glass bottle portrait memorializes victims of 2015 patuanak house fire - glass and silicone water bottle

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glass bottle portrait memorializes victims of 2015 patuanak house fire  -  glass and silicone water bottle
On January 18, 2015, when they received a call, Jerry and Sandra Wolverine were attending a spiritual ceremony with their youngest daughter.
Their house is on fire.
Their 24-year-
The old daughter who stayed at home with her 10-year-old brother Jaromeyear-
Old boy with Down syndrome
They tried to call her but no one answered.
When they got to the house was on fire and Jerry ran in and tried to find them.
When Jerry and other community members were able to get Natalia and jalomei out, they had died from inhaling smoke.
"Everything has changed," Sandra said . "“Everything.
Three and a half years later, a unique, collaborative portrait of their lives is about to be completed.
This portrait is part of Saskatoon artist Michelle mccasi's time as an artistin-
Residence in patuna.
Living is done through community art of common welfare
The organization and funding of the Canadian Council for the Arts and the provincial council for the Arts.
In the summer of 2016, portraits began to show Natalia and jalom back together.
This portrait is made not with paint or pencil, but with hundreds of small glass bottles filled with colored water.
Living in patanak-
First Nation house of British rivers-
Mackasey has worked with Sandra for several years and is very knowledgeable about the family.
"The problem with a small community is that everyone is nervous --knit.
"Everyone knows that tragedy affects everyone," she said . ". “I felt it.
Even though we are located in Saskatoon, my children still feel it.
She was moved by their loss and was forced to do something.
"I hope it can give (Sandra)
I don't know, Jerry. "She said.
"I hope this is a validation of their children's lives.
"The Portrait consists of six panels that will be connected and glued together to make a large piece.
Four of the six panels are complete.
Using a laser engraver, participants can write information on small pieces of plexiglass containing bottles.
Mackasey even found Natalia's text in the bottle and the information on her Facebook page.
The exhibition board is set up in local schools and everyone in the community is welcome to participate.
Most bottles are filled with Jarome's classmates.
Mackasey's desire to engage the community will "give others a chance to deal with some of the sadness they feel.
"I know I don't want someone to be forgotten," said mcsey, whose partner was killed in a car accident.
"I know how much people are hurt.
I know what it's like to lose people around me.
That's what Jarome and Natalia are. close.
Sandra described their relationship as more of a mother-to-son relationship than a sibling relationship. Natalia —
A shy but kind woman
Sandra said I don't like the camera, but I always take pictures of two people together.
Natalia is considered the kind of person who will do anything for people in need, Jarome is a spider lover --
According to his parents, he was worshipped by everyone in the community.
"He taught me everything. Patience.
Love, "said Sandra.
"He's an angel.
"The family had a hard time after the fire.
One of their daughters tried to commit suicide twice, and since then they haven't had a meal together as a family.
"It's like a dream.
It will never go away, "said Jerry.
"Loneliness is always there.
You wake up every morning and it's there.
Jarome even found his father in a dream, inspiring Jerry to stay awake and focus on taking care of his family.
Both Sandra and Jerry say the portrait and the engagement of the community are significant.
"This portrait means a lot to me because I don't think I will succeed without the community," Sandra said . ".
Even think they miss Natalia and Jarome so much that they comfort them with the words of Natalia, which live on canvas hanging at the door of the family.
"When going through the storm of life, remember that it can get worse and get better.
Stay strong and focus on what you can do, not what you can't.
I know the clouds will soon be scattered and the sun will shine again.
"Mackasey hopes to finish the portrait by the end of the summer and then visit art galleries across Canada.
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