glass is shunned, must go into separate container under revised recycling rules - the best glass water bottle

by:Koodee      2019-09-01
glass is shunned, must go into separate container under revised recycling rules  -  the best glass water bottle
Under the recycling regulations, which came into effect for Grand Victoria on May 19, we should classify our glass into a separate container.
That is a glass bottle and jar without a deposit.
Go to the bottle warehouse with refundable deposit.
Under the old system
Refundable glass can be mixed with plastic and metal in the recycling bin.
I missed it-
Announcement about this type.
In fact, the capital region has not made much effort in propaganda or enforcement.
I haven't tidied up the glass at all because I don't know I should, but I didn't get the warning sticker.
Because I know now, I will sort it out.
This year, no print recycling schedule was released that should have carried the news.
Instead, we will go to the CRD website to download the schedule.
There is also a form that requires a mailing schedule;
You can play 250, too. 360-3030.
The change in the way glass is treated is caused by switching to a new recycling system.
A company called MMBC has taken over the process.
They were reluctant to accept glass.
There is very little demand for glass, MMBC says, and it can be dangerous to deal with it because it is easily broken.
To make things safer and prevent contamination of other recyclable items, it wants the glass to be placed in a separate container.
The collected glass is ground into glass and can then be used in building materials such as new glass, sandblasting or fiberglass and various asphalt, CRD said.
One of the main goals of the area recycling program is to move things out of the Hartland landfill so that it can be used for a longer period of time.
The idea of opening a new landfill site is thought to be something that won't happen when Hartland is full.
So the plan is essentially to keep Hartland going forever by shifting as much attention as possible.
Due to changes in market demand, how to deal with these transferred items is an ongoing challenge. (
For example, the leftovers in the kitchen are a headache. )---
MMBC explains its aversion to glass.
This is a PDF download.
More explanation here
The story of time colonists: roadside recycling prepared for change
Waterloo, Ontario
Discuss the low demand for glass.
It was crushed and used in the Waterloo landfill to strengthen bedding around roads and pipes.
Below is an explanation from the Waterloo area, which explains glass recycling in the capital area. ---
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