fund their destruction.
So, despite that, I think the government's policy is correct.
My heart is broken only for families like Kayla, a good young woman who just wants to do good in the world.
But I think this is the right policy for the United States.
Matthews: Okay, let me go back to your question, Steve.
What is the use of money? It`s a two-way street.
You give millions of dollars, or 20 million, no matter what the price is now.
You may have a family or a company behind you is willing to use their funds for that.
In any case, this $20 million or $2 million flows to the assets of a terrible, inhuman population.
How do you prove this?
Clements: I mean, absolutely, it's definitely not a reasonable thing.
If you give money to terrorist organizations, it will increase the market for terrorist organizations.
I think the government should do everything it can to stop the growth of this market, except if a family member or someone is taken away, I think we should stop it.
We don't agree. (CROSSTALK)MATTHEWS: How? Just a minute.
I think you have a problem here. (CROSSTALK)
Clemons: I happen to know that in the case of David rod in the New York Times, The New York Times provided the ransom, United StatesS.
The government did not threaten the New York Times.
Matthews: What happens if you give someone a lot of money?
They may catch it again, another quality, more money?
In my opinion, this is human nature.
Clements: of course.
But, yes, but, Chris, I agree with what you said last night.
I think there are other elements of power that can be traced, killed, tried, and brought to justice those who kidnapped people.
This should not be the pressure on the families of James welfare, Kayla Mueller and others. MATTHEWS: OK.
Say the last thing to a woman congressman.
What would you say to a friend of yours who may be a very rich person with a lot of money in the bank and their little son or daughter is caught?
What do you say to them when they come to you for a lawyer?
What will you do?
Do you know?
If my son is caught, I will do everything possible to release him, including contacting any wealthy person I know.
I mean, that's the inequality in all of this, the inequality in it.
But I think our policy is correct.
I think we have an obligation to try to pursue these terrorists and stop them.
But I don't want us to change our policies.
I do think it makes us and our citizens safer because they know there is no point in negotiating. MATTHEWS: OK.
Edwards: I'm really worried about the possible hijacking of our citizens around the world --
If they know that a huge ransom is at stake, take it away.
Matthews: speak well.
Thank you so much to my friend Steve Clements
Thank you very much, AmericaS.
My friend, Donna Edwards, a congressman
Next: What did David akcelrod worry about before Barack Obama won 2008 presidential campaign?
The news will surprise you.
In his book.
Axrod will come in a minute.
This is the hard ball of politics. (
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MATTHEWS: Well, this will be candy.
Welcome back to the hard ball.
David akcelrod is President Obama's successful Senate and chief strategist and political adviser to two presidential campaigns.
He also served as a senior adviser to the president at the White House, guiding him through debate.
He is still a close friend.
As the best in Chicago
He is a political adviser who leads dozens of local and statewide candidates to victory across the country.
He is now director of the University of Chicago School of Politics and author of a great new book, believers: My Forty Years in Politics.
David Axelrod is with me now.
I have not read every book I have on this show, but I am reading this book.
I read a lot.
Let's start with the first surprise in the book.
Sarah Palin, she is in dispute with our production staff almost every day.
David axelrod, political analyst at MSNBC: Yes. Yes.
Matthews: as a political product, some people are faithful to her.
They just think what she is.
From her great acceptance speech, you were worried that she dazzled the country until Lehman Brothers went bankrupt, September 3, 2008, September 15.
During these 12 days of the book, what you care about is her potential, which is amazing.
Akcelrod: Well, there's no doubt that she's a little bit of an energy drink that the McCain campaign needs.
It shakes things, it shakes things, because she brings that change, freshness, and a sense of attack to the Washington institution, which really destroys our message.
So, you know, the day before the collapse of Lehman Brothers, we got together because our vote gave us a first point in this game.
This is largely because Palin has injected vitality into the McCain campaign.
Matthews: this is my favorite-I like the way you write.
By the way, you are a good writer.
Axrod: Thank you.
Matthews: you have no ghosts outside.
Axrod: Thank you.
Matthews: "Institutions on the East Coast may despise her because she has no words and no illness --
Ready, but it will only make it more attractive for millions of Americans who think they have already obtained the original results of the deal.
"You see, the way Cavill understands it, there's a lot of work to do --
Due to culture and attitude towards the elite, the average good Democrat who occasionally voted for the Republican Party.
They don't like the elite.
Look, this is a mistake people make.
When she was selected, the concern was that she was a woman.
The point is not that she is a woman.
In fact, she has this cultural affinity for these disgruntled jobs --
It was the American class that made her strong. MATTHEWS: Yes.
She's not a Yale student.
She is not seven sisters.
She's not an elite.
Like many people, she went to five universities and finally got her degree. (CROSSTALK)AXELROD: Yes.
She talked to them.
When she spoke at the conference, she found a responsive chord.
That speech is very good. received. MATTHEWS: Yes.
Anyway, you also wrote about you-I was going to say that since Jack Kennedy, she has been very attractive as a candidate by whatever standards.
No one looks better than her, I think.
Trouble early anyway. . . (CROSSTALK)
Matthews: continue.
You want . . . . . . Axelrod: One thing I want to say, though, is that when we heard that Obama was chosen, her reaction was very interesting. MATTHEWS: Yes.
Akcelrod: It's true, he said-I understand why he did it, but it's really hard, it's a matter of the country.
It took me six months to become a good candidate.
He said that she may be the greatest politician since Ronald Reagan, and that she should come out of Alaska after a year as a governor to deal with it, he said, but give these three weeks, four weeks.
Let's see how it works out.
In fact, she had some problems.
Well, Katie courick.
AXELROD: That's right.
Katie courick.
Anyway, she asked her what she had read and you could say it was a scathing question, but that's not the case.
This is a reasonable question.
She did not want to answer the question. AXELROD: Yes.
Matthews: You see, anyway-let's talk about the 2012 election, and the result is closer to the election.
You talked about the early troubles in your first debate with Mitt Romney, and I had a crazy debate on TV.
I think you're looking at me. (CROSSTALK)AXELROD: Yes. Yes.
Chris, I can hear you without TV.
Matthews: this is the beginning of the first debate that came out of my mind, that debate. Go ahead. Here it is. (
Start Video Editing)
US President Barack Obama: I want to make a lot of points tonight, but the most important thing is that 20 years ago, because Michelle Obama agreed to marry me, I became the luckiest person in the world.
So, my dear, I just want to wish you a happy anniversary and tell you that we will not celebrate in front of 40 million people a year from now. (LAUGHTER)MITT ROMNEY (R)
Presidential candidate: Sir, congratulate you
President, on your anniversary
I believe this is the most romantic place you can imagine-with me. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Matthews: Look, what you wrote is great. AXELROD: Yes. No, I…(CROSSTALK)
Matthews: The president is fake. the challenger seems to be real.
Akcelrod: Obviously, he was lying on the court, in baseball.
Romney-they sniffed out what we might do on our anniversary, he knew what he would do and he looked natural.
Obama looks strong in doing so.
It's painful, it's just the beginning of the pain.
It was a very difficult night for us.
Matthews: Explain to me, because I look at it crazy like everyone else, I'm gone, why didn't he fight, why didn't he?
Then I looked at Romney.
He has all the qualities I despise, indifference, elitism.
He looks like I'm white against black people.
I'm a Mormon-
People in educated prep schools are against people who are not educated.
I have these advantages over him.
To be fair, I don't know what combination this is.
But there's a sense of superiority that really bothers me, but it works for him.
You call it comfortable. You said charm.
I don't know the charm. (CROSSTALK)
Akcelrod: No, I really think he's well prepared for this debate, and he's dealt with well in the first debate.
You see, he understands what Obama is boycotting, he knows, but what he is boycotting is that debate is not free to exchange ideas.
Debate is acting.
You practice your lines and you know what you will do when you hear a question.
If your team practices with you and is fully prepared, they know what you are going to say.
Romney knows clearly what he will say on every issue in the first debate. He practiced. He delivered.
He did a very good job.
None of us.
He's not ready.
He did not want to prepare. MATTHEWS: OK. I know.
He doesn't want a knee-
The jerk you prepared for him.
Now, here is-but you get to know this in depth.
It's like Woody Allen's movie because you want to be wrong.
What Romney did to the president made him wrong. footed?
What problem do you have to solve?
All these preparatory meetings are trying to re-train the president on how to debate, how to debate.
Until he finally said something from the "Tin Cup" and from the movie he said I finally got my head right. (CROSSTALK)AXELROD: Yes.
Matthews: what's going on?
Akcelrod: Well, he didn't do well in the first debate.
We are really worried about the first debate-because the president often does not perform well in the first debate . . . . . . (CROSSTALK)
They all lost.
They are all like this.
Matthews: all the incumbents lost the first debate.
So we try to avoid this happening.
We have not avoided it.
So the second debate becomes important because we don't want Chris Matthews to go crazy twice in a row.
Matthews: No, you can't predict. (CROSSTALK)
Akcelrod: No, no, but what happened was that 36 hours before the second debate, he had a bad debate ready.
We're all scared.
We will intervene.
He said-when Cech talked about the movie "Tin Cup"-who is the star?
Is that Kevin Costner?
Matthew: Kevin. It was Costner. AXELROD: Yes.
Well, that's what you did, he said.
He's trying . . . . . . CROSSTALK)
Matthews: put the hat back on.
Akcelrod: put your hat back on.
Do this and do it.
Matthews: you put the T-shirt in your left pocket.
Your left pocket.
He said he took a swing and he said, that's it.
In my head.
I have to-so we worked hard and we did give him a golf hole to put the ball in his pocket during the debate. MATTHEWS: Yes.
The character is very interesting-it's something you have to write more, it's someone like you who's in the role of being president, a smart person you know, but he needs help sometimes.
Everyone needs help.
Anyway, you wrote in the book that President Obama's reflection on Mitt Romney is: "He represents 1950 of the United States and believes that when people like him take power, the country will”OK.
"Guys like him.
I think he refers to the elite of the enterprise, the elite of the preparatory school.
What he meant was . . . . . . Matthews: think he is, and he is.
Yes, that's right.
You know, he is very concerned about the great changes that have taken place in this country, which is a more diverse country. MATTHEWS: Yes.
Akcelrod: He represents this diversity, he represents a different kind of America where people can work hard and you don't have to come from the ruling elite to be president of the United States.
Matthews: What makes you-I'm only here for a minute, but I'm impressed because it hasn't really been in the book yet.
I haven't found that part yet.
What makes you invest a lot of time in your political career to help black candidates? (CROSSTALK)
Harold: Harold Washington, someone like this?
AXELROD: part of the reason is that I was raised by a woman who took care of me while my mother was working, an AfricanAmerican woman.
She took me to John F.
When I was 5, Kennedy
I think she instilled in me a desire for justice.
I always think about her because I want to know how she thinks about her . . . . . . CROSSTALK)
Axrod :. . . . . . Go see Kennedy.
Matthews: That's why you helped Africans.
American candidates in particular?
Akcelrod: I think that's part of it.
I grew up in a family of civil rights value.
But I always believe that in a United States without any obstacles, you can go further as long as your talents can take you.
I want to fight for a country like that.
MATTHEWS: Well, do you think the president has been treated rudely by some people because of his race?
Chris, when I was working for him, I always refused the issue because I never thought of giving people a chance to say that we were using race as an excuse.
But there is no doubt that for this reason he has been treated differently by some people.
In a speech in Congress, no one else was shouted, "you lie.
"No one else has been . . . . . . (CROSSTALK)
Matthews: it's Huckabee this week.
Huckabee is still saying he's pro.
Islam and
Christianity and Judaism
Axrod: Yes, well, he's been challenging his citizenship. MATTHEWS: Yes.
Akcelrod: these are the reflections of race.
I don't think there is any way to deny that.
Matthews: one day, could you please explain Donald Trump to me, please? (LAUGHTER)
Matthews: He's a smart man.
What is he doing?
Thank you anyway.
Political Fans, read this book.
By the way, this is not one of these books that someone has written for someone, I know.
It happens there, whether you believe it or not.
This is David akcelrod, his true story, and there are many such things in it.
I wish I could be with him for a few hours.
This book is called "believers: My Forty Years in Politics.
David akcelrod will stay with us.
He's going to be at our round table tonight and everyone wants to be there.
We are going to talk about the early mistakes of 2016 and Christie, Bush and Hillary Clinton.
They made some mistakes.
Also, it was amazing news that Jon Stewart announced last night that he would quit The Daily Show.
This caught everyone off guard.
You see the hard ball of politics. (
Business break)
Milissa rehberger, MSNBC reporter: I'm Milissa Rehberger.
This is what is happening.
At present, Chapel Hill, North Carolina is holding a candlelight vigil.
This is to commemorate the three Muslim students allegedly killed by their neighbors.
Investigators say the dispute over the parking space may have caused the shooting, but some wonder if the student's race or religion has played a role.
After being stopped twice due to bad weather, SpaceX launched a new deep space weather satellite from Cape Canaveral tonight.
It will track storms millions of miles away on Earth-back to hard balls.
Matthews: Welcome back to hard ball.
Well, 2016 of the candidates haven't even got out of the door yet,
This week, be activities encountered some stumbling blocks, big obstacles.
Among Republicans, Chris Christie seems to be downplaying his rhetoric.
He's in Iowa on Monday.
As The Washington Post reported, "the rant and bluffing that kept Chris Christie long-lost has disappeared --
A strong contender for the White House.
New Chris Christie gestures seriously, seriously and calmly while speaking.
However, the popularity of Christie's soft court is clearly mixed.
It always means now.
At the same time, the new
The chief executive or technical officer of Jeb Bush's political action committee resigned yesterday after "BuzzFeed" found him posting degrading comments on women on Twitter.
Former Governor Bush, he is proud of being a technician.
Savvy also failed to review the thousands of emails in his open office yesterday, and eventually many Florida resident unedited private email addresses were thrown away as e-commerce content
Mail by yourself.
The address is there.
Everyone knows.
When Hillary Clinton was not officially announced, there was a discord on the other side of the aisle, all sorts of pro-
The Clinton Group is in a territorial dispute.
This is a drama that any campaign wants to avoid the public eye.
The question is, are these worries about the growth of the campaign, or are they indicative of bigger problems?
Sabrina Siddiqui of Huffington Post and Jeremy Peters of The New York Times and our special guest David Axelrod tonight joined us, president Obama's former senior strategist and author of a new book, believers: My 40 Years in Politics.
"Sabrina, what do you think of these crumbling walls-let's start with Jeb Bush.
He got good news from the media.
Is he really capable of getting all the electronics out?
The emails that people wrote to him as governors, leaked their addresses and everything else in their world?
Huffington Post sabrina siddiqui: Well, I think, first of all, none of these candidates have taken their advantage.
So, this is a big question-Matthews: his confidence?
SIDDIQUI: he is confident and knows how to manage and wants to look like the most skilled person
The savvy Republican candidate, he forgot the basic 101 of how to do this.
Not only did he not review the emails
I think politicians need to understand the role of social media in personal information and dumping voter information online.
You can no longer hire anyone to attend your event without looking at social media.
Matthews: By the way, he got amazing numbers in the New Hampshire independent.
I can't believe how low it is.
The dog did not read the label on the peanut butter jar and the dog food jar.
Just because you say he's Bush doesn't mean people will like him.
So far, I can't believe his low rating in this campaign.
Let me ask you another thing about Hillary Clinton.
Hillary Clinton-in that campaign, she had been fighting dogs.
Now that you have David Brok, he's kind of like an outrider, is her watchdog, and then you have a conflict with the operation of Messina.
It's like a drug war is going on.
It's my turf, no, it's your turf, trying to raise money-it's all public in the New York Times.
"Your paper, the front page, you wrote it.
Jeremy Peters of The New York Times: That's right.
Nick Confessore, my colleague, broke the story.
Matthews: home page.
Great job.
But I think part of the problem is that they don't have anywhere else to go with these agents, strategists and donors, so they're all fighting for a really big pie, but it's just a pie.
Matthews: some people make 15% and make a lot of money.
Yes, it's definitely millions of dollars.
Matthews: Isn't that a lot of money?
I want a job like this.
Matthews: So that's why-now, let's go to you with the bad guys in New Jersey.
What happened to him? I should say –(CROSSTALK)
Matthews: lose weight.
David Akselrod, author of the faithful: it may be fascinating to drive people away in Vail (ph)
But not in Keokuk.
He finally found out.
But who he is, so the question is whether he is-he will be considered real when he is showing off his true self.
I think it would be difficult to go further in the presidential election process without authenticity.
Matthews: We like what he says. it's none of your business.
Emily, it's none of your business when he asks his child where to go to school, because it seems like a private thing, but in every public occasion before, I hate him. PETERS: Right.
This is a big part of his image.
I think people like this disrespect for him.
They like bluffing. Is it real?
Maybe he's just tired on Monday? I don`t know.
So, who is the real Chris Christie? (CROSSTALK)
Peters: But one thing I think we need to remember is that the Republican ran for a candidate last time and he tried to erase his real identity but failed.
So, what is Chris Christie really going to hide in the campaign that makes him so attractive to our constituents?
Akcelrod: If you are grumpy and put pressure on the presidential campaign, you will be grumpy. PETERS: Right.
Because there is a lot of provocation.
I don't think he's too far from telling people to sit down and shut up again.
I think this is going to happen and I think it's a problem for him.
Matthews: Do you think this is one of the benefits of the campaign?
Akcelrod: You know, it's a ridiculous process, but as you move forward it's a harder test and it's going to get harder, it should be because you're taking part in the most on this planet
Matthews: I like the mistakes people make, like your candidate, and I 've always liked him, and that's what Obama did when he said she was flattering enough.
As you wrote in the book.
This is a bad moment.
Matthews: you can't protect people from Axelrod: People make mistakes.
The question is, do these errors reveal something that voters have learned from them, or are they faulty?
You know, at the end of the day, the Bush thing won't make me feel like it's his character.
But a few other things are-the problem is that John Podesta has to take control of Clinton's actions, and I think that's part of his work there.
Matthews: One thing I like about Joe Biden is all the mistakes he made in history, none of them hurt anyone, it's true.
Even the stupid Sherlock series didn't really hurt anyone.
I think he's awesome.
A man like him, he is a good man, he made a mistake.
In any case, the round table will keep in touch with us.
Next, we thought we knew it would come, but we didn't.
For whatever reason, Jon Stewart says he will leave the "Daily Show", which is probably the most successful comedy of our time.
David akcelrod was there when it happened to the green room.
When the story happens to this guy, we will get the real story.
We'll be right back, political. (
Business break)
Matthews: Today, Vice President Joe Biden and Attorney General Eric Holder presented the Medal of Courage to 22 public safety officials.
Among them are two police officers from the town of VOTT, Massachusetts, who confronted the Tsarnaev brothers in a shootout following last year's Boston Marathon bombings.
In a shooting incident at a Sheikh temple in Wisconsin on August 2012, two police officers also responded.
We'll be back soon after that. (
Business break)(
Start Video Editing)
Jon Stewart on The Daily Show: I don't have any specific plans.
There are many ideas.
There's a lot in my head.
I will have dinner at school night with my family and I have heard from multiple sources that they are lovely people. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Matthews: It's funny.
We're back. that's Jon Stewart. bye last night.
After 17 years of work, he will resign as the host of The Daily Show.
Stewart was a pioneer in his field, and he earned a reputation for the leading voice of political satire, offering a lot
There is a need to be vigilant about the national debate every night.
We are now back for our round table with Sabrina, Jeremy and David in the green room.
Yes, it's a bit amazing.
I came in and Jon Stewart came in and said, look, I'm going to announce one thing tonight, you need to have a head --up.
It will bring some news.
I'm done, he said. I'm gone.
I was there, my wife was there, some of my staff, and we were all stunned.
History is so important because this guy has had a huge impact on our politics and society in some ways. MATTHEWS: Yes.
He is such a big man.
Chris, what interests me is that in the report, we had the story of Brian Williams yesterday.
In some ways, Stewart left to replace the story.
Matthews: double
Bucket of big files, doublebarreled.
AXELROD: Yes, that tells you how much-just the same day the president was interviewed by "BuzzFeed.
Matthews: this generation of my daughter, three New Hampshire before, I think it was, when I was covering New Hampshire, I had a child with me all these big
My daughter wants to meet someone named Jon Stewart, and I 've never heard of him.
He caught the young man very early.
This is how he is.
I think the younger generation did shape the political attitude.
Matthews: like a bubble on a beer?
What did he send?
All the children in the audience, they seem to know all the political references, they know all the political references, they know all the news references, but they don't read the newspaper.
How do they know these things and when to laugh?
Peters: Well, I think that's a good point, and that's why-Matthews: What's the answer to this question?
Peters: That's why politicians regard him as a news figure, not a comedian or an entertainer.
I 've been on Capitol Hill all day today, actually asking congressman Matthews: I saw you there.
Peters: Yes, that's right.
I met you in the hallway.
Ask them what makes Stewart's show attractive.
They called him the news man one by one.
No qualifiers, no entertainers, no enemies, no such thing.
There is no doubt, they say, that the first show they want to reach out to is Jon Stewart, especially young voters. (CROSSTALK)
SIDDIQUI: young people do go to him to get their news.
Matthews: how do you get messages with these quick settings?
I think you need to have settings that know how the punch line works.
Don't you know what he's talking about?
SIDDIQUI: I think one of the things you need people to do is build trust.
Young Matthews, I think: you didn't answer my question.
SIDDIQUI: We don't even know-Matthews: I almost seem to know what he's talking about.
How about work?
Akcelrod: I think the reason why he is linked to young people is because he has been calling for hypocrisy and lack of authenticity.
This is where children hate politics.
They hate unreal.
They hate all the games. playing.
He took off his clothes and laughed at it.
Young people reacted to this.
I think it's very, very powerful, you know.
Matthews: he has the guts, too. He has guts.
Yes, he does.
Also, I will not underestimate the reading of young people.
I think -- Matthews: The Times?
Peters: Yes, the Times.
The spring of hope is eternal. Peters: That's right.
But we did a good job.
So, no, I mean, if you think about how people consume news now, I think it's different how I grew up consuming news. MATTHEWS: OK.
You're on the subway now. You`re (INAUDIBLE)
They are looking at paperback in California.
What do they think of your paper?
Peters: on their phones.
Matthews: on their phones.
You can do that now.
I'm just kidding. (LAUGHTER)
Matthew: Thank you.
Thanks, Jeremy Peters.
I'm pulling your leg there, sir.
Good luck with this book, David akcelrod. I mean it.
This is the book that people should read, the real book written by people who really know what they are.
David akcelrod, "Believer ".
When we come back, let me end the president's call to Congress to support the call for military action against ISIS.
You see the hard ball of politics. (
Business break)
Matthews: Let me finish this tonight.
What I hear tonight is the president of the United States sounding the horn, calling on the United StatesS.
Congress supports military action against ISIS
What I'm seeing tonight is members of Congress, who go left and right.
The question of support for war or opposition to war is not answered by a lawyer, but by a citizen and his representative.
This is basic, as a nation, will we do everything we can to militarily destroy this terrorist regime that wants Americans to arrest, intimidate and eventually kill with the greatest public humiliationDo we?
Or do we just agree to sit down and see the pictures coming in?
Does anyone in the pigeons really worry that President Obama will become George Barton's roaring tank chasing ISIS leaders in the desert before our eyes?
Do they really doubt he's going to get this out of control?
Or, are they just not willing to put their hands on any of the documents that are likely to target them primarily?
The same is true on the right. what are they afraid?
Will the president's declaration to Congress bind him?
What's the point if he's going to lead a ground war against ISIS? Why would he specifically exclude "long-lasting offensive ground operations" in this authorized language ".
People don't ask people to stop them from doing what they want.
What seems to be happening here is the huge desire of politicians to protect themselves, and the safest hiding place is in the tall grass where others are hiding.
The president is not there, calling Congress to perform its duties.
This is a hard ball now.
Thank you for being with us.
"Everything about Chris Hayes" is starting now.
This is a report card in a hurry.
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