goldman sachs ditches single-use plastic products - glass water bottle companies

by:Koodee      2019-07-23
goldman sachs ditches single-use plastic products  -  glass water bottle companies
NEW YORK (Reuters)-
Goldman Sachs told its employees on Wednesday that it will no longer be widely used.
In its office and buffet lounge, plastic items like water bottles or silverware. S.
Banks are trying to reduce the amount of garbage in landfill sites.
Since last week, Cindy Quan said, Goldman's cafeteria and vending machines have replaced plastic soda and water bottles with aluminum cans, glass bottles and compostable cups for fountain drinks worldwide, director of the bank's real estate environment, society and governance. Throw-
More and more countries and companies prohibit the use of plastic products because they often throw garbage on the ocean and water.
On December, the EU agreed to ban 10 orders by 2021.
Use plastic products such as plates, straws and beverage mixers.
Hong Kong and Shanghai Hotels Co. , Ltd. , the operator of the Peninsula luxury hotel chain, said it would stop using plastic bottles, packaging and bathroom facilities by 2020.
Goldman Sachs banned singles, Quan said.
Use plastic because they are usually placed in the company's trash bin instead of in the recycle bin.
Quan said the bank said it was trying to transfer 100% of commercial waste from the landfill by 2020, accounting for 93% of the landfill.
This step will reduce the single amount
Employees using the plastic bank threw away 85% or 6 tons, the bank said.
Goldman Sachs has worked with companies and groups linked to the plastics industry.
Kevin Smith, vice president of the Bank's environmental markets group, said the bank did not discuss issues related to specific customers.
Stay away from single life
Using Plastics is part of the World Bank's broader environmental strategy, including raising funds and underwriting climate for green energy projects, Smith said --related risks.
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