grey matters: underestimate seniors at your peril - coffee mug & tumbler

by:Koodee      2019-07-30
grey matters: underestimate seniors at your peril  -  coffee mug & tumbler
Would you bet $5 if you had the same chance to double? or losing —
Yes, how about $50, $500? Although the opportunity to gain is exactly the same as the opportunity to lose, most of us don't bet.
Experiments have proved that we are more sensitive to the pain we lose than the happiness we get.
This is not just for our cold cash.
The experimenter also shows that once we have something, we don't want to give it up for a while.
In one experiment, a group of students received coffee cups, while the other group received chocolate bars.
Students can then exchange the mug for the Swiss chocolate bar or the mug for the chocolate bar.
The third control group was selected between the mug and the chocolate bar.
There was no strong preference in the control group: 56 people chose coffee cups and 44 people chose chocolate bars.
Depending on these preferences, we can reasonably expect that about half of the people will exchange cups for chocolate and vice versa.
But this is not the case.
Instead, students who give students a cup or chocolate bar become very attached to it.
Of the students who initially obtained the coffee cup, about 89 chose to keep the coffee cup, while 11 decided to exchange the coffee cup for a chocolate bar.
Students who started eating chocolate bars had a similar reaction: only 10 per cent of the students changed the chocolate bars to cups.
This phenomenon of strong, almost immediate preference for randomly assigned items is named: the donation effect.
I suspect that the impact is at least part of the reason we see from the CARP members for limiting discounts for seniors.
1,000 people turn 65 a day, more of us live longer, and more are eligible for discounts for older people.
This means that the city government's coffers have been hit.
That's why London, Ont.
Discounted fares for seniors were canceled and explained why Kingston, Ontario.
, Similar cuts in discounts for seniors in municipal services are being reviewed.
CARP members disagree on whether there is a crisis of affordability;
About the third agrees, the third is neutral, the third does not agree that discounts for the elderly are becoming more and more expensive, and the government is trying to pay. Just over half (52 per cent)
At the same time, agree or strongly agree that older people can pay if they have the ability to pay their fair share.
But the idea of supporting discounts resonated more strongly.
Eight out of ten CARP members agree or strongly agree that older persons have been given their benefits and must demonstrate that low income would deface recipients and that the removal of discounts could lead to social segregation, the electronic application process will prevent seniors from applying for discount benefits.
There is little interest in changing the age of discount qualifications, with only 19 respondents supporting the increase to 70 years old and only 5 of respondents supporting the increase to 75 years old.
Any government that wants to change its eligibility for discounts should be cautious.
The donation effect predicts that what people receive will form a powerful, almost instant bond.
Older people are clearly already linked to their welfare and will feel great losses if they are taken away.
Perhaps the solution is to delay the benefits.
But even so, there is danger.
Ask Stephen Harper that the age of OAS has been postponed from 65 to 67.
Do you remember him as prime minister?
Before his contact with older people and older people in Canadain-waiting.
For the complete survey results of CARP members on discounts for seniors, see carp. ca/discounts.
Gray issue is the weekly column of Wanda Morris, vice president of advocacy at Wanda, and CARP is a national of 300,000 people. partisan, non-
Profit-making organizations that advocate financial security and improve health-
Take care of Canadians as they grow older.
Wanda and other key CARP contributors missed a week's column and can be found at CARP.
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