great culinary crimes - beautiful wine glasses

by:Koodee      2019-08-12
great culinary crimes  -  beautiful wine glasses
Cooked avocado. . sun-Dry tomatoes. . . rancid butter . . .
All culinary crimes committed by man against his companions.
Now the criminals have been hunted down. So all rise!
The court is in session.
Presided over by judge Matt Preston
The Caesar Cardinal salad, made in Tijuana in 1924, has a simple elegance.
So, why cut the Mona Lisa with a cut hard knife?
Cook eggs instead of boiled;
Iceberg not cos;
Or chicken.
The existence of the word "Cajun" exacerbated the crime?
His head fell.
In Pizzeria and supermarket freezers across Australia, cooking damage is done using dry herbs, rubber washing machines olives and strange pink matchsticks that scream "recycled meat"
If the core concept of pizza is not so beautiful, we will reach out to get pitchforks and burning torches to chase profiteers like Mr P.
Zehute and Mick Kane were out of town a few years ago.
Boys, form a lynch mob.
Take the rope.
While Antonio carlucio may claim that there are 10 basic rules for cooking pasta, this is not difficult.
So, while eating outside, there is no excuse for the spag to stick together like a witch's switch.
Put in boiling water and cook to "al dente ".
Cooking avocado pears is a serious crime and is subject to the most severe punishment. (
Do you notice that some Italian restaurants are still in their 70 s? )
Sentence: after the last meal of warm "cream chicken and avocado pasta", it was burnt on the stake.
There's nothing wrong with innovation in the kitchen-
Suppose it works.
But prawns cooked with coffee beans and cream;
Smoked salmon, bananas, cilantro and semi-flavored ricedried tomatoes;
The steak with banana and Malibu sauce is completely wrong in the way of "Lion and monkey mate. (
These are real examples! )
Some may also argue that meat is not a natural companion to sorbet;
Chocolate made of fish, even dairy products are profanity;
Foam is used for shaving.
However, the "spumas" of one person is the "sabayon" of another person ".
Black currant ice cake made of mutton by one person is red currant jelly made by another person, although it is 12 degrees cold.
Crime does not occur in innovation, but in the event that the combination fails to merge, as if the chef was blindfolded into the pantry and appeared with a basket of ingredients.
The mistake is that cooking in a tourist motel in Cairns is a lifetime.
However, to win your appeal, you may find a job in Ferran Adria, El Bulli.
Do you have friends with eggplant, yogurt and fishermen?
The pancakes are burnt out, the steak is overcooked, there is no comment, or worst of all, the Greek salad, the feta is looked like tofu because "the chef thinks you won't notice ".
He worked in a canteen of the German army for three years.
There are many different crimes here.
Display fish or baked potatoes on the table with silver paper; doilies (
Except under a windmill or finger sandwich);
Pile up food in the building tower;
Any combination of two or more of the following on dessert-
Stir up strawberries, mint leaves or powdered sugar.
Sentence: five years for each offence
It was a lively hotel filled with ungrateful tourists.
It may be OK after 80, but now "Symphonies", "mosaics", "melanges" and "liaisons" belong to an art district, not on the menu.
There is no dictionary for five years.
All you should hear is the crunch of toast, the mellow snapshot, the crackles and pop, and the occasional page-turning.
Silent conversations are allowed during breaks.
Always assume that the conversation is not on the phone, it's not about business deals, or who you slept with last night.
Unless it's someone I know.
Sentence: 10 years in solitary confinement.
Perhaps the most critical skill in the kitchen and often lacking. Sentence :-seasoning -five years; over-seasoning -seven years ;
Arguing with customers about seasoning
Life of Siberian salt mines.
While in the Middle Ages garlic and onions grew in the footsteps of the devil is well known, today, in this less superstitious age, we know that it is indeed the dry ears of those called the Sun
Dry tomatoes and a bottle of cream.
Decorative lettuce leaves such as Luo Roso or red oak trees sprout where he sits.
Sentence: we follow our medieval precedent, declare all four "nithing" and expel them from our land with all those who use them.
The wine cooler, the bread baked in the pot, the wine glass poured over the table, contains three-day-
Too soft old mint or lemon, wet salt and butteror rancid -
Banned from now on
Three sentences
Subscribe to every property of Donna Hay magazine every month. (
Equivalent to the cooking of the driver's education program.
Read, read, and learn. )
This is not the most serious crime, but please don't do it again.
It has a taste of excessive self.
The obsession and vanity of the double caffeine-free Thin Soybean latte brigade.
Similarly, the reckless and rather illusory pursuit of cornflakes such as sour cream, extra cheese and bacon also has an unpleasant sense of self
You will be troubled considering the mourning children and spouses you will leave behind. Sentence: Life
Eat bread and water.
Plea bargaining in this case, we are willing to accept plea bargaining because the alignment of sweet or acidic fruits with salty or salty ingredients (such as ham) is the basis of many delicacies.
With the burger, the pineapple has to be cooked so it adds caramel edges to the burger and won't get the bread wet.
We have also dismissed the charge of providing sugar beet-free burgers, which is not advisable, but it is inevitable as our Australian culture is overwhelmed by the globalization of cooking.
OK so you don't want to look at them too carefully, but anchovies add smelly amounts of salt to their pizzas, or break down into many invisible, bad-eating backbones of decent sugo to play or stew
However, in order to avoid the wrath of the court, these issues must be dealt with wisely.
Any other hairy fish present is dying in an instant. . .
Probably for all the people involved.
As those Latin legal minds used to warn, "warn the empty ".
Unless the chef's name is Singh, Prudhomme or Saraphee Paranort, you should always insist on protein and chips that are not decorated.
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