glass plant's closure after 151 years shattered this city. could 500 new jobs save it? - good glass water bottle

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glass plant\'s closure after 151 years shattered this city. could 500 new jobs save it?  -  good glass water bottle
On 2013, a banner hung between two Ardagh Glass factory warehouses on Griffith Street, heralding the 150 th anniversary of the factory.
The factory closed in the second year. (File Photo)
Bill Gallo of New Jersey
Com has been driving on Griffith Street in Salem for generations, meaning hearing the furnace roar from the huge glass factory there.
But when ardagh closed the facility that operated in the fall of 2014 for 151, it was all over.
This action ends a long chapter in the oldest continuous operation of glass in life --
Manufacturing factory in USAS.
The last one called Salem's home.
On 2013, in 150 annivisri of the Atah glass factory, glass bottles were seen on an open visit. (File Photo)
Nearly 300 workers left.
The main factory, its warehouses, offices, parking lots and ancillary buildings cover a few blocks on the northwest end of the city, covering 26 acres, and the once-life city is in silence.
It left a big hole in the local economy, where there were few jobs, and after a long recession, the city was already working to restore business districts and neighborhoods.
After more than three years, however, there is a sign of hope.
It is not for the revival of the glass industry, but for the creation of jobs at the old Ardagh factory, officials said.
The site is Mayor Charles Washington, Jr.
He said he is optimistic that these jobs may inject new vitality into the city of 5,000 people facing many challenges, which is the main reason for the city's unemployment.
At the end of last year, the site was sold to a new company 83 Griffith, LLC for $5. 9 million.
Griffith was founded in November.
24, according to the Ministry of Finance.
Harold Polk, Texas is listed as one of the heads of limited liability companies named after the factory address83 Griffith St.
Washington has always been the city's main contact with Polk.
Polk is in talks with at least four potential tenants of the site, and if successful, it will mean a total of 400 to 500 manufacturing jobs, the mayor said.
Washington said he could not elaborate on what these news businesses might do due to the subtlety of the negotiations, but said tenants would provide "livable pay" jobs.
A map of the City of Salem shows a vast glass factory bordering the Fenwick River.
"This is crucial and maintains the momentum of our reconstruction plan," the mayor said . ".
This is the waterfront reconstruction plan for Salem.
Through this spring, this is a comprehensive guide on how to develop properties bordering the Fenwick River, as Ardagh did, and the Salem River, where the Port of Salem is located.
The area extends along the ends of Griffith Street and Front Street, West Broadway Street and Tilbury Road to the El simboro border, some of which were declared by Salim as areas to be rebuilt.
With water and rail transport, as well as access to major highways to the northeast, officials believe the region is critical to attracting businesses.
Successfully bringing new life to the former Ardagh website, which may have a significant boost to the city, which is also the county seat where the unemployment rate hovers in 5.
Where are 3% and America? S.
According to census data,
5% of the population lives below the poverty line.
"Manufacturing jobs usually mean higher wages and good benefits, which is what we need in Salem County," said Jennifer Jones, executive director of the Salem County Chamber of Commerce.
In this archive photo, workers are seen resting at the Ardagh Glass factory on Griffith Street in Salem.
The factory was closed on 2014. (Lori M.
Nichols | New JerseyCom)
"When Ardagh closed, 300 families in the region lost their jobs and income, and the community lost those people because many moved out of the region to seek employment at similar levels.
"The closure of the plant has affected not only the workers there, but also many businesses in the city that rely on these workers and their families to do business.
It also affects companies that support glass factories that ship sand to pallets.
While there is no clear link to Ada's closure, Salem continues to see losses in the retail business, including the town's only supermarket.
Washington says new work that may come from Ardagh's website will play another key role in Salem's revival, and he is excited about the city's new prospects.
Urban neighborhood renovation plan to transform many abandoned properties into owners
The mayor said there are good jobs in the city that can help occupied houses.
The Ardagh plant complex on griffett Street was exhibited in Salem city on June 30.
The property is located on either side of the street and covers an area of about 26 acres in the northwest of the city. (Bill Gallo Jr. | For NJ. Com)
Salem residents give priority to Washington, saying that as part of a community welfare agreement, any new business in Salem will be required to hire city residents first.
With good wages, people will be able to buy urban houses, and new home owners will have vested interests in their property and the city, the mayor said.
The mayor said it would be a case of "living where you work and working where you live. The latest U. S.
According to the existing census data, there are about 2,600 housing units in Salem.
About 2,100 of them were occupied.
Rental for 1,400 people-and 475 vacant.
Only 765 ownersoccupied.
"Adding a hybrid manufacturing facility to the Griffith Street site will create 400 to 500 of the living space --
Providing wage work for people in our region will increase the population structure in our region and create more-
"Our residents need opportunities," Jones said . ".
"The Chamber of Commerce is excited about this possibility and we look forward to working with new owners to ensure their success.
"The old Alda site --
Until it was sold to French companies in 2011, it was long known as anchor hoc and Anchor Glass
Employment opportunities for several generations of families in the region.
Many people in Anchor and long-
Gayner Glass works in the front street nearby.
The soot blower forms bottles and jars until about 1900 of the automation occurs, and the Machine will melt the glass into a container.
After the completion of glass manufacturing in 2014, Ardagh used some large warehouses on site at the plant for storage and activities, mainly at the eastern location of the plant, which lasted for more than two years.
The unique deal to sell plantEfforts to sell the plant apparently stalled until 2017.
According to Kevin R. , its executive director, the general county development agency in Keyser, West Virginia, was involved at this time. Clark.
MCDA is the leader in the economic development of mining counties in the northeast of the state.
The authority successfully handled the sale of a closed Ardagh Glass Factory in Mineral County for Ardagh and was asked if the same could be done with Ardagh's Salem properties.
MCDA purchased Griffith Street site from Alda in December.
$28 750,000.
On the same day, MCDA sold the old factory to 83 Griffith Co. , Ltd. for $5. 9 million.
As the deal passed the MCDA, Ardagh received a tax credit.
The part of the transaction is considered to beprofit.
Aerial photos of the Ardagh factory in Keyser, West Virginia, also purchased by the mining county development bureau. (
On-site evaluation photos of mining County Development Bureau)
According to Clark, after all the fees related to the transfer of the property, the company received a profit of about $738,000.
Agency fees, transfer taxes and legal and environmental serviceswere paid.
"All the proceeds are being used to improve the economy of mining counties because of the lack of money for economic development, and mining counties are in the same predicament as many rural communities," Clark said . ".
"We are working on other projects, otherwise we will not be able (
Thanks for the profit from sales).
"Polk did not share his plans with many people on the Ardagh website.
Washington seems to be his main contact in the east.
Senior New Jersey media contacted several times by phone and Polk said little and often asked reporters to call back at another time.
83 Griffith LLC lists the address of Houston, TX, the same as the address of Grove Enterprise LLC, incorporated in Texas in 1999, with Harold Polk also listed
The Grove business seems to be a real estate business.
At the Ardagh factory in Salem, Griffith Street, blue glass cans were made and distributed to tourists at the 150 th anniversary celebration. (File Photo)
Before the sudden closure of Ardagh, the state was ready to help Ardagh with modern funds, but the company did not accept the state's proposal.
It was rumored at the time that ardagh had lost a contract to produce a Snapple bottle that was the reason for its closure, which the company did not confirm.
Senator John Burzichelli, who is involved in the effort to save the glass factory, said New Jersey is ready to do its best to attract business again.
"We have a variety of projects and if someone moves forward, we will make this site very attractive," he said . ".
"We have to reinvent ourselves," Burzichelli said of business in New Jersey . ".
"It's just a matter of finding someone with a vision, and from a national perspective we will do everything we can to find the right incentives.
"On the way to the nearby port, the county Railway actually went through the Ardagh site and has spent millions of dollars on the upgrade.
Local officials hope this will be another incentive for entrepreneurs to give the county, especially the City of Salem.
Melissa decast, director of Freedom holders at Salem County, said: "The mayor of Washington and I have been working closely this year to work together to attract companies as much as possible into Salem County and turn it
She said it is another advantage to expect manufacturing jobs to be green as well.
"This will mean --
"This is a job where a family can continue to live," she said . ". Bill Gallo Jr.
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