green goodness - times of india - swizzle stick cocktail

by:Koodee      2019-08-07
green goodness - times of india  -  swizzle stick cocktail
When people use celery for the first time, it is used as medicine, not food.
The roots of this green vegetable are in the Mediterranean Sea, its fleshy stems and fragrant leaves, which have now traveled around and have not arrived around the world until recently.
Unfortunately, the specimens we see here are usually thin and withered, although they taste stronger than the thicker varieties.
If you see a strong group, you should buy it.
Because, two races Riley can give you all the vitamin C you need in a day.
Also, this is correct for those with strict diet
Eat more celery than it contains.
Don't you want them to do that with cake and chocolate mousse?
Back to celery, raw is the best way to eat this vegetable.
With the development of food fashion, the hollow cream cheese in celery stems was once a chicstarter in Western restaurants.
It's over now.
But the healthy and crisp taste
Full load of vegetables can be used well in a variety of dishes.
First you need to remove the leaves
Can be used to season soup
Then wash the stems and remove the garbage from the ridge.
Then cut into slices or add a salad on the diagonal.
Any green salad with lettuce, cucumbers and tomatoes can be enhanced with chopped celery.
The taste is also well combined with the yogurt seasoning.
Hot celery can also make hot food active.
Chicken or vegetable stew, for example, and even curry with different flavors.
Chopped celery is also a great addition to fried rice and Chinese foodstyle stir-fried dishes.
Also, when you make this most popular cocktail of all time at home, the usecelery stick replaces the swizzle stick in the bloody Mary glass.
You need a well.
The base material is seasoned tomato juice.
Add salt, pepper, Tabasco, Worcester County sauce, lime juice, a little chopped celery, and a little roast and peanut seeds to the juice.
Mix with vodka and freeze evenly in salt
Each glass has rimmed glasses and acelery sticks.
If you overdo the Bloody Mary, then celery soup may be just one thing for you: celery soup is fried with butter, chopped with onions, A cup of washed and chopped small potato cut into dice
Add chicken or vegetables (
In a pinch, you can dissolve in hot water with ecubes)
Cook until the vegetables are soft.
Let the mixture cool a little until smooth.
If you find that the mixture is too thin or too fiber, tighten the mixture.
Use more stock thin if needed, season with salt and pepper before heating.
If you want a richer flavor, add some cream at the end.
Put a little cabbage celery on it.
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